Today and Tomorrow


I said your shirt was nice.

I also said I will miss you.

These words just came from my heart. Have you considered why I am so daring ? Do you think I am shameful? All behaviors I have acted are caused by my thinking. I don't know when will I die. I cherish every day. I cherish my feelings. I want to be a person to do the things truly following the heart.

I don't know why I like your shirt but it suits you pretty well. I think this style looks clean and spell able.


I will pray for you.

Wish you health and happiness.

Hope you could achieve your goals.

Hope you quit smoking successfully.

See you next year!

Good Bye.

Then I turned away and run to office.

I looked at your car through the window.

Can't Let You Go.

I was sad.

How did I have expected that you are the man just I thought-kind and mature.

Intellectually,I know you are not the man I am looking for. You took too much time in mobile phone. You smoked. What you  lack is kind 、mature and a grateful heart.

Emotionally,I'd rather treat you as my lover.Cause you like reading books so much so similar as me.

Hope you will be more self-discipline in the future.


I know what I should do.

I will treat you as brother.

I will treat you as my teacher.

I will treat you as my example.

I will continue to help you.

I will continue to encourage you.

I will continue to do things that valuable for you.

I will not disturb you via we chat.

I will continue finding my lover.

I do believe I can find him.

Wherever he is.

Xin Ruyu