Service as action

Service as action

Kefallinou Loukia

Sat 9/21/2019 8:58 AM

Dear MYP students,

As you already know Service as action is a vital part of the MYP Programme at our school and is a mandatory requirement for you to complete. It starts in the classroom and extends beyond it, requiring you to take an active part in the communities in which you live. The following activities encourage your responsible citizenship and seek to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. The MYP Service as Action Programme provides an avenue for experiential learning through a range of physical, service and community activities. See the carefully below and write your name in the appropriate list that you feel that you can share your knowledge and you can commit yourself the most. The lists will be posted across room 104 in the Service as Action board. If you have any question please do not hesitate to see me. My room is 205 on the second floor. Also, I would like to remind you to send me your Service as Action reflection form after your participation in any of the following activities.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, Ms. Kefallinou, Service as Action Coordinator

Our school is organizing a Service as Action activity through READING! If you like to read a short story book or a poem collection, you are more than welcome to participate in the first activity. What you have to do? Use a laptop or a cell phone at home, read a suggested short story or poem provided by your English, Greek or Foreign Language teachers (Spanish, French, German or Arabic). Save them as an MP3 or AVI document and email them to me. The collection of these short stories or poems will be made into a CD and given to the "Kivotos tou kosmou" and to "Elpida Foundation" as a part of our visit to these institutions before Christmas.

The second Service as Action activity is the collection of food items and personal care items to donate to the “Kivotos tou kosmou” institution in Volos during the month of October. Please bring only the following items and store them in the boxes outside room 205, second floor:


Mashed potatoes


Garbage bags (small/ big size)


Sauces (ketchup/ mustard)

The third Service as Action activity is to organize a Bake sale during the month of December in order to collect money as a fundraising for these institutions.

The fourth Service as Action activity is to organize a book drive during the months of November and December in order to collect children's books that will be given to the SOS Village in Vari. Boxes will be provided outside room 205, on the second floor.

The fifth Service as Action activity is the Christmas decoration of our school! Are you willing to decorate the school and get us in the Christmas spirit? Then get organized and during the first week of December, we will be getting down to business.

The sixth Service as Action activity is to organize a dance competition! Find a pair or a group of students with whom you can show us your dancing skills. Choose the song, prepare the choreography and show us your skills during a Talent show Day!

The seventh Service as Action activity is to run a club (every Wednesday during club time) with the supervision of a teacher! Think of an interesting and inspiring club, meet with Ms. Bitouni and the teacher you want to run the club with so as to discuss your proposal and then you can be the leader! Ideas for clubs are the following: Book club/ Battle of books club, a specific game club, teaching your mother-tongue eg. Chinese, create a band, run the recycling club as an environmental initiative at our school participating in garbage/beach clean-ups, Harry Potter club etc.

The eighth Service as Action activity is to participate in the MUN team (for grades 9 and 10)! The team meets every Thursday during lunchtime in the library. See Ms. Gina in the library for more information.

The ninth Service as Action activity is to organize a song or dance talent show or a celebration or school event (UN Day, Mother tongue day, Sports day) or organize an event for an international day- e.g. Earth Day or volunteer in the organization of a cultural event or organize a photo booth for charity purposes.

The tenth Service as Action activity is to participate in the presentation during the morning assemblies in order to present a campaign or a global issue or a talk about an important personality that changed the world!

MYP Learning Outcomes for Service as Action 

Through your engagement with Service as Action, you can strive to achieve the following:

1. Become more aware of your strengths and areas for growth (challenge)

2. Undertake challenges that develop new skills (new skills)

3. Discuss, evaluate and plan self-initiated activities (initiative)

4. Persevere in action (perseverance)

5. Work collaboratively with others (collaboration)

6. Awareness and understanding of culture, intercultural understanding and international mindedness (awareness & global value)

7. Consider the ethical implications of their actions (ethics)

During the month of September we focus on the self-management ATL skills so if you participate in the Service as Action activities you can develop your self-management ATL skills and become Reflective (Learner Profile)!

Loukia Kefallinou

IB DP/MYP Modern Greek Language and Literature Teacher

Head of Modern Greek Department

MYP Educational Committee member

Service as Action Coordinator

International School of Athens

Artemidos & Xenias Str.,

P.O. Box 51051, 14510 Kifissia, Greece

Tel.: +30 210 623 3888 (ext. 243), Fax: +30 210 623 3160