【Speaking】Level 3 Unit 1 Part 3

Test 1

Listen to the sentence and repeat after it

1. This person is having a scary dream.

2. She is leaving for Hollywood tomorrow.

3. They are looking at a famous painting.


4. He can afford an expensive car.

5. The man isn't as smart as the woman is.

6. You can also use online banking to pay bills.

7. It uses batteries instead of gasoline.


8. What do you have in mind?

9. In the future, there may be driverless cars.

Read the sentence

1. Banks are where people can deposit or withdraw money.

2. We need to buy tickets in order to take a train or watch a sports event.

3. The man in the middle is heavier than the other two.

4. Repair shops are where people go to fix things which are broken or not working right.

5. Restaurants are where people go to eat with friends or family.

6. If you plan to stay at a hotel, you should make a reservation.

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