[英汉双语美文]与我相随|| Stay with Me

Stay with Me



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Stay with Me

Sadness flies away on the wings of time.


       ~Jean de Lan Fontaine



I was the new kid in the neighborhood. My family had just moved from the country to a bigger city, so I had to start over making friends. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that, even though I had moved many times before. It was just never easy introducing myself to total strangers with the hopes that they’d like me enough to become my friend.


So I was really lonely until the day that this boy named Brandon came up to me and asked if I wanted to play with him and his friends. After that, we were like best friends. He was a few years older than I was so he always treated me like a little sister. If he wasnt at school, he was playing with me.


A few months passed and then a whole year went by. We were closer than ever, even though Brandon began making more friends at school and they would come over, too. Still, he let me play with him, even when they were around. Brandon never let anyone push me aroundor pick on me. He was always there for me.


When my mom would call me in for dinner, I would always beg her to let me play for a few more minutes. He would say, “No, go ahead. Ill wait right here for you.” I would sometimes think that he would not be there waiting when I was done, but he was always still there.


A lot of times, Brandon would help me withmy homework and tell me more about what a certain subject was abut. Afterwards, we would ride bikes or skate around our neighborhood together. The most important thing that he ever taught me, though, was to be my own person. He always used to say, Who cared what others think about you? You should only care about how you feel about yourself. That saying got me through a lot of hard times.

许多时候,布兰登还会辅导我的功课,给我讲解关于各门功课的有趣的内容。后来,我们在家附近一起骑自行车或是滑冰。他教会我的重要的一点是,按照自己的方式行事。他过去总是说:“为什么要在乎他人对你的看法? 你只需要关心自己的感受。”这句话陪伴我度过了许多艰难的日子。

One weekend, I had to go to my grandmothers. A new kid, named Lance, had moved to our neighborhood a few weeks before, and he seemed cool. The day I left, Brandon said he was going over to Lances house to play video games. I said, Okay, Ill see ya Sunday afternoon.


Well, things changed forever after that. Brandon spent the night over at Lances and they played video games and watched movies. That Saturday, they went into Lances parents room to playNintendo 64. Lance noticed that there was a little gun by his dads bed, so he picked it up to check it out. Just joking around, he pointed the gun at Brandon and pulled the trigger. He thought it wasnt loaded. Well, he thought wrong.


I didnt get back until late Sunday night. I came in to find everyone in my family crying. I was scared because I didnt know what had happened. My mom took me into her room and said there had been an accident. From that moment on, I knew nothing would ever be the same. She finally told me that Lance had accidentally shot Brandon with a gun and that Brandon didnt make it. My mom wouldnt tell me where he had gotten shot but I had a good idea of it.


I started crying, and I ran to my room and hid my face in my pillow. I didnt want to talk to or see anyone.


A few days later, we went to his funeral. I couldnt help but cry. I went up to see him and I realized he was in a better place, because I knew that Brandon knew God, and that was comforting to me. All this happened about six years ago. I am now thirteen. Still, there isnt a day that goes by that I dont think about him. I cry whenever I pass by the cemetery. My best friend is gone, but the friendship that he showed me—the new kid in the neighborhood—will stay with me forever.


~Jaime Fisher


  读美文记单词 :


1. start over重新开始

2. push around  v.把…差来遣去;摆布;使唤

3. pick on找…的岔子;故意刁难

4. trigger英 [ˈtrɪgə(r)]   美 [ˈtrɪɡɚ]


5. cemetery英 [ˈsemətri]   美 [ˈseməteri]