How the parrot got colourful feathers?

One hot day in the Amazon,  parrot was sitting in the tree.  She was very sad because she only had white feathers...


Just then the parrot saw a jaguar.  就在这时,鹦鹉看到了一只豹。

💗The parrot asked the jaguar "Can you help me to get colourful feathers?" 

鹦鹉问猎豹“你可以帮助我获得彩色的羽毛吗?” “Yes, I can" ”我可以!" 

They walked to a rainbow.  他们来到一处彩虹边。The jaguar said "there is the rainbow".  猎豹指着彩虹说“彩虹在那儿”

"Fly to the rainbow" "飞向彩虹“

❤️”Why 为什么“ ”Ok I will start flying"好吧 我开始飞了。

 “You can get colourful feathers!"你可以获得彩色的羽毛。”Then you can be like your family."然后你就和你的家庭一样了!

❤️The parrot shouted "Look, I've got colourful feathers." 

鹦鹉大叫,“快看,我有彩色的羽毛了!”The jaguar "Good job, now come back"  猎豹说“好棒,现在回来吧!”

The jaguar “Now your feathers are colourful like your family" 猎豹说”现在你的羽毛是彩色的了,和你的家人一样“

The jaguar  was right but then a snake saw the very nice feathers. 猎豹说的很对,鹦鹉的羽毛变成了彩虹色,可是这是一条蛇看到了漂亮的羽毛。

She wanted the feathers because she wanted to fly.  蛇想要羽毛,因为他想飞。But the parrot flew away. 但是鹦鹉飞走了。The snake gave up.  蛇放弃了。She didn't want the feathers now.  蛇现在不想要羽毛了。

They all said goodbye. 他们各自道了“再见”

The end 故事结束了