Highlights from Day42

The last time you had an original idea, what did you do with it? Although America is a land of individuality and unique self-expression, in search of excellence and in fear of failure, most of us opt to fit in rather than stand out. “On matters of style, swim with the current,” Thomas Jefferson allegedly advised, but “on matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

1.individuality:个性,特征,the qualities that make someone or something different from other things or people.


例句:We like our staff to show their individuality rather than wear a uniform. 我们喜欢员工穿出个性,而不是穿制服。

2. in search of excellence and in fear of failure:学习这句话的介词in,在这里表示while,表示在…时,可以进一步作为前提或原因。

比如说:In attempting to save the child from drowning, she nearly lost her own life.

3.fit in:合群、融入…,if something fits in with other things, it is similar to them or goes well with them. 可以与adjust做同义替换。

例句:You can’t expect a baby to fit in with your existing routine. 不能指望小宝宝来适应你原有的生活规律。

4.allegedly:据说,used when reporting something that people say is true, although it has not been proved. 可以显示出报道的严谨性。

例句:a sports car, allegedly stolen in Manchester 据说是在曼彻斯特被偷的一辆跑车

The pressure to achieve leads us to do the opposite. We find surface ways of appearing original—donning a bow tie, wearing bright red shoes—without taking the risk of actually being original. When it comes to the powerful ideas in our heads and the core values in our hearts, we censor ourselves. “There are so few originals in life,” says renowned executive Mellody Hobson, because people are afraid to “speak up and stand out.” What are the habits of the people whose originality extends beyond appearance to effective action?

5.appear:这里的appear是显示出、给人印象的意思,used to say that someone or something seems to have a particular quality or feeling.

例句:He tried hard to appear calm . 他努力让自己显得镇静。

6.censor:审查,删减,to examine books, films, letters etc to remove anything that is considered offensive, morally harmful, or politically dangerous etc.

例句:The news reports had been heavily censored.

7.renowned:有名的,known and admired by a lot of people, especially for a special skill, achievement, or quality,可以与famous做同义替换。

例句:He’s renowned as a brilliant speaker. 他以口才出众著称。

8.extends beyond:(影响)延伸到…以上、不只是,to affect or include people, things, or places.

例句:My duties at the school extend beyond just teaching. 我在学校的职责不只是教书。