Major reason for closure of  restaurant 餐廳倒閉的主要原因

edenmandom 職業生涯心得篇

* In war, let the soldier be well fed, well trained, well armed and well equipped, and let him win the war, or let him win the war and then give all of the above?

* Advice to the boss, buy aprons for the cooks and waiters!

The boss said, "I'll buy it when the restaurant business is profitable. Let them make the money first before we talk about it.

* 打戰,先讓士兵吃飽飯,鍛煉好,配優良武器和設備,讓他打贏戰,或他打贏戰後才給以上的一切?

* 給老闆建議,買圍裙給廚師和服務員穿上吧!老闆說:餐廳的生意賺錢了就買,先讓他們把錢賺了再說。


2020 June 12

Shanghai, China.