Salesforce Service Consultant Quiz

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  1. A consultant is working on a Service Cloud implementation with a fixed budget and timeline. The analysis phase of the project has just been completed. Additional requirements were discovered that will result in the project exceeding timeline and budget constraints. What is the first step the consultant should take to address the issue? Document the requirements gap and communicate development options to the project team.
  2. A consultant needs to import 2,000 source articles for a Salesforce Knowledge implementation. The source articles are in HTML and contain several images. All of the articles are FAQs. Before importing the articles into Knowledge, which step should a consultant perform? Create the data categories and set up the data category values; set up a zip file that contains the CSV, HTML and image files; Create the custom fields and layouts for the FAQ article type
  3. A contact center agent wants to leverage subject matter experts (SMEs) on Chatter to resolve a complex issue for a customer. What is the recommended solution to increase the involvement of SMEs and track the case to completion in Chatter? @mention the SMEs on the case Chatter feed and follow the case
  4. A contact center manager is looking for ways to overall cost per case. What Salesforce metrics should the contact center manager evaluate? (Choose 2) Average number of activities per case; total number of cases by origin
  5. A contact center manager needs to restrict who can create a FAQ Article Type within Knowledge.What should a consultant recommend to accomplish this requirement? (Choose 2) Enable the Manage Articles permission for the publisher profile and assign it to users; Create a publisher profile that includes create access on the FAQ article type
  6. A contact center manager wants to measure the impact of a new customer care program. What can be used to measure an increase in customer satisfaction? Choose 2 answers. First call resolution; Customer satisfaction survey
  7. A customer calls the service desk at Universal Containers. The agent assigned to the call creates a case to capture the issue, but later realized the caller is not eligible for support. What solution should a consultant recommend to prevent the scenario from happening in the future? Add the entitlements related list to contact records
  8. A customer has a detailed question about product functionality. The customer would like access to expert customer subject-matter experts, and real-time access to company IT support experts. Which features will best help the customer? Choose 2 answers. Communities, Salesforce Chat
  9. A customer has recently implemented an on-premise telephony system that is common in the industry. This customer purchased Salesforce licenses and is planning to integrate these two systems. What option should a consultant recommend? Use a computer telephony integration (CTI) adapter that supports its telephony system.
  10. A customer is planning a Service Cloud implementation. The customer's current database has the following number of records:
  • 10 million cases
  • 1 million accounts
  • 3 million contacts
    When planning to migrate this data into Salesforce, what implications should be considered?
    Salesforce reporting speed may be affected; Result may be slow when searching for records
  1. A customer utilizes a high-volume Service Cloud portal for its Web customer support and is interested in deploying a chat solution. What should be the first step in configuration and customization?
    Enable Live Agent for the organization
  2. A Knowledge administrator has created an article for a promotion that starts at the beginning of the following month. How would the administrator ensure the article is available on the first of the month?
    Set the article publish date to automatically display the article on the start date.
  3. A new customer to Salesforce is considering implementing a customer portal. The customer has millions of users and plans to evaluate a high-volume customer portal. What is a key consideration when configuring a customer portal?
    Users are not associated with a role in the hierarchy'
  4. A report shows average time spent by agents to resolve cases. Nine of twelve agents spend approximately the same time to resolve cases. However, Agent A has a much shorter average time to resolve cases and Agents B and C have a much longer average time to resolve cases. How can the supervisor use this data to drive greater consistency in average time spent by agents across the team?
    Document and share the practices of Agent A with the team via knowledge articles; Review case history and activities for Agents B and C; Build a dashboard to display individual performance by agent versus the team goal
  5. A support agent has a detailed question about product functionality. The agent needs to access a real-time response from internal subject matter experts. Which feature will help the support agent send this question to the right group of people? Chatter Groups
  6. A team of publishers has created and published articles in Salesforce Knowledge. The manager of the help desk wants to verify that the articles are useful to agents. Which reports can the help desk manager use to determine the quality of the articles?
    Report on the articles attached in cases; Report on agent ratings on articles
  7. Account object does not have a queue
  8. An outsourced contact center is losing part-time agents to a nearby contact center that promotes flexible scheduling. Which method can be used to improve agent retention? Extend benefits to part-time agents; Allow shift trading between agents
  9. At Universal Containers, a support agent dedicated to one customer regularly handles complex integration-related cases. In these cases, the agent collaborates with Universal Containers product development team and the client's system integration. What would the consultant recommend to expedite the handling of these cases? Create a private Chatter group with customers and invite key individuals to join the group.
  10. Auto response work on Leads and Cases
  11. Case escalation rules triggered on the last modification will be reset each time a user does Edits the case.
  12. Customers can contact Universal Appliances to report problems with their appliances within 30 days of delivery. Support agents need quick-view-only access to an external database the stores over 100,000 known product bugs logged by the product engineers. Which solution should a consultant design to meet this requirement?
    Display product bug data in Salesforce via a Visualforce page (or use Lightning Connect); Use Web Services API to integrate the external database with Salesforce
  13. Ensure the contracted service level requirements for its clients are being met. What should be configured? Entitlement processes, milestones, milestone actions, entitlements
  14. For which purpose should a contact center use Visual Flow? To automate business processes for agents who troubleshoot customer support issues via phone
  15. From any queue list view, users can take ownership of one or more cases if:
    they are members of the queue; if the OWD for sharing cases is public read/write/transfer; they are higher in the Role Hierarchy than a queue member.
  16. If you delete a case, attachment and event will also be deleted
  17. In the telesales contact center, Universal Containers has three-step and five-step order process, contingent on the type of product sold. Which approach should be used to optimize the order process? Organize the case fields on the page layout to match each process
  18. Support agents need to verify that customers are eligible to receive support before they can update the case. What object is used to verify that a customer is entitled to receive support? service contracts; contacts
  19. Support engineer need to see a complete chronological list of field edit to a case, associated emails, case comments, and field edit to related objects in a single view while working on a case. How should the requirement be met? Create a custom visualforce page on the case
  20. The cost of service for Universal Containers contact centers has steadily increased. What solution should a consultant recommend to help reduce the cost of service?
    Create auto-response templates for incoming emails; Enable Knowledge in a Service Cloud portal.
  21. The manager of a large credit card contact center needs to understand how many customers call daily to check their balance without speaking with an agent. Which system would be used to generate the report?
    Interactive Voice Response
  22. The project manager on a Service Cloud implementation is responsible for coordinating user acceptance testing (UAT) for a customer. Which tasks should be completed prior to UAT? (Choose 2)
    Approval of test scripts from the business lead; Verification that sample data has been loaded
  23. The Universal Containers contact center offers support via email, the Internet, and a Community. The contact center manager wants to demonstrate the success of recent self-service initiatives to executive management. What report should the contact center manager present to executive management?
    Number of cases created using portal; Number of cases closed by a self-service user
  24. The Universal Containers customer support organization has implemented Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) in the call center. However, the call center management thinks that agents are not contributing new knowledge articles as often as they should. What should the company do to address this situation?
    Create a dashboard that includes articles submitted by agents and approved for publication; Measure and reward agents based on the number of new articles submitted for approval
  25. The Universal Containers support center management team would like to leverage Salesforce functionality to improve collaboration on cases. What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
    Create case teams and introduce swarming to resolve cases; Enable and use Chatter feed tracking on the case object.
  26. To manage the publishing life cycle for articles in Salesforce Knowledge, the contact center director wants to provide article with various publishing capabilities. What configuration should be recommended to meet this objective?
    Assign article managers to public groups and specific article actions to each group.
  27. Univeral Containers is designing a contact center that will store 20 million cases. Of those, 5 million will need to be accessed for reporting and search. Which approach will ensure best system performance?
    Custom indexes; Tiered data strategy; Divisions.
  28. Universal Banking has customer support operations in both Canada and the United States. Compliance regulations are listed below.
  • Agent users in Canada can only view articles pertaining to Canadian products
  • Agent users in the US can only view articles pertaining to US-based products.
    Create geography-based roles to restrict access using data categories
  1. Universal Banking needs to provide a public knowledge base on its website. The company has three product groups (Personal Banking, Mortgage, and CDs) and needs to display information and address common questions about each product area. How should Knowledge be configured?
    Create three data categories for each product area (Personal Banking, Mortgage, CD); Create two article types to display information (Question/Answer, Product Info).
  2. Universal Containers analyzes key performance indicators (KPIs) and discovers that customer satisfaction is decreasing. The company attributes the decrease in customer satisfaction to a low first-call resolution rate. What can be done to improve the first call resolution rate?
    Train support agents; Align agent performance goals with KPIs
  3. Universal Containers assigns its contact center agents to certain interaction channels and would like to optimize the agents' desktop based on their assigned interaction channels.
    Create multiple Salesforce Console for Service applications and configure them based on user's requirements.
  4. Universal Containers CFO is looking for ways to reduce contact center costs.Which customer service metric should the CFO monitor to reach the budget goals?
    First call resolution; Average handle time
  5. Universal Containers customer support management wants to provide proactive communications are likely to provide low customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. What customer-related metric should the customer support management analyze?
    Escalated cases by amount month-to-date (Focus on customers who need escalation first); High-priority cases opened by account month-to-date (Focus on important customers first)
  6. Universal Containers designed a solution in a sandbox environment. In order to deploy the solution, several new custom objects, page layouts, workflow rules, and reports must be migrated from the sandbox to the production environment. How should this be accomplished?
    Migrate using change sets
  7. Universal Containers has a contact center that provides support for five different product lines. Universal Containers needs to allow agents to share files, ask and answer questions, and share best practices specific to each product line. What is the best method to meet this requirement?
    Set up a Chatter group for each product line
  8. Universal Containers has a policy that requires all email traffic to remain within its firewall. Currently, the company has 200 support agents handling email from five different time zones on its legacy system. When implementing Salesforce, what solution should a consultant recommend for this service?
  9. Universal Containers has a service level agreement (SLA) with customers that requires an agent to take ownership of and respond incoming cases within two hours of case creation. Which solution would help Universal Containers meet SLA?
    Assign cases to queues and use escalation rules to escalate cases that have NOT been accepted by an agent within one hour
  10. Universal Containers has a telemarketing call center with agents who cold call prospects and follow up on prospects that have been routed to them. Which metric should Universal Containers consider when designing the call center?
    Average number of attempts to contact; Number of outbound calls per day
    Number of no response calls + Number of success call = Number of outbound call per day
  11. Universal Containers has a three-tiered contact center. Cases are routed to Tier 1 or Tier 2 based on severity, priority, complexity, or SLAs. Cases are assigned to Tier 3 only if they are escalated by Tier 1 and Tier 2.
    How can Universal Containers measure case escalation?
    Create a case report to show all cases across tiers filtered by an escalation flag. (There is a Escalated check box on case record)
  12. Universal Containers has activated Email-to-Case functionality to allow customers to correspond with support agents via email. Which options are available with Email-to-Case?
    Follow-up emails and attachments related to a case are attached to the case; Assignment, escalation, and workflow rules are processed on inbound emails;Supports emails larger than 25 MB
  13. Universal Containers has basic field service requirements and has not yet deployed the Service Cloud. The company would like to automatically create a field service dispatch record and assign it to a queue when specific case criteria are selected by an agent working the case.
    Use an Apex trigger (the most powerful option)
  14. Universal Containers has completed development and testing of its Service Cloud implementation and plans to migrate functionality from the sandbox environment to the production environment.
    Which tools should be used for migration functionality? migration tool, IDE, and change sets
  15. Universal Containers has determined that case list views are slow to load because of the large number of cases in system. Which action will improve the performance of the list views?
    Reduce the number of fields displayed; Filter the views by case owner (Think of the SOQL, these two help to reduce the returned data set)
  16. Universal Containers has discovered that the average time an agent takes to resolve a case has increased.
    What should a consultant recommend to help reverse this trend?
    Configure entitlements and milestones to enforce SLAs; Improve the training provided to existing agents
  17. Universal Containers has four internal divisions that use Salesforce Knowledge. Compliance requirements indicate each division should have access to its own articles when performing a search. What solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
    Create a single data category group for each division and provide access using the role hierarchy
  18. Universal Containers has implemented Service Cloud in their call center and would like to integrate it with their existing telephony system. All members of staff use a standard build for desktop computers and the IT department has indicated that they can produce a custom desktop build for the call center staff. Which solution should a consultant recommend?
    Implement an adapter built on Open CTI.
  19. Universal Containers has millions of customers in Salesforce, but only a very small percentage have opened support cases in the past. Recently, Universal Containers has implemented a Service Cloud portal and plans to allow customers to be authenticated users to increase self-service rates. Which method should be used to enable the customers on the portal?
    Create active customers as portal users and send them email notifications; Have agents provide customers with portal registration instructions when working a case (these customers are likely to be benefited by the self-service portal)
  20. Universal Containers has service level agreements (SLAs) with clients that require an agent to respond within one hour of receiving a case. The agreement also states that the case must be resolved in less than one day if the case status is set to urgent. Which feature should be used to meet this requirement?
    Entitlements to define milestones to meet the SLAs
  21. Universal Containers implemented Salesforce Knowledge two months ago. Now, the Help Desk manager wants to know if the agents are properly leveraging the new knowledge base. What metric cap the manager use to measure the adoption of Knowledge?
    Create a report that displays the number of cases with articles attached during the past two months; Create a report that displays the number of new articles created during the past two months.
  22. Universal Containers is concerned with system performance in its contact center because the number of contact records has exceeded 40 million. What platform functionality might be affected by the number of contact records?
    Contact report run time
  23. Universal Containers is designing a contact center focused on customer billing inquires. The contact center includes the variables listed below.
  • 2 million accounts in Salesforce
  • 20 million invoices in an external application
  • 600 support agents
  • 300,000 transactions processed daily across agents
    When agents view an account in Salesforce, they need to view the invoices associated with an account and view the detail of the invoices. However, agents do not need to update or report on invoice information. Which solution would meet these requirements?
    Launch the customer billing application in Salesforce as a Web tab; Design a Visualforce page to display invoice data in Salesforce based on a real-time call
  1. Universal Containers is designing a new case management process with the following requirements:
  • Both support agents and product managers need to participate in the case process.
  • Cases must be updated as they move through the steps in the process.
  • All changes to a case must be tracked.
    Which configuration steps are required for the new case management implementation?
    Configure case status values; Enable field tracking history for fields.
  1. Universal Containers is developing a business continuity plan for their contact centers. What should the company consider?
    Recovery point objective;Criteria for plan activation
  2. Universal Containers is developing its strategy for social customer service. It would like to build a business case to fund an investment in social media and have a dedicated social media support team. The company's requirements include the ability:
  • Monitor Facebook fan page for new posts from customers
  • Link new posts to an existing customer record
  • Respond to posts from the existing Salesforce Console for Service
    Install Salesforce for Facebook and Twitter; Enable Salesforce social profile on contacts
  1. Universal Containers is evaluating the speed and productivity enhancements that could be obtained by implementing the new Service Cloud console. Which benefit should the company expect when implementing the Service Cloud console?
    . View records and related items as tabs on one screen; Screen pops open new object in tabs to reduce interruptions
  2. Universal Containers is experiencing system timeouts when running case reports. What should a consultant recommend to improve the performance of the reports?
    Remove formula fields from filter criteria; Remove unnecessary columns from the reports.
  3. Universal Containers is implementing a CTI solution for its inbound service and support contact center. Currently, the company handles only existing customers with support issues. The contact center manager has been tasked with improving sales for the premier support offering.What key metrics can be expected to improve following the CTI implementation?
    First call resolution (better phone routing and customer context);Abandon rate (IVR etc.)
  4. Universal Containers is implementing a solution to capture incoming emails as cases in Salesforce with the requirements listed below.
  • Over 5.000 emails are captured and created as cases.
  • Email filtering capabilities can be customized.
  • Solution runs 24/7 so that emails are captured during maintenance windows
  • Software installation is not required
    Which solution would meet the requirements?
    On-Demand Email to case
  1. Universal Containers is implementing an entitlement process in its contact center to gain better visibility into how well the company is delivering on customer service level agreements (SLAs). How can milestones be used to accomplish this goal?
    To represent metrics such as first-response and resolution time on cases; (See trailhead project/super badge) To display whether a case response complies with a customer service level agreement
    Note: Milestones represent required steps in your support process, such as case resolution time and first response time. You create master milestones in your org and then add them to entitlement processes to enforce different service levels on support records, like cases and work orders.
  2. Universal Containers is implementing Salesforce Knowledge at its contact center. The contact center has a dedicated support team for each product that it supports. Contact center agents should only be able to new articles for the product they support.
    What solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
    Assign team-based roles to the associated product data category value (Knowledge data category <-> role hierarchy)
  3. Universal Containers is implementing Salesforce Knowledge for call center agents. The company needs to ensure that agents can contribute to the knowledge base to promote adoption. Which functionality supports these requirements?
    Allow agents to create Knowledge articles when closing a case. (To share case resolution)
  4. Universal Containers is implementing the Salesforce Service Cloud in its contact center and has requirements listed below.
  • 2.000 agents are implemented globally 24/7 operations
  • Open case data will be migrated from a legacy system
  • New cases will be created in one system only
    Which deployment method should be recommended?
    Deploy in phases using countries as pilots
  1. Universal Containers is implementing the Service Cloud console. Which capabilities of the console can the company use to help improve its contact center performance?
    Displays records and their related items as tabs on one screen; indicates when records and lists are changed by others
  2. Universal Containers is in the process of setting up a business-to-business (B2B) portal. The company needs to give customers access to service level agreements (SLA) via the portal. Which solution is recommended to accomplish this requirement?
    Service Contracts
    Note: Service contracts are an advanced entitlement feature that help you track your customer support agreements.
    Use service contracts if:
  • You want to define specific service levels for your customers, such as warranties, subscriptions, and service level agreements.
  • Your customers’ entitlements are renewed at the contract level. In other words, your business processes allow you to create an entitlement for a customer only if they have an active service contract.
  1. Universal Containers is initiating a program to improve customer satisfaction. As part of the program, customers must be surveyed after the case is closed to ensure the customer is satisfied and the issue has been resolved.
    How to accomplish this task?
    Use workflow rules to send an email to the customer. (Case:Status = Closed -> Email Alert)
  2. Universal Containers is launching a full line of new products and Service Cloud should support the following requirements:
  • Agents need to collaborate with other teams
  • The product development team needs to be alerted on high-priority cases for specific products
    Which solution will meet these requirements
    Use workflow rules for notifications and case teams to monitor cases
    WF ule: Case: Priority = High & Product = xxx -> Email alert
    Note: escalation rules based on time elapsed
  1. Universal Containers is looking to migrate to a new knowledge solution for their contact center. They have 10,000 knowledge articles, but have found that only 5% are being used frequently by their contact center agents and customers on their public website. What should be recommended as part of this implementation?
    Prepare a test set of articles for import into the sandbox; A one-time import of only the most frequently used articles
  2. Universal Containers is migrating from a legacy system to the Service Cloud. The company currently tracks enticements and agreements in its legacy system. The legacy system will be archived and unavailable after go-live. Agents will need easy access case information for the last one year.
    How to accomplish this task?
    Migrate open and closed cases with milestones and entitlements.
  3. Universal Containers is ready to launch a customer portal to its targeted customers. The company's executives want to use appropriate metrics to efficiently measure user adoption.Which metrics should be measured?
    Number of cases created in the portal; Number of portal logins per day
    Note: Customer portal is more for self-service which ideally does not create cases at all.
  4. Universal Containers is setting up a field service dispatch contact center.
    Which functionality should be considered when designing the contact center?
    Mobile access to case information; Visibility into service entitlements
  5. Universal Containers is using the Salesforce Console for Service for managing cases. They would like to add the Salesforce to enable click-to-dial capability. What needs to be configured for the SoftPhone to work in Salesforce?
    Install an adapter from AppExchange to work with third-party CTI systems;Create a SoftPhone layout and assign to user profiles; Assign the correct Salesforce users to the Call Center.
  6. Universal Containers is using the Service Cloud in its contact center. The contact center manager wants to deploy Answers Community. What should a consultant recommend to integrate Answers into its Service Cloud implementation?
    Create a draft Knowledge article from a reply using the promote article button;Allow administrators and trusted community members to escalate a question into a case.
  7. Universal Containers needs to allow customers to log into its corporate website, view solutions from a Salesforce knowledge base, and log cases. Which product would meet all of these requirements?
    Self-service portal; Customer portal
  8. Universal Containers needs to automate the process of gathering and measuring customer satisfaction (CSAT). The process should be initiated at the time of case closure. Which feature should be used to meet this requirement?
    Install an AppExchange product for case survey functionality (ultimate answer)
  9. Universal Containers needs to decrease the cost of support by allowing support engineers to capture case resolution information when a case is closed and make the details of the case available via search to internal users, customers, partners, and the general public. How could this be achieved?
    Create Knowledge articles and publish the articles to all channels.
  10. Universal Containers needs to ensure it is staffing enough agents to answer calls at times of peak volume. In addition, the company needs to report on the metric listed below.
  • Average handle time (AHT)
  • Adherence to service level agreements (SLAs)
    Which data source would Universal Containers need in order to gather this information?
    Automatic Call Distributor (ACD); Entitlements; Workflow Management (WFM)
  1. Universal Containers needs to integrate Knowledge into the case management life cycle. Which integration point is possible between cases and Knowledge?
    Email articles in PDF format; Search Knowledge using case information;Create articles when closing a case
  2. Universal Containers needs to measure how long it takes to resolve a case once a support agent has accepted the case from the queue. How would this requirement be met?
    Create a formula field to calculate the time between a custom Case Accepted Date/Time field and the standard Date/Time Case Closed field
  3. Universal Containers needs to produce a dashboard in Salesforce that shows the average cost per call. Which data needs to be available in Salesforce in order to create the report?
    Agent hours worked and agent wage rate; Talk time and wrap time
    Cost per call = agent wage rate * agent working hours / (talk time + wrap time)
  4. Universal Containers needs to provide users with a case entry page that meets the requirements listed below.
  • Launches from the account record
  • Provides a list of associated contacts and assets
  • Allows a user to associate contacts and assets with a new case
  • Allows for the creation of the new contact
    Create a Visualforce page for selecting the associated records and entering the new case information (ultimate answer)
  1. Universal Containers needs to set up a customer community to provide customers with a self-service option for support. Which capability can Universal Containers provide its customers via the customer communities?
    Allows customers to submit ideas and answers;Allows customers to follow Chatter feeds;Allows customers to search a knowledge base
  2. Universal Containers needs to track the internal users who are involved with support cases. Certain status updates to the case should trigger an email notification to the users involved. Which solution design will best address this requirement?
    Use case teams to track users and a workflow rule with an email action for notification of status changes
  3. Universal Containers plans to deploy the new Service Cloud console to its support team. Which steps should be considered in deployment?
    **Customize highlight panels for all objects; Set up interaction logs and assign them to user profiles. Assign users the Service Cloud User feature license. **
  • Customize highlight panels for all objects and turn them on.
  • Create a console app and assign it to user profiles.
  • Optionally, for support agents: Brand your console.
  • Choose how pinned lists display.
  • Whitelist domains.
  • Customize push notifications.
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts.
  • Turn on the Knowledge Sidebar.
  • Set up interaction logs and assign them to user profiles.
  • Turn on Live Agent (available only for a console for service)
  1. Universal Containers plans to migrate data into Salesforce from legacy system. Which step should be taken before performing the data migration?
    Perform data cleansing; (Which I outsourced to vendor)Develop data map (Which I have to provide to vendor)
  2. Universal Containers purchased Knowledge and would like to implement it as soon as possible. What approach should a consultant recommend?
    Activate the Knowledge sidebar within the Salesforce Console for Service.
  3. Universal Containers requires that a case is logged for every incoming support call. Each case could require an associated Return Materials Authorization (RMA) and/or Field Service Request (FSR). The original case CANNOT be closed until all RMAs and FSRs are closed. Universal Containers is considering whether RMAs and FSRs should be stored on a child case or on a related custom object. What should Universal Containers consider when designing the solution?
    Case closure rules on the original case; RMA and FSR escalation requirements;Visibility and access to the RMA and FSR records
  4. Universal Containers requires that a case status be updated 48 hours after a solution to the case has been emailed to a customer. Which Salesforce feature would be used to meet this requirement?
    Workflow rules (the only possible answer)
  5. Universal Containers requires that users have the ability to view specific cases, as determined by the product type field on the case. An email should be sent to the users when a case to which they have access is created or closed.
    What should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements?
    Case teams, Workflow rules
  6. Universal Containers staffs its contact centers to allow for up to 20% of the total case volume to be escalated. The contact center would like to measure case escalation rate to staff to ensure sufficient training for Tier 1 agents.
    What solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
    Create a dashboard report to display and compare escalated cases against non-escalated cases.
  7. Universal Containers support manager wants to share product-specific information with their customer Communities. What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
    Assign Article types to the Community (available site); Enable Public Solutions; Publish Articles to external channels
    Note: Use "Content Deliveries" to convert documents into web-optimized versions for easy online viewing.
    A library permission is a group of privileges assigned to each Salesforce CRM Content library member. It determines the tasks that a member can perform in a particular library. The same user can have a different library permission in each library.
  8. Universal Containers wants to create a process to verify that customers are eligible for support before a case is creates. A consultant recommends using entitlement management to meet this requirement. Which benefit would be realized by using the entitlement management feature? Choose 2 answers.
    Ability to specify unique service levels for each customer; Ability to enforce service levels with the time-dependent processes
  9. Universal Containers wants to display a list of open cases, data form an external system, and knowledge articles in one view in Salesforce. What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
    Configure the Salesforce Console for Service, add Visualforce components, and activate the Knowledge sidebar.
  10. Universal Containers wants to implement Knowledge to assist agents with the resolution of cases.
    What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? (Choose 3)
    Create an email template to send articles as PDF attachments; Enable suggested articles on new cases; Enable article submission during case close
  11. Universal Containers wants to reduce incoming support phone call volume. What action can be taken to meet this requirement?
    Leverage Live Agent for web-based chat; Implement Salesforce Knowledge on a portal. (Give other alternatives)
  12. Universal Containers wants to shorten the average call time in its contact centers by prompting the customers to enter customer number and identify their order and product information when they call for support. After providing this information, the customer should then have the option to speak a support agent if they still need help.
    Which system will help Universal Containers meet this requirement?
    Interactive Voice Response
  13. Universal Containers wants to track customer satisfaction (CSAT).
    Which solution will automate the process for support agents to survey customers when cases are closed?
    Utilize an AppExchange package to handle customer surveys
  14. Universal Containers will be launching a telesales contact center. What should be considered in the design?
    Performance for high volume of interactions;Integration with Lead Generation team and apps
    (Outbound call so there is no call deflection strategy is required)
  15. Universal Containers would like for articles to be suggested to agents based on information they are typing into the case. What solution should a consultant recommend?
    Create a Service Cloud Console and enable the Knowledge sidebar on the case page layout.
  16. Universal Containers would like to provide their contact center agents with a map image of their customers location based on the Shipping Address of their Account Record. What should a consultant recommend as part of the solution?
    A mashup integration on the Account page to a third-party mapping service
  17. Universal Containers' contact center manager needs to measure the following metrics:
  • Agent productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
    Which report should a consultant recommend?
    Average handle time; First contact resolution
  1. Universal Containers, a new Salesforce customer, needs its millions of consumers to have public access to Knowledge on its corporate website. The consumers also need the ability to login to create, update, and read historical cases. Which product and license type would meet all of these requirements? Sites and High-Volume Customer Portal
  2. Universal Health Service is setting up Knowledge in its contact center for agents so they can research articles while taking calls. The company needs to migrate the existing knowledge base of documents and images into Salesforce. Which step will be required fort he implementation? Choose 3 answers
    Create multiple CSV files, one for each article type; Create HTML files referencing image to be uploaded; Match each new article to an existing article type
  3. Universal Health supports medical kits that have been distributed to thousands of hospitals. Hospitals can request future credit by providing kit usage information by patient. The regional processing teams review these requests and award coupons for approved cases. What should a consultant recommend to manage this process using Service Cloud?
    Use cases to track the credit requests and route them to regional teams using assignment rules
  4. Universal Telco sells and supports a line of smart phones. The company offers support via phone, email-to-case, web-to-case, and a customer portal. The call center manager is intended to drive support through customer self-service. Which report should be included on the manager's dashboard?
    Number of Portal Logins per Day; Knowledge Article Usage; Cases by Support Channels
  5. Using Import Wizard, how many Asset records can you import at a time?
    You cannot import Assets via Import Wizard
  6. Using standard case management capabilities, what can be emailed to a customer as a PDF attachment?
    Knowledge articles attached to the case
  7. What are benefits of deploying Knowledge in a high volume Service Cloud portal?
    Uncovers gaps in the knowledge base; Reduces incoming call volume
  8. What are some uses of in business continuity planning?
    To provide online security threat information; To provide live and historical data on system performance;To provide information planning planned maintenance
  9. What is a benefit of a customer community? Choose 2 answers.
    Reduces incoming call volume; Enables customers to log inquires without contacting an agent
  10. What is a benefit of a quality monitoring system? Choose 2 answers
    Enforce a consistent standard of service for customer interaction; Capture inappropriate word usage and generate reports
  11. What is a business continuity challenge in a cloud-based contact center that operates 24/7? Choose 2 answers
    Highly available telecom solution;Periodic maintenance windows
  12. What is the primary function of a private branch exchange (PBX)?
    To receive multiple calls at one time
  13. What key metric should a contact center manager use to evaluate the effectiveness of a new Service Cloud implementation?
    First contact resolution rate; Number of total cases handled
  14. What metrics should a contact center manager consider to measure adoption of Salesforce Knowledge? (Choose 2)
    Number of articles created by agent (whether content has been created); Number of articles attached to a case (whether it has been used)
  15. What process is a use case for Visual workflow?
    Cross-self promotions for representatives; Decision-based troubleshooting for representatives; Caller verification and creation of a new case
  16. What solution should a consultant recommend while designing a plan to decrease a company's cost per call?
    Use integrated voice response; Use suggested Knowledge articles
    Note: IVR = Interactive voice response, should be typo
  17. When a Self Service Portal User adds a Case Comment the following actions take place:
    An email is automatically sent to the case owner
  18. When designing a Case management solution to increase agent productivity, which Service Cloud features should you consider first? Choose 2 answers.
    Case queues;Case assignment rules
  19. When planning for the migration of an existing knowledge base into Salesforce Knowledge, what factors are considered which articles to migrate?
    Original creation date (how old is the article)and average rating of articles (whether the article is useful)
  20. Which application will allow a client to enable Ideas on a public website? Sites
  21. Which case submission process leverages Apex email services? On-demand Email-to-Case
  22. Which contact center type is most likely to implement Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to align with industry best practices? ** Information Technology (IT) help desk**
  23. Which document should be created to support the initial planning phase of an implementation project? (Choose 2)
    Project milestones; Project kickoff presentation
  24. Which feature of Salesforce Knowledge can be leveraged to create a customer-facing product information website?
    **Display articles in a public knowledge base;Display articles with HTML, images, and links. **
  25. Which metric influences customer satisfaction?
    First call resolution; Call quality
  26. Which of the following utilize the "Automated Case User" (Choose 3 answers):
    When a case is automatically assigned using assignment rules this user is listed in the case history; When a case is escalated this user is listed in the case history; When a case is created via Web-To-Case this user is listed in the case history
    Note: The Automated Case User is the user who is listed in the Case History for all automated case actions in Salesforce
  • When a case is automatically assigned using assignment rules
  • When a case is escalated
  • When a case is created online via web to case
  • When Email-to-Case fails to create a case, the Automated Case User is emailed with the error message(s), of why a case was not created.
  1. Which Service Cloud tool requires the least agent involvement to resolve a customer issue? Salesforce Knowledge

  2. Which solution can be used to improve call deflection? Web chat; Knowledge base; Community forum

  3. Which Statement is true regarding Salesforce Chatter Answers? Choose 3 answers
    Escalate a question to a case; Knowledge articles can be created from Answers; Select best answers for questions.
    Note: Answer is no longer available. This is an old question.

  4. Which statement is true regarding the Salesforce CTI adapter? Choose 3 answers
    It acts as an intermediary between telephony systems, the salesforce Call Center application, and Salesforce user interface; It is based on the Salesforce CTI Toolkit and consists of source code, libraries, and files; Prebuilt CTI adapters for different telephony systems are available on the AppExchange

  5. Which statements are true regarding a prebuilt Salesforce computer telephony integration (CTI) adapter for different telephony systems?
    It is an intermediary between a telephony system and a Salesforce CRM call center user; It utilizes the SoftPhone capability from within the Salesforce application

  6. Which step should a consultant take to import articles into Salesforce Knowledge?
    Map articles with HTML sections to rich text area fields; Create a separate .csv for each article type

  7. Which support channel requires the smallest amount of agent work time?
    Web self service

  8. Which system would a contact center integrate with in order to provide field service agents with information needed to provide service at customer sites?
    **Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) **

  9. Which task should be included in a business continuity plan for a contact center?
    Route cases to agents in an alternate center; Deliver training on case handling for contingent staff; Monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and notify customers

  10. Universal containers want to identify potential delays in the customer support process.Which metric should the contact center management analyze? Average case stage duration

  11. UC's service center needs to provide support for a new product line. The product manager would like to be notified whenever a customer reports a new defect. Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
    Use a workflow rule to send an email to the product manager

  12. A company has a requirement to keep all emails behind their firewall, they have 200 agents. What should they use?
    ** Email to Case**

  13. Which method can be used to route social media inquiries with Salesforce using Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook?
    Enable social profile and add assignment rules to the case object

  14. Universal Containers is transitioning from a legacy service and support system to salesforce.What is a recommended way to migrate and cleanse the data?
    Cleanse the data outside of salesforce and then migrate the data.

  15. UC wants to deploy the Service Cloud to its contact centers located across North America, Europe and Asia. The company would like standardized contact center processes and reporting implemented in its centers worldwide. Which approach should a consultant recommend in this scenario?
    Assign a global team of experienced agents and leaders to create a common design template and report structure

  16. UC is in the process of setting up a business-to-business (B2B) portal. The company needs to give customers access to service level agreements (SLA) via the portal. Which solution is recommended to accomplish this requirement? Service contracts

  17. What can universal containers do to reduce costs and immediately improve contact center agent productivity?
    Streamline the agent interface; Enable templates for written responses (note it focus on immediately)

  18. A case has not been closed even after 30 days, but those cases can be closed in 7 days. What should the consultant do to overcome this? choose 2 options
    Use escalation rule to send an email; Identify those cases and assign to the closure team (using report and bulk transfer)

  19. What support strategy will enable an organization to improve its overall capability for handling customer support inquires without increasing the number? Knowledge-centered support (KCS)

  20. UC's customer service technicians need to access the following information while at a customer site to complete the service call: Customer order history, Level of contracted support, List of replaceable parts. What system can Salesforce integrate with to retrieve this information and make it available to technicians in the field? ERP

  21. A contact center manager wants to measure improvements to operations after the implementation of a new workforce management system. Which metric can be used to assess the success of the new workforce management system?
    Schedule adherence; Agent utilization

  22. A universal container wants to measure the efficiency of its contact center.Which metric should the contact center manager analyze.
    Number of open cases per day; (new case) Number of cases escalated; (case which needs advanced support)Average number of days to close cases (how long it takes)

  23. The business and IT leaders at UC have agreed to implement Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for its IT Help Desk. Which benefits will result from a successful ITIL implementation? Choose 3 answers.
    Aligning IT and the business which allows IT to better understand current and future needs of the business; Setting customer expectations with predictable processes that are consistently used by the organization; Create service levels between IT and the business to provide value at an agreed upon cost

  24. The support manager wants information on the knowledge base searches conducted by customers and call center agents. Which metric would be most useful to identify knowledge article effectiveness?
    Knowledge articles with the lowest rating;Knowledge search query with no results

  25. UC wants to use the Service Cloud console and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with its contact center infrastructure. The telephony vendor has verified that its current infrastructure supports integration with Salesforce. What must be taken into consideration to meet this requirement? The CTI adapter must be developed using the CTI Toolkit version 3.0 or higher or Open CTI

  26. Which native service Cloud solution is used for case satisfaction surveys?
    Create a Web-to-case form with a custom case type of survey.

  27. UC is configuring the Service Cloud console to provide a unified desktop for agents. Which solution would require custom application development?

  • Displaying a technical diagram of a registered product related to the case
  • Displaying real time visual indicators when lists and records are changed
  • Displaying basic data from a legacy enterprise resource planning system
  1. Integrate with Facebook and Twitter, monitor negative posts. Use Social Hub.
  2. UC has two customer service contact centers and each focuses on a specific product line. Each contact center has a varying call volume, contributing to a high operational cost for the company. UC wants to optimize the cost without compromising customer satisfaction. What can a consultant recommend to accomplish these objectives? Choose 2 answers.
    Cross-train agents on both product lines;Implement a customer self-service portal
  3. What is a characteristic of Visual Workflow?
    Apex code must be used to pass data to legacy systems; Only one version of a flow can be activated at a time; Elements can be used to update fields in the database
  4. Universal Containers has basic field service requirements and has not yet deployed the Service Cloud. The company would like to automatically create a field service dispatch record and assign it to a queue when specific case criteria are selected by an agent working the case.Which solution will create and route the field service dispatch record when the case is saved? Use Apex Trigger (Workflow only creates task)
  5. UC wants to implement a Knowledge management process with the following requirements: It must contain four different kinds of content: customer FAQs, product specifications, contact center procedures, and product manuals. It must provide the ability to filter Knowledge search results by a single product, multiple products, or all 56 products. Any product-related content created by contact center agents must be approved by the contact center manager and the Knowledge manager before being published. Product content should only be visible internally to contact center agents who handle the product. How should a consultant recommend that Knowledge be configured?
    Configure article types for each kind of content; Define approval processes for each article type; Configure data category values for each product
    Note: (It's not possible to create workflow rules for data categories; It's also not possible to create an approval process on data categories)
  6. What is a common deflection technique to reduce the number of interactions for a contact center?
    Suggest articles for an web-to-case question; Recommend articles prior to a Live Agent session
  7. Universal containers is having trouble with adoption of its knowledge base. Customers have reported difficulty location they need. The following facts are known:• Data categories are used to indicate which contact center and business unit authored the article.• Articles have drastically different types of content mixed together (e.g. FAQ, product manuals and install guides).• Agents are not consistency completing all article fields.What should the consultant recommend as a first step in improving the usability of the knowledge base?
    **Create article types for each content type and implement an approval process. **
  8. UC is in the process of implementing Service Cloud. In which order should the data be migrated?
    Users, accounts, contacts, cases
  9. A customer has a detailed question about product functionality. the customer would like access to expert customer subject-matter experts, and real-time access to company IT support experts. which features will best help the customer?
    Salesforce Chat; Communities
  10. Universal Containers has a contact center that provides support for five different product lines. Universal Containers needs to allow agents to share files, ask and answer questions, and share best practices specific to each product line. what is the best method to meet this requirement?
    Set up a Chatter group for each product line.
  11. agents often need to access the same cases, contacts and orders multiple times per day
    Enable the "Most Recent" component within the Salesforce Console for Service
    Note: this component has been renamed as "History".
  12. Basic concepts of KCS:
    Creating content as a result of solving issues.; Developing a knowledge base on the experience of an individual
  13. To limit who can create Knowledge articles for a team
    **Create a profile that includes the "Manage Salesforce Knowledge" permission
  14. To improve first call resolution rate
    Skills-based routing
  15. Creating an inbound customer support contact center
    Automatic call distributor and interactive voice response
  16. Over 50% of cases were created by users who forgot their passwords
    Create an auto-response rule and email template with details on how users can reset their passwords
  17. To be implemented with visual workflow:
  • Prompt agent to ask for the caller's geographic region
  • Allow the agent to select a region from the picklist in the accounts object
  • Present a list of services available in that region to the agent
    Screen (prompt, show pick list); Assignment (queried region = user input); Decision
  1. Capability of case feed
    Embed case feed functionality within a visual force page
  2. Articles are a product of collaborative working of the subject matter experts, product managers, customer service agents, customers and partners.
  3. Salesforce Knowledge Content is represented by Articles
  4. Publishing cycle consists of creation, drafting, approval, translation, archiving and publishing processes
  5. Knowledge actions: **templates that link a workflow action to an article type. **
    When knowledge actions are enabled, you can use them to link article types to specific workflow article actions, such as publishing.
  6. Article types: provide the format and structure to control how an article displays for each audience, known as a channel. For each article type you can create custom fields, customize the layout by adding or removing sections and fields, and choose a template for each channel.
  7. Support agents to handle only specific interaction channels:
  • Create a unique case page layout for each channel grouping
  • Create an agent role for each channel grouping
  1. Service Cloud Omnichannel: Route any type of incoming work item to the most qualified, available support agents in your call center. Omni-channel integrates seamlessly into the console in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.
  2. To improve its cost center cost per case: implement validation rules to improve data quality; create macros to reduce average handle time
  3. Different between Live Agent and Chatter Answers: Live Agent is private while Chatter Answers may be public.
  4. Salesforce Open CTI:
  • A set of tools to create customizable SoftPhones
  • An integration framework based on javascript
  • A way to extend the capability of the Console for service
  1. Salesforce Knowledge features:
    Support for approval processes during article authoring
    Ability for (internal) users to rate articles on a scale of 1 to 5 stars
    Ability to archive articles when they are no longer needed
  2. Agents need to see extra information in public knowledge articles that customers cannot see:
    Use an article type of "Public Article" with an "Agent Instruction" field using field level security
  3. Contact center deployment failed due to poor user adoption, to avoid this:
    Execution of a UAT; Side by side observation with end user before build
  4. Client has asked you to help articulate the key project objectives, approach, scope and timeline
  • Project kickoff presentation
  • Project charter
  1. IN what project phase, would you validate that the order details in the RMA system match the data captures by the agent in the service cloud?
    System Integration Test Phase
  2. Service cloud adoption measurement:
  • Count of cases closed per agent
  • Percent of users with last login less than 1 day
  • count of Knowledge Article created
  1. To decrease total agent-assisted interactions by 20% this year
  • % of Public Articles with rating below 3 stars
  • Count of cases with two or more agent interactions
  1. Westley is a supervisor, what report would help Westley to monitor his team's performance?
    Total site cases closed today and grouped by supervisor
  2. Expected from KCS adoption
  • Reduce issue resolution time
  • Optimized use of resource
  • Increase call routing accuracy
  1. Assign agents to only specific interaction channel: create agent profile for each interaction grouping; create case page layouts for channel
  2. What are consideration for Implementing Live Agent?
  • of deployments, deployment control look&feel

  • Each chat button associate with a skill
  • Assign skills to profile before creating buttons
  • Decide if you want pre-chat forms to collect information
  • Post chat page for a survey
  • Need a feature license
  1. A live chat deployement:
  • A place on your company's website that is enabled for Live agent
  • Deployment is a few lines of java script you add to a web page