Chapter 2


1. She watched tiny crinkles form around the corners of his eyes, and when they unfolded, his face was different, softer, a real person's face now. 

crinkle: to make wrinkles or creases on a smooth surface (v.); a wrinkle or ripple (n.).

仿句:She seems much relieved, her face crinkled into a smile. 

2. James had a seriousness, a reserve, unlike anyone she had met before.

reserve: the quality of a shy, modest person who doesn't easily express his or her feelings.

仿句: She has a reserve, which makes her stand out in the class.

3. As Marilyn took the chicken, burnished and bronze, from the oven, he was mesmerized by her deftness

mesmerize: attract strongly, as if with a magnet

仿句:Deep in her momeries are those mesmerizing encounters. 

deftness: skillful performance or ability without difficulty.

仿句: He watched her arrange the flowers with great deftness. 


But at that moment she had known, with a certainty she would never feel about anything else in her life, that it was right, that she wanted this man in her life. Something inside her said, He understands. What it's like to be different.


Hers had been just one of the pale, pretty faces, indistinguishable from the next, and though he would never fully realize it, this was the first reason he came to love her: because she had blended in so perfectly, because she had seemed so completely and utterly at home. 


爱和被爱,很多时候,也不过是电影镜头里拍了一万次的阴错阳差。 互相给了对方错误的印象,就要各自承担认错的代价。在慢慢认清彼此的过程中,才真正知道‘爱和不爱’。

Marilyn couldn't look at her. Instead she stared at her mother's hands, spotted despite the gloves and the lemon-scented lotion, at the fork pinched between the fingers, at the crumb clinging to the tines. A tiny wrinkle creased her mother's eyebrows, as if someone had nicked her forehead with a knife. Years later, Hannah would spy this same mark of deep worry on her mother's face, though she would not know its source, and Marilyn would never have admitted the resemblance.