Mystery guy 1

It all began on a harvest season sunset in a village called  Dongga Town, in China— a pretty little village in the mountains of Tibetan Shigatse.

There was a pub in the village, with tables inside and ant one of these tables sat a young girl. She finished her dinner, drank his highland barley wine, looked up into the blue sky, and felt the warm sun on her face.

Miaow was a happy girl. The waiter came up to her table, “more wine?”she asked.

“Yeah. Great.”said Miaow. She gave the waiter her glass.

The waiter looked at the camera on the table. “On travel?” she said. “where are you from?”

“Xishuangbanna.” Miaow said. She laughed, “but I’m not go travelling—I’m working. I am a travel writer, and I’m doing a book on mountains in the Tibetan Plateau. I’ve got some great pictures on your mountain.”

The two men looked up at mountain round the village. It looked very beautiful in the sunset light.

“Do you travel a lot,then?” Asked the waiter.

“All the time.” Miaow said. “I write books, and I write for travel magazines. I write about everythings—different countries, towns, villages, rivers, mountains, people...