一套企业级的 UI 设计语言和 React 实现。

Essential cross-platform UI components for React Native



+++ 运行ReactNative示例( 


+++ 高性能 RN 列表的组件 FlatList 代替 ListView

高性能 RN 列表的组件 FlatList 代替 ListView

+++ 二维码扫描


+++ React Native Android 代码中设置访问js 的地址



A React Native module that allows you to use native UI to select media from the device library or directly from the camera

A image picker for react-native, support for ios and android 

A component for react-native crop image, such as edit user head

A pure js image animation like ios animationImages, support ios and android

How to upload photo/file in react-native

An iOS and Android cross patform React Native module to upload files from the device local storage to a server using a multipart/form-data request.

A splash screen for react-native, hide when application loaded ,it works on iOS and Android. //ok

A splashscreen for react-native, hide when application loaded.

This module brings "Display: none" (css style) to turn on/off components from render. Using this module will improve your app performance and appearance with the enter/exit animations.

一个跨平台(iOS和Android)单和多项选择React Native组件. 

Checkbox component for react native, it works on iOS and Android.

A react native module to show toast like android, it works on iOS and Android.

A Beautiful, Customizable React Native Button component for iOS & Android

A React Native Popup Dialog Easy Use & Support Custom Animation. For IOS & Android.

Highly customizable material design components for React Native

A react native card component

A gesture password component for React Native. It supports both iOS and Android since it's written in pure JavaScript.

一个React Native的手势密码组件,纯JavaScript实现,因此同时支持iOS和安卓平台。

a simple swipe unlock for React Native

Progress indicators and spinners for React Native using ReactART

A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your React Native app.

Carousel component for react-native(旋转木马)

Quick and easy icons in React Native

Customizable Icons for React Native with support for NavBar/TabBar/ToolbarAndroid, image source and full styling.

An enhanced, animated and customizable react-native modal.

Forms library for react-native

using immutable.js library as store with react && react-native(immutable adj. 不可改变的;)


A simple database base on react-native AsyncStorage. 

Cross Platform React Native UI Toolkit .

Fonts available out of the box in a React Native project

Full featured SQLite3 Native Plugin for React Native (Android and iOS)

A Listview with a sidebar to jump to sections directly

This component serves as a bridge for ADBannerview. Feel free to contribute :-)

react-native-app-intro is a react native component implementing a parallax effect welcome page using base on react-native-swiper , similar to the one found in Google's app like Sheet, Drive, Docs...

Automatic linking of URLs, phone numbers, emails, etc. in strings for React Native

Pure javascript autocomplete input for react-native

React Native Blur component(模糊)

An Image Component for React Native that will cache itself to disk.

React-Native cross-platform, calendar component.

Calendar Component for React Native

A datetime-picker for react-native support for android and ios.

A Native Picker with high performance.

React Native Carousel control with support for iOS and Android

This library is React Native wrapper of popular Native charting library MPAndroidChart and Charts


Compile error

ios 集成教程 Can't compile using xcode 10 and RN 0.57.1 

react-native '^0.56.0';

macOS 10.14 (18A391);

xcode Version 10.0 (10A255);

react-native-charts-wrapper 0.5.0;

swift version 4.1 not 4.2;

Charts version 3.1.1 not 3.2.0;

React Native图表插件react-native-charts-wrapper集成教程



A react-native wrapper baidu echarts

Add line, area, pie, and bar charts to your React Native app 

NOTE! The current major version (1.X.Y) is still being developed. If you are looking for the most recent iOS-only version, please download ^0.1.4.

Tabbed navigation that you can swipe between, each tab can have its own ScrollView and maintain its own scroll position between swipes. Pleasantly animated. Customizable tab bar

The best Swiper component for React Native.

A react-native card swiper write in js

Path-esque circular action menu inspired by CircularFloatingActionMenu.

Animated collapsible component for React Native, good for accordions, toggles etc

Standard set of easy to use animations and declarative transitions for React Native

Images etc in Full Screen Lightbox Popovers for React Native

Progress indicator for networked images in React Native

React Native Pili 2.0

可能第一个在 React Native 上实现全功能的直播 SDK 了,底层基于Pili-SDK,把 iOS 和 Android 的 API 尽量统一。

2.0 版本为了更容易集成第三方 SDK ,对原有的 React Native 项目进行了改造,iOS 的依赖采用了 Cocoapod 进行管理,当然你也可以采用原来的方式,毕竟是可以共存的。

基于Qiniu Pili和React Native实现的Demo.

A video player for React Native with controls

:notebook: Command line tool to create a React Native library with a single command

Country picker provides a modal allowing a user to select a country from a list. It display a flag next to each country name.

图片缩放 //好用

react native image pan and zoom

Pinch-to-zoom view for React Native (both iOS and Android) //不好用

React Native PDF View (cross-platform support)

A pure js show string as qrcode in react-native View

A local qrcode image parse for react-native, support for ios and android

Dynamic loading third party react-native app/module for react-native

A react-native marquee list write in js

A cordova local-notifications for react-native, supprt for ios and android

A file-transfer for react-native, code come from cordova, support for android and ios

A pure js ActionSheet like ios ActionSheet, support ios and android


action-sheet, alert

A UI package for React Native , both available on iOS and Android



A react-native dropdown/picker/selector component for both Android & iOS.

One React-Native form component to rule them all

React Native Map components for iOS + Android

Timeline component for React Native App work for Android and iOS


React Native项目常用第三方组件汇总




JavaScript Style Guide

A gulp plugin for encoding images to base64

Learn React Native through interactive examples




React-Native 组件的引用、自定义组件

The only React Native http post file uploader with android and iOS background support.  If you are uploading large files like videos, use this so your users can background your app during a long upload.


The comprehensive camera module for React Native. Including photographs, videos, and barcode scanning!


Add sibling elements after your app root element.The created sibling elements are above the rest of your app elements.This can be used to create aModalcomponent or something should be over your app.  



Q: “苹果应用商店和android应用商店允不允许使用热更新?”

A: “都允许。”

苹果允许使用热更新Apple's developer agreement, 但是规定不能弹框提示用户更新,影响用户体验。Google Play也允许热更新,但必须弹框告知用户更新。在中国的android市场发布时,都必须关闭更新弹框,否则会在审核应用时以“请上传最新版本的二进制应用包”驳回应用。




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