Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival

April 13th is a special day for Thai. That day is Songkran Festival, and it's also Thai New Year. On that day, the people in Thailand will use water guns, buckets and water pipes to splash water to someone else. During Songkran Festival, you have to be careful when you're walking on the street, because you will get wet at any time.

Everyone was shooting water. Someone was spraying to us.

Started Off

This was my first experience of Songkran. On Thursday morning, the sun was bright and hot. I went to Emily's house to participate Songkran with her and Kelly. We prepared several pots, two big buckets which were full with water, and something else. I thought that everything was ready, and my heart was full with expectation.

When we went on the truck, I was so excited. I even couldn't express my feelings. I couldn't wait any longer. I thought that the water battle might be interesting. The truck started to moved forward, and we were going to Tapae Gate.

My friends and I.

The Water Battle

On the way, a lot of people already clustered on the street. They were agitated as they were injected with stimulants. They were shouting, laughing, and shooting water to each other.

At eleven o'clock, we reached Tapae Gate. The weather was hot as fire. Suddenly, somebody spilled a bucket of water to us. It was cold as ice. The ice water made us cheer up. We held up our water guns and shooted them back.

Soon, the water was ran out, so we stopped at a water shop to fill the buckets. When the buckets was filling with water, everyone was splashing us because we couldn't shot back. We all got wet. Wearing wet clothes was really uncomfortable, so I thought that I will fight back. Then, the buckets were full with water again. We started to sprayed water back. 

On a street, a lot of people with water gun were waiting. When we went through there, everyone was shooting to us, and we even couldn't find out who was shooting us and fight back, because the sunsceam was going into our eyes with water.

The End

The water battle was end, and we were all wet. Everybody was tired but joyful. There was fewer people who were still shooting I just wanted to go home, take a shower, and sleep for several hours. We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant, then mom and I went home.

Songkran Festival was a happy day for everyone who is in Thailand. It was a water party. Today was really interesting even though I got wet. If you come to Thailand on April 13th, please injoy Songkran Festival and remember to prepare water guns!