【One day one question】Coffee or tea?

Little girls commonly don't like bitter taste, so when I was a kid, coffee is something I felt disgusted. And I look differently to whom love coffee.

My uncle gave me two cans of coffee beans from Africa. I tried the plain coffee and tasted the special odor. Then I met Mandeling, so strong and deep and sour. Its bitterness cannot be hidden behind sugar, while milk can make it soft. And that's it. Even Blue Mountain is not my type(some said it was the best and assumed that I would enjoy).

Tea is a longer story for me. After I found Ceylon, I think there's no better black tea, and Darjeeling has to be the second. Oolong is also one of my favourite. At first I thought I would only drink one kind of oolong, Dahongpao. But recently I drank a new one and immediately fell in love with it, Four seasons oolong tea, originally from Taiwan.

Coffee or tea? Tea please. Ceylon, or Dahongpao, or Four seasons.

And what about you? Coffee, tea or me?

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