The Moon And Sixpense–thepursuitoffreedomandbravery - 草稿

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, I've finished the book The Moon And Sixpense. The book is written by William Somerset Maugham, an unique writer of modern Britain. It's so interesting for me to read it all the time and even forget to sleep. Actually the book is irrelevant to the moon and the sixpense, and Maugham even never mentions them in the novel. The leading character  of this novel called  Strickland. He worked as a broker in a stock exchange and had a high social status and happy family at the beginning. Yet he gave up all of those enviable issues including his children and went straight to France to prove an extreme delphs of poverty. Everyone thought he must be crazy. His wife and relatives suspected him of loving someone else. Ultimately the truth exceeded everybody's expectations. Strickland has just made a decision that he would escape from his old life and become an artist. The only problem was that he didn't know how to draw. To everyone's surprise, he succeeded at last.