【Review】Level 1 Unit 1 Part 1 Vocabulary

Vocabulary —— Daily Objects



> door

> window

> chair

> stairs

> key


造句: This door is made of wood.



门还有很多材质的,可以用上面的be made of词组做一系列的句子替换练习。

例1: This door is made of glass.

例2: This door is made of stainless steel.


be made of 和 be made from的区别

1. be made of: 能直接看出原材料

2. be made from: 不能直接看出原材料

例1: Bread is made of flour.

例2: Paper is made from wood.


造句1: This window is broken/ clean.

造句2: Open/ Close the window.


window shopping 橱窗购物

We walked along the street but we were only window shopping.


造句1: My mum bought a new chair yesterday.

造句2: People sit on chairs.


1. chair a meeting 主持会议

2. chairman (会议的)主席,主持人

stairs (stair的复数形式)

take the stairs = 走楼梯

造句1: When the elevator doesn't work, we take the stairs to the 5th floor.

造句2: He is walking up some stairs.


造句1: This key belongs to me.

造句2: The key to success (成功的关键/秘诀) is to do what you should do at present.


> book

> desk

> cellphone

> pencil

> pen


book  n. 书

read a book = 看书

Lisa likes to read / reading books.

(1) like to do sth. 喜欢做某事

(2) like doing sth. 喜欢做某事

I don't feel like cooking tonight.

Lisa and Angela like to feed the fish.

a book on 一本关于……的书

This is a book on history/ how to learn English well.

book  v. 预定

I'd like to book a room ( = reserve a room) in your hotel.


造句1: A desk has four legs.

造句2: This desk is new.


deskmate 同桌

teacher's desk 讲桌

front desk < 美 > ( in hotel, at doctor's ) 前台;服务台

information desk 咨询台,服务台,问询处


造句1: My cellphone is out of juice.

(out of juice = out of power/ battery)

造句2: I use my cellphone to chat with my friend.


造句1: I'm using my pencil to draw a line.

造句2: This pencil is long.


pencil box 铅笔盒

pencil case 笔袋

pencil sharpener 卷笔刀


地道表达: 这支笔很好写。

1. This pen writes smoothly.

2. This pen writes well.

3. This pen writes very fast.

语法点: 主动表被动


1. ballpoint pen 圆珠笔

2. marker 记号笔

3. water color pen 水彩笔

4. Chinese calligraphy [kə'lɪɡrəfi] writing brush 毛笔

5. highlighter 标记笔,荧光笔


Sit down.

Stand up.

Close the door.

Open the door.

Pick up the keys.

Put down the keys.



1. 坐,就座





例句:She is sitting on a bench.

2. 坐落;位于,安放;放于

On the table sat a box.

Our house sat next to a stream.

3. 搁置不用;闲置

His car sat in the garage for a year.


That dress sits well on you.

5. 容纳…人坐

The hall sits 50.  会堂能容纳50人就座。


1. sit for sb. = 为某人做模特

She had sat for many famous painters.

2. sit in  待在里面;待在家里

She sat in all day waiting for him to come.

stand sb. up  放某人鸽子

I got stood up.

How could he stand me up?

blow sb. off 放某人鸽子,拒绝某人

He blew me off last week and made me waiting for three hours.

pick up

1. 捡起

pick up trash 捡垃圾

2. 接人

I'm waiting here to pick up the kids after school.

3. 学会

If you go to England you'll soon pick up English.

put down

1. 放下

I put down my schoolbag onto the desk.

2. 记下

Ok, I got it. Let me put down your message.