Definition of selfishness 自私的定義

edenmandom 職業生涯見聞趣事

There was a boss who told his employees that the landlord of a shopping mall had let him run the business rent-free, and the boss asked his employees if they could have their wages reduced so that he could continue to run the business. Reducing the burden will help to keep the restaurant running. The employees, of course, say "no" in unison, and the boss says, "You only want money, that's realistic and unreasonable.

A unior employee asked, "We work for money, isn't that right? Is it a sin or wrong?

有一位這樣的老闆,告訴員工說商場業主方免租金讓他經營下去,老闆問員工能不能減工資,好讓他減輕負擔,能把餐廳維持經營下去。員工們當然異口同聲說“不”, 老闆就說:你們只想錢,太現實了,太不講理了!