Translation test1

Normally people fancy listening to nice words, which in the other way means once they heard something which violates their minds they might get unhappy even furious.Someone needs to be tolerable and generous to listen to those words not so nice in order to gain intellect and wisdom.While this depends on one's inner character and curb of humanity drawbacks.Otherwise, those who are rhetoric and catering to others' pleasure will get the chance to harm those ingenuous and righteous.

In terms of sanity, people prefer to hold these old beliefs like "It's wiser to listen to and consider different words." and "Those words not nice enough are truly beneficial to actions." Or they might trust the idiom"Nice words are not true, true words are not nice."which was first spoken by Laozi. Whereas when it comes to behavior, people are easy to violate those rules mentioned above. They are unable to listen to those "true but not nice enough" words and in result make big mistakes.