【Speaking】Level 3 Unit 1 Part 4

Test 1

Listen to the sentence and repeat after it

1. That's because you are old-fashioned.

2. His girlfriend takes a lot of selfies.

3. The water is flowing over a waterfall.

4. Christina isn't going on the trip by herself.

5. This thief is stealing a television from a home.

6. They are looking forward to seeing her.


7. I don't feel like cooking tonight.

8. I can't walk by myself.

9. The doctor can x-ray your foot.

Read the sentence


1. She wants to spend more time designing clothes.

2. After they get married, Christina plans to quit her job.

3. A delivery person delivers things, such as pizzas.

4. We can learn about the latest scientific research in journals and academic papers.

5. These people are wearing masks because of the smog.

6. In a very strong wind, it's difficult to use an umbrella.

Role Play


W: I don’t feel like cooking tonight. Let’s go out.

M: Where would you like to go?

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