How to use the Baidu network disk to download the file

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# Prerequisite

  • Baidu's account (Maybe you need VIP, faster speed).
  • Baidu Cloud client.
  • Baidu Cloud file share link and password.

# Step

Get the share link and password.
For example,

password: b3ug

Click on the link to the password verification page

Input password

If you verification is successfully, it will go to the download page.

download page

Click the download button.
If you are not logged in, a login box will pop up.

login in

Login successful~


Happy download~

If the downloaded file is larger than 100M,you need to download the Baidu cloud client.

If the downloaded file is larger than 100M,the client download box will pop up.

download client

Install and log in after downloading the client.


Then refresh the page or restart the browser.
Click the download button again.


The browser will call the client to download.

start download


If there is something wrong, please give me more advice.

-- iNick
-- 2019/04/10