Today is Friday.

I watched the Thrillers MV in which the song is sung by Michael Jackson this morning. I really love the song. It is one of my favorite three Jackson's songs. The other two are Heal the World and Dangerous. Although they are by all means in different styles, I can be moved when I listen to them every time.

Michael is an amazing name in my mind. Many great men's names are Michael, like Michael Jackson, Michael Jordon, Michael Tyson, Michael Phelps. They are not like those normal great persons. They are the top one in their domains, even in history they are the best of the best. Therefore when I was a child I wanted to have a name, Michael, in English. But now my name is Mr. Oldman because I have grown up. I know some dreams are only dreams. My dreams have changed to be more realistic, just like learning English or learning to play an instrument.