Notes of Career advising event in U of T

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1.Style: Center vs decenter, trust

2.Characteristics: Self-motivated, ambitious


1.Ask questions:

·Chinese professor: Please think through them when you ask questions. - There are stupid questions.

·Canadian professor: there are no stupid questions.

2.Do not take it personal.

3.Express your idea and do not hesitate. In every meeting, say something. After one month, one year, you will feel the differences.

4.Even though you do not know how to solve the problems in workplace, you can express the willingness that you want to solve the problem together.

5.If you can do the task, do not wait your boss to call you out. Just say, “I can do it.”

6.In the Q & A session, ask questions, because Chinese people always do not have the questions. (lol)

7.Effective intercultural communication: internal and external

8.Like the famous words “Location! Location!Location!”, in workplace, it is “Communication! Communication! Communication!”

9.Learn communication in the communication.

10.Sometimes, you make decisions, sometimesdecisions made for you.


1.It is defined by yourself.

2.It changes as time goes by.

3.Long term goal and short term goal

4.Do not stress yourself out or push yourself too much.

5.When you do not know what to do, communicatewith your friends, professors and mentors.

6.House dream: It is not about where your homelocated, it is about where your heart located.

7.Choose the things you enjoy!

8.Dream it, got involved, learn it, and then the opportunities will present itself. You will find your goals.

9.Stay on the things you are good at, and achieveit. After that, if you are interested in other things, you can move into them.

10.Allow mistakes.


HR: expectation, rational and logicalrules

Canadian experience: “I shouldstart as soon as possible.”

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