nodeos 运行参数翻译

./nodeos -h
Application Options:

Config Options for eosio::account_history_plugin: 
  -f [ --filter_on_accounts ] arg       Track only transactions whose scopes 
                                        involve the listed accounts. Default is
                                        to track all transactions.
  --get-transactions-time-limit arg (=3)
                                        Limits the maximum time (in 
                                        milliseconds) processing a single 
                                        get_transactions call.
                                        =》处理一个get_transactions 调用的最大时间(毫秒)

Config Options for eosio::chain_plugin:
  --genesis-json arg (="genesis.json")  File to read Genesis State from
  --genesis-timestamp arg               override the initial timestamp in the 
                                        Genesis State file
  --block-log-dir arg (="blocks")       the location of the block log (absolute
                                        path or relative to application data 
  -c [ --checkpoint ] arg               Pairs of [BLOCK_NUM,BLOCK_ID] that 
                                        should be enforced as checkpoints.
  --max-reversible-block-time arg (=-1) Limits the maximum time (in 
                                        milliseconds) that a reversible block 
                                        is allowed to run before being 
                                        considered invalid
  --max-pending-transaction-time arg (=-1)
                                        Limits the maximum time (in 
                                        milliseconds) that is allowed a pushed 
                                        transaction's code to execute before 
                                        being considered invalid
  --max-deferred-transaction-time arg (=20)
                                        Limits the maximum time (in 
                                        milliseconds) that is allowed a to push
                                        deferred transactions at the start of a
  --wasm-runtime wavm/binaryen          Override default WASM runtime

Command Line Options for eosio::chain_plugin:
  --replay-blockchain                   clear chain database and replay all 
  --resync-blockchain                   clear chain database and block log
  --skip-transaction-signatures         Disable transaction signature 
                                        verification. ONLY for TESTING.

Config Options for eosio::faucet_testnet_plugin:
  --faucet-create-interval-ms arg (=1000)
                                        Time to wait, in milliseconds, between 
                                        creating next faucet created account.
  --faucet-name arg (=faucet)           Name to use as creator for faucet 
                                        created accounts.
  --faucet-private-key arg (=["EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV","5KQwrPbwdL6PhXujxW37FSSQZ1JiwsST4cqQzDeyXtP79zkvFD3"])
                                        [public key, WIF private key] for 
                                        signing for faucet creator account

Config Options for eosio::http_plugin:
  --http-server-address arg (=
                                        The local IP and port to listen for 
                                        incoming http connections.
  --access-control-allow-origin arg     Specify the Access-Control-Allow-Origin
                                        to be returned on each request.
  --access-control-allow-headers arg    Specify the Access-Control-Allow-Header
                                        s to be returned on each request.
  --access-control-allow-credentials    Specify if Access-Control-Allow-Credent
                                        ials: true should be returned on each 

Config Options for eosio::mongo_db_plugin:
  -q [ --mongodb-queue-size ] arg (=256)
                                        The queue size between nodeos and 
                                        MongoDB plugin thread.
  -m [ --mongodb-uri ] arg              MongoDB URI connection string, see: 
                                        ce/connection-string/. If not specified
                                        then plugin is disabled. Default 
                                        database 'EOS' is used if not specified
                                        in URI.
                                        =》MongoDB URI连接字符串,请参阅: /。如果未指定,则插件被禁用。如果未在URI中指定,则使用缺省数据库'EOS'。

Config Options for eosio::net_plugin:
  --p2p-listen-endpoint arg (=
                                        The actual host:port used to listen for
                                        incoming p2p connections.
  --p2p-server-address arg              An externally accessible host:port for 
                                        identifying this node. Defaults to 
  --p2p-peer-address arg                The public endpoint of a peer node to 
                                        connect to. Use multiple 
                                        p2p-peer-address options as needed to 
                                        compose a network.
  --agent-name arg (="EOS Test Agent")  The name supplied to identify this node
                                        amongst the peers.
  --allowed-connection arg (=any)       Can be 'any' or 'producers' or 
                                        'specified' or 'none'. If 'specified', 
                                        peer-key must be specified at least 
                                        once. If only 'producers', peer-key is 
                                        not required. 'producers' and 
                                        'specified' may be combined.
                                        =》可以是“any”或“producers”或“specified”或“none”。如果'specified',对等密钥必须至少指定一次。如果只有'producers',对等密钥不是必需的。 'producers'和'specified'可以合并。
  --peer-key arg                        Optional public key of peer allowed to 
                                        connect.  May be used multiple times.
  --peer-private-key arg                Tuple of [PublicKey, WIF private key] 
                                        (may specify multiple times)
  --log-level-net-plugin arg (=info)    Log level: one of 'all', 'debug', 
                                        'info', 'warn', 'error', or 'off'
                                        =》日志等级,可以几个之一 'all', 'debug', 
                                        'info', 'warn', 'error',  'off'
  --max-clients arg (=25)               Maximum number of clients from which 
                                        connections are accepted, use 0 for no 
  --connection-cleanup-period arg (=30) number of seconds to wait before 
                                        cleaning up dead connections
  --network-version-match arg (=0)      True to require exact match of peer 
                                        network version.
  --sync-fetch-span arg (=100)          number of blocks to retrieve in a chunk
                                        from any individual peer during 

Config Options for eosio::producer_plugin:

  -e [ --enable-stale-production ]      Enable block production, even if the 
                                        chain is stale.
  --required-participation arg (=33)    Percent of producers (0-100) that must 
                                        be participating in order to produce 
                                        =》要求产生的区块时,生产者必须达到的参与百分比 (0-100)
  -p [ --producer-name ] arg            ID of producer controlled by this node 
                                        (e.g. inita; may specify multiple 
  --private-key arg (=["EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV","5KQwrPbwdL6PhXujxW37FSSQZ1JiwsST4cqQzDeyXtP79zkvFD3"])
                                        Tuple of [public key, WIF private key] 
                                        (may specify multiple times)

Config Options for eosio::wallet_plugin:
  --wallet-dir arg (=".")               The path of the wallet files (absolute 
                                        path or relative to application data 
  --unlock-timeout arg                  Timeout for unlocked wallet in seconds.
                                        Wallets will automatically lock after 
                                        specified number of seconds of 
                                        inactivity. Activity is defined as any 
                                        wallet command e.g. list-wallets.
  --eosio-key arg                       eosio key that will be imported 
                                        automatically when a wallet is created.

Application Config Options:
  --plugin arg                          Plugin(s) to enable, may be specified 
                                        multiple times

Application Command Line Options:
  -h [ --help ]                         Print this help message and exit.
  -v [ --version ]                      Print version information.
  --print-default-config                Print default configuration template
  -d [ --data-dir ] arg                 Directory containing program runtime 
  --config-dir arg                      Directory containing configuration 
                                        files such as config.ini
  -c [ --config ] arg (=config.ini)     Configuration file name relative to 
  -l [ --logconf ] arg (=logging.json)  Logging configuration file name/path 
                                        for library users