My ttm

Good evening,my dear friends.Thank you for being here. My name is Ted, do you know me? I am honored to be the table topic master.Today I want to talk about growth:the theme of the meeting.

First please allow me to introduce the rules about this session.I have some questions about growth,you can choose one and answer it, you have twenty seconds to prepare your speech,then you must complete your speech in two minutes.Please notice the cards in the timer’s hand.Good luck.

Now let me see who is the first? Please rise your hand.

Now let’s get start,Let’s welcome the first.

Don’t be nervous. Take it easy. Come on,you can do it.

Thanks for your speech.

Thanks for the excellent speech.You are wonderful.

Let’s give them a big round applause.Congratulations.

OK,the time is up,I hope you will have a wonderful time tonight.Thank you for your attention.