Fiori-like Prototype live on SCP (SAP Cloud Connector)

The Cloud Connector serves as a link between SAP Cloud Platform applications and on-premise systems. 

Connecting Cloud Applications to On-Premise Systems

SAP Resource: SAP Cloud Connector

Portable for DEV, Other for PRD

After installation, SAP Cloud Connector login page:

Enter Administrator / manage (case sensitive) for <User Name> / <Password>.


Connect to your SAP Cloud Platform. ( Support from JerryWang )

Sub Account
Check Connection

Cloud to on-premise:

Add Mapping

Choose your back-end type:

Your System Back-end Type

Choose your protocol:

Your Connection Protocol

Set your system info:

Mapping Information

Check Connection:

Whether Reachable

SAP Cloud Connector on SAP Cloud Platform:

Cloud Connector

Create new destination:

New Destination

Destination configuration:

Destination Configuration
Destination Information

Check connection

Connection Work

Consume your service:

Your Service

Reference :

SAP Development Tool

SAP Help Portal

使用Java+SAP云平台+SAP Cloud Connector调用ABAP On-Premise


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