France(肖彤彤 高茵 史雅倩 黄春梅)

    France is a romantic and colorful country. The long history and the developed modernization make France receive the favor of tourists from all over the world. Both the ancient and exquisite architecture and the romantic feelings of modern French are the cultural characteristics of France. Whether it's Paris's Eiffel Tower or romantic Provence, we all feel the charm of France.

As a pioneer of the world fashion trend, Paris fashion week has attracted every celebrity. (Paris Fashion Week) originated in 1910, sponsored by the French Fashion Association. The French fashion association was founded in the late nineteenth Century. The highest purpose of the association is to build Paris as the fashion capital of the world.

Paris Fashion Week Street pat



France is known as a country of fashion. It is also a country combining romance and delicious food, which attracts millions people come from different places going there. Moreover, features of French cuisine are used fresh seasonal material and unique cooking ways of different cooks and regions.  Another important point needs to be mentioned is that the visual, smell, taste and touch are important.



If you see it, you will fall in love with it, not only the color, but also the taste. It is really sweet, so eat it with tea or fruit. Mostly it comes on the table when people are drinking afternoon tea. But now you can eat it whenever you want.




There have more than 4000 kinds of cheese in France. If you eat one kind of it everyday, it will take a long time to eat all of it. Of courese it is really sweet.



I have never thought of the snail would come into the table. But the snail with the butter and many other seasonings is really delicious, although cooking it takes a long time.

Goose liver


It always appears during the chrismas. And comes with apple, pear and so on.

French incense sticks


The most famous food in France, although it is really hard to eat. It only cost one euro, which is cheap enough to eat it everyday.


French Wine

France is one of the largest wine producers which has a long history in the world. On average It can produce 7–8 billion bottles per year.


Almost all styles of wine – red, rosé, white, sparkling and fortified – are produced in France.the French

production ranges from cheap and simple

versions to some of the world's most famous

and expensive kinds.


VosneRomanée.It produces the region's

most celebrated wines. The wines produced

from the vineyards have various kinds

, but they are generally considered to be rich, silky and well balanced.


If someday you go on a trip to France, don't forget to taste French wine.

by 史雅倩

Some famous scenic spots

France is a fashionable and romantic country. When talking about this country, it is very natural for people to think of the Louvre of Paris, the luxury shops of Champs Elysees(香榭丽舍大道), the palace of Versailles(凡尔赛), or the lavender of Provence(普罗旺斯). In this article, I will introduce them to you.


It is the largest national museum of France, and It is famous for its rich collection of classical paintings and carvings. The three treasures of Louvre are Venus de Milo(断臂维纳斯), Mona Lisa and Winged Victory of Samothrace(胜利女神像).


the three treasures

Champs Elysees

The champs-elysees can be divided into two parts: the eastern part is dominated by natural scenery. Walking under the French parasol tree, you can experience its peace and comfort. The western part is a commercial district which has many world famous luxury shops to show the fashion and prosperity of the champs-elysees.


The palace of Versailles

It is one of the famous palaces in Paris, also is the one of the five great palaces in the world.




Provence is a romantic city, and it is famous for its lavender which attracted many people to visit every year. The flower language of lavender is to wait for love. I think it is very romantic.



by 黄春梅


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