Phicomm K2 - burn third party firmware

2017.02.18 19:06* 字数 124

1. downgrade office firmware

2. enable ssh service only

please change the default password 'tianbaoha' and disable telnet service which is not safe

3. burn bootloader 'breed' into flash

CPU MediaTek MT7620A ver 2, eco 6
内存  64MB DDR2
Flash   Macronix MX25L6435E @ 24MHz (8MB)
以太网 MediaTek MT7620A built-in 5-port 10/100M switch
时钟频率    CPU: 580MHz, Bus: 193MHz
编译日期    2016-07-29 [git-5855789]
版本  1.0 (r928)

Note: The flash size of Phicomm K2 is only 8M. So the firmware size can't greater than 8M.

4. burn third party firmware into flash

5. kcptun

Kcptun Server一键安装脚本

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