The importance of the procedure

Today I assisted my colleague to organize one activity in another city. I was arranged to check whether everything needed had been prepared correctly which seemed like a very easy job.

I got the meeting room early this morning and check the arrangements one by one. I found so many jobs hadn’t been done according to the requirements. I was a little anxious at that moment. I quickly turned to the local organizer and found that they knew what should be prepared but they didn’t prepare according to the requirements completely. At that moment I knew they had no specific standards of the meeting but we have. The worst thing was that I didn’t obey the rules.

Then I checked for over 4 times but finally, I forgot to check the line of the projector. They informed me they had prepared the correct line and I believed in them and didn’t check again. But 10 minutes before the meeting, the speaker told us it wasn’t the line he needed. What a disaster. The local organizer rushed to buy the required line and brought it back before the meeting began.

During the speaker made the speech, the microphone didn’t work for a while and I recalled that I didn’t change the batteries. According to our company’s requirements, we should charge the batteries full or change the used batteries to new ones. Only when the problems emerged did I realized that I had made mistakes. And I found that if one meeting was held successfully, it didn’t represent that we had prepared completely. we might forget something but it worked well which seemed we had prepared well. In fact, there is a high possibility that the mistake happens the next time.

I ‘ve knew the importance of the importance of the procedure. Only when I prepare according to the requirements completely and never neglect everything could I guarantee one meeting could be held successfully. The outface of success isn’t the real success. The real success comes from the success of every detail.