Nintendo Switch: Install & Copy Games from NAS

I just installed SX OS on my Nintendo Switch and I am so tired of taking out the sd card every time. After installing SX installer, I found its support FTP transfer, so I decided to have a try.

Installing NSP file from NAS

1. Enable FTP service on NAS

if your NAS is Synology as mine, please following the guide How to access files on Synology NAS via FTP to enable the FTP service.

Write down the NAS IP address and Port number setting of FTP.

Synology Workstation FTP Control Panel

2. Open the SX Installer and set the FTP connecting

Open SX installer and move the pointer to File Browser, but you will not find the New option until keep moving to the right side of the windows.

The - Botton on the left Handle

Click - on left joy-con to create an FTP connecting as the following:

Protocol: ftp

Host: Your NAS IP address

Port:  FTP port you set before

Path: Location where you saved .cxi and .nsp files. Be case sensitive, otherwise, you cannot log into the NAS.

Username: The same username as log into the NAS

Password: The same password as for log into the NAS

Title: The connecting name of this setting, name as you wish

Enabled: Choose YES. You can choose NO if don't want to connect to the NAS every time when lunching SX installer.

3. Connecting with NAS & Install

Click A to connect with NAS, find the game files you want to install or copy.

After founding the xci & nsp files, you can choose to copy .xci or install the .nsp to the SD card.

* Set the Deleted After as NO, otherwise, you will lose the nsp file on the NAS after installation.

Enjoy your games

Well done! Enjoy your game!!!

Written by Michael        

Last update: 2020/10/26