One Day

One day,

You are born

You are like flower

Your families,your relatives,all of them

You are their center,they are your green leaves

You can do everything that they will support

You are their “God”.

One day,

You grow up

You are like sun

Your colleagues,your friends,all of them

You are their shoulders,they are your light breeze

You can support them to do everything that they want

You are their"slave".

One day,

You die

You are like night sky

Your children,your lovers,all of them

You are their treasure,they are your twinkling stars

You can can do nothing for them,just praying

You are their"watchman".

Everyone will die,

Leaving families,friends even the world

It is a short time to stay the space

So,please cherish

Do that

And you will be pleased and happy rather regretful

When you will leave the place to other world.