Jekyll on Github Pages

在github上使用github page:jekyll github pages 实际上,GitHub Pages are powered by Jekyll behind the scenes, so they’re a great way to host your Jekyll-powered website for free.

所有的相关文档可以在这里找到:Setting up a GitHub Pages site with Jekyll

新建站点之后,最新版本的jekyll 4.0.0似乎还没上到github上。Github page使用的官方依赖:看起来是3.8.5版本。


  • gem "github-pages", group: :jekyll_plugins 替换为 gem "github-pages", "~> 203", group: :jekyll_plugins
  • gem "jekyll", "~> 4.0.0" 替换为 gem "jekyll", "~> 3.8.5"版本。否则会提示 Could not find gem github-pages


bundle update jekyll
# followed by :
bundle install
# test site by launching it locally :
bundle exec jekyll serve


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