Foot v. 支付  Foot the bill 支付账单

Foot the cost 支付花费  Foot the expense 支付费用

❖ Her parents footed the bill for her college tuition.父母为她支付了课程费用。

Get/rise to one's feet 站起来

❖ We rose to our feet when the bride came down the aisle.当新娘沿着走廊而来的时候,我们都站起身来。

Be back on one's feet 恢复健康,痊愈

❖ Jill is happy to be back on her feet again after her hospital stay.Jill很开心自己住院之后能够痊愈。

Keep one's feet on the ground 脚踏实地

❖ He is always talking about his big plans to be a great actor. You should tell him to keep his feet on the ground.他总是在谈自己如何成为一名伟大演员的大计划。你应该告诉他让他脚踏实地点。

Under one's feet 碍手碍脚

❖ I haven't been able to get any work done today with the kids under my feet asking me to take them to the park.小孩们在我旁边碍手碍脚,让我带他们去公园,我今天完全没法把工作做完。

Buy v. 相信

❖ A: Can you believe what he's saying ? 你相信他说的吗?

❖ B: I don't buy it.我才不会信。

❖ You could say you were ill but I don't think they'd buy it.你可以说你病了,但是我觉得他们不会相信的。

Impulse buy 冲动之下购买的东西

❖ Vending machine purchases are often impulse buys.自动贩卖机上的交易经常是冲动购买。

Buy time 拖延时间

❖ He tried to buy time by saying he hadn't been well.他试图以身体不适为借口来拖延时间。

Buy a pig in a poke 没看清货色就乱买东西

❖ I just took the salesman's word that this camera worked. I guess I bought a pig in a poke.我只是听了销售员的话,这相机没问题。我猜我可能买了个次品。

The best that money can buy 最好的

❖ I am sure what you have now is the best that money can buy.我确信你现在有的是最好的。

Put something on ice 暂停

❖ They have to put the project on ice because they don’t have enough funds.他们没有足够的资金,所以只能将项目暂停。

Be skating on thin ice 冒险

❖ Don’t talk to your boss like that. You’re skating on thin ice.别跟你老板这样讲话,很危险。

Break the ice 打破僵局/沉默

❖ I was so nervous about meeting Samantha's parents for the first time, but her dad immediately broke the ice by asking about my car, and everything went great after that.第一次见Samantha的爸妈我非常紧张,但是她爸爸马上打破沉默,问我车的事,之后都聊得很好。

Get cold feet 临阵退缩

❖ Sally got cold feet at the last moment and called off the wedding.Sally最后一刻临阵退缩,取消了婚礼。

Cold hands, warm heart 外表冷淡心肠热

❖ Nancy: I don't like holding hands with Joe. His hands are so cold. 我不喜欢和Joe牵手,他的手太冰了。

❖ Jane: Cold hands, warm heart.手冷心肠热啊。