20161201How to make a yearly retrospect


It seems that I could improve myself a lot.

Firstly, Yongcheng talked about the objective to make a yearly retrospect, that is "Learn the best from the past failures and Reduce the cost of trials

Then, how to make it?

We have five points to hold, No. 1. Clear the target;2.Collect data; 3.Logical; 4.Focus; 5.an whole demonstration.

Thirdly, different levels get kinds of concerns, for 3-5 years , you get scope of life; 1year, you focus on middle to long objective, for month, you consider balance,week for efficiency and result, and day for action.

Nextly, what can we do?

We give a list of what show in the review and consider what's we need, including scope lands, object gets or not, result Okay or bad and the next year's direction.

Fifth, choose three unattained objectives and analyse stematically which works on learning from it.

and now , I couldn't wait to do my retrospect, byebye then. Friends, see you on tonight's initiative meeting, bye now.


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