• What's your final destination? - I'm gonna transfer to Barcelona. / My final destination is Barcelona with a layover/stopover in Hong Kong. 「你本行的最后目的地在哪?」,多在转机时被问。
  • What's the purpose of your visit? / Why are you here? - I'm here to visit my friends. 「你来这里的目的是什么?」
  • How long are you planning to stay? / How long will you stay? - My return flight is on January 14th. 「你会停留多久?」
  • Where will you be staying? - I will stay at the hotel/Airbnb. 「你会住在哪里?」


  • Where are you flying to today? - Hi, I'm flying to Shanghai. 「你好,您今天是要飞去哪里?」 - 「你好,我要飞往上海」
  • May I have your passport, please? - Here you go. 「可以给我你的护照吗?」
  • Do I need to take my iPad out of my bag? 「我需要把iPad从包里拿出来吗?」,用于安检询问。
  • Do you have a carry-on? 「你有手提行李吗?」
  • Do you have any luggage to check in? / How many luggages are you checking in? 「你有行李要托运吗? - 对,我有一个行李要托运,还有一个随身行李」,用于办理行李托运时。随身行李叫carry-on luggage。
  • Please place your bags on the scale. 「请把您的行李包放在秤上。」
  • Would you like a window or aisle seat? 「你想要靠窗的位子还是靠走道的位子呢?」
  • Excuse me, do you know where the information desk is? 「打扰一下,您知道信息咨询处在哪吗?」
  • Excuse me, do you know where the baggage claim is? 「不好意思,请问去哪里拿行李呢?」,行李领取处就是"baggage claim"。

登机牌:boarding pass


  • Could you show me where seat 18A is? 「请问18A座位在哪里?」,用于飞机上找不到座位时询问空乘人员。
  • I'm sorry, I think you are in my seat. 「您坐到我的座位上了」,用于你的座位被别人坐了时。
  • Would it be possible to change seats with me? 「我能和你换座吗?」
  • Excuse me, Could I have a cup of orange juice, please. 「你好,请给我一杯橙汁。」
  • Could I get another blanket, please, I'm a little cold. 「我还能再拿条毯子吗?我有点冷。」
  • I don't feel well, do you have medicine for airsickness? 「我感觉不舒服,你们有晕机药吗?」,用于晕机时。
  • Where is the nearest lavatory? 「最近的洗手间在哪?」,用于询问最近的洗手间。


  • Could you please take me to the airport, terminal 1? 「您可以载我去机场1号航站楼吗?」
  • Take me to this address, please. 「请拉我去这个地址。」
  • Is there an airport bus to center city? 「这里有从机场去市中心的巴士吗?」
  • How long does it take to go to center city? 「到市中心需要多长时间?」
  • How much does it cost to take a taxi to center city? / How much does it cost to go to center city by taxi? 「乘计程车到市中心需要多少钱?」
  • Where can I get a ticket? 「在哪里买票?」
  • What time is the departure? 「几点发车?」
  • Stop here, please. 「请停在这里。」


  • Excuse me, how can I get to ...? / Could you tell me the way to ...? / How do I get there? 「我该怎么走?」
  • Excuse me. I'm looking for Bank of America. I thought it was around here. Do you know where it is? 「打扰一下,我正在找美国银行,我认为它就在附近,你知道它在哪里吗?」
  • Is there a public toilet nearby? 「请问附近有没有公共厕所?」
  • Does this road lead to the zoo,please? 「请问这条路是通往动物园的吗?」
  • Which way is east? 「哪边是东边啊?」
  • How long will it take me to get there? 「到那里大概要多久?」


  • Sorry, I don't know. I'm a stranger here, too. 「不好意思,我不知道,我也是刚到这里。」
  • It's across from the city park. 「在城市公园的对面。」
  • It's at the end of the street. 「在这条路的尽头。」
  • Walk around 30 meters, and then turn left. You can't miss it. 「走大约30米,然后左转,你不会走错的!」
  • Take a number 46 bus, and get off at the square. 「坐46路公共汽车,在广场下车。」
  • It's only about ten minutes' walk. 「那儿离这儿只有走大约10分钟的路。」


  • Walk along this road/street. 「沿着这条路/街走。」
  • Walk on and turn left. 「继续走再向左转。」
  • Go straight ahead until you come to a tall building, then turn left. 「一直往前走,一直走到,一座高楼,然后向左拐。」
  • Keep going until you see a big white building on your left. 「继续往前走,一直走到左边有座白色建筑。」
  • Go on until you reach the end of the road. You'll see the ... in front of you. 「继续走一直到路的尽头,你就会看到…在你的面前。」
  • It’s between the cinema and the fruit shop. 「在电影院和水果店之间」
  • It’s next to / in front of / behind / on the left (right) side of the library. 「它在左边前面/后面/旁边/(右)侧的图书馆。」


  • Hi, we need a table for two, please. / Can I book/reserve a table for two? / I'd like to reserve a table for tonight. 「你好,我们有两位。」 / 「我能预定个两个人的桌子吗?」 / 「我要预定一个今晚的餐位。」
  • How long do we have to wait? 「我们需要等多久?」
  • Do you have a table for two? 「有两个人坐的桌子吗?」
  • Could we have a table over there by the window? 「我们可以坐那边靠窗的桌子吗?」
  • I'm sorry, it's already reserved. - We'll take this one. 「对不起,那张已有人预订了。」 - 「好的,我们就要这张。」
  • Can I have the menu? 「可以给我菜单吗?」
  • I’m ready to order. / Please take my order. / I need another minute. / Can I have another minute? / Sorry, we need a little bit more time. 「我可以点餐了。 / 我还需要再看看。」
  • Can I have a xxx? / I’ll have xxx. / I would like to have xxx. / I would like a glass of water. 「我想要点这个菜。」
  • I’m having a hard time, what would you recommend? / Do you have any recommendation? / What are the specialties? 「嗯…我觉得好难选喔,你有什么推荐吗?」
  • What do you have for today's special? 「今天的推荐餐是什么?」
  • What kind of soup do you serve/have? 「你们供应什么汤?」
  • Some more water please. 「请再帮我加些水。」
  • I prefer something light/spicy. 「我想来点儿清淡/辣的。」
  • Spicy or mild? 「辣还是不辣?」
  • All right. I'll take that. 「好的,就要那个。」
  • Excuse me, I’ve been eating for quite a while. I was wondering if my order is ready? / Is my order ready? 「不好意思,我已经等很久了!我想问我的餐点好了吗?」
  • Excuse me, I'm sorry, but it doesn't seem like what I ordered. / This isn't what I ordered. 「这不是我们点的菜。」
  • Excuse me, would you please show me where the restroom is? 「麻烦告诉我厕所在哪里。」
  • May I beg your pardon? / Pardon me? / Could you repeat that, please? 「请问您能重复一下吗?」
  • Can I get/have this to go? / can I have a box for the leftover? 「这可以外带吗? / 能不能给我个盒子打包?」
  • Can I have the check? / Could I have the bill, please? / Check, please. 「我可以买单了吗? / 请拿账单过来好吗?」
  • Something's wrong with my bill, I didn't have the beer. 「我的账单有问题,我没有喝过啤酒。」
  • Can I have pay with Alipay, please? 「我能用支付宝结账吗?」
  • Let's split this. 「我们各自付帐吧。」
  • Keep the change. 「不用找零了。」

options/starters/appetizers: 前菜/开胃菜
entrée/main course:主菜

牛排几分熟:净生(blue)、一分熟(rare)、三分熟(medium rare)、五分熟(medium)、七分熟(medium well)、全熟(well done)

Hot 热的、Iced 冰的、light ice 少冰 、Easy on ice 少冰、No ice 不加冰。

调味料:番茄酱(ketchup)、烧烤酱(barbecue)、酸甜酱(sweet and sour)、色拉酱()



  • 杯型:中杯(tall)、大杯(grande)、特大杯(venti)
  • 饮料类型:卡布奇诺(Cappuccino)、焦糖玛奇朵(Caramel Macchiato)、拿铁(Latte)、摩卡(Mocha)、美式咖啡(Americano)、浓缩咖啡(Espresso)、星冰乐(Frappuccino)
  • 低咖啡因咖啡:decaf
  • 浓缩咖啡计算单位:shots,可以是single/double/triple/quad shot
  • 糖浆:syrup,可以是焦糖(caramel)、榛果(hazelnut)、香草(vanilla)
  • 牛奶:milk,可以是全脂牛奶(whole milk)、脱脂牛奶(not-fit milk)、豆奶(soy milk)
  • 客制化:custom,可以是不要泡沫(no foam)、不要鲜奶油(no whipped cream)
  • 饮料名称:drink,可以是焦糖玛奇朵(CM)


  • Do you have any vacancies now? 「请问目前有空房间吗?」
  • Are there any rooms available during the New Year's holiday?「新年假期期间还有空房吗?」
  • I want to book a room. 「我想预定房间。」
  • I made a reservation and I'd like to check in. 「我订了房间,现在想办理住宿登记。」
  • I'd like to make a reservation for May 3rd. / I'd like to book a single/double room for 3 nights from...to... 「我想预定一间房。」 / 「我要订一间双人房从…到…,共三晚。」,注意:double room指能睡两个人的双人大床房,twin room才是标准双人间(2张单人床)。
  • We will arrive on July 10 and leave on the 15. 「我们会在7月10号抵达,15号离开。」
  • I have no reservation. Do you have a single room available? 「我还没有预定,还有一间单人间吗?」
  • I’d like to stay for two nights, please. 「我要待两晚。」
  • How much is this room per night? 「这间房每晚多少钱?」
  • What's the fare? 「房间价格多少?」
  • Can I have a room overlooking the river/sea/park, please? 「我能要一间海景房吗?」
  • That's fine. I'll take it. 「好,我要那一间。」
  • Does my room have a bathroom? 「房间有浴室吗?」
  • Does the hotel have a restaurant? 「酒店里有餐厅吗?」
  • Can I have a wake-up call, please? 「请问有叫早服务吗?」
  • Is breakfast included in the prize? 「早餐包含在价格里面了吗?」
  • When do you serve breakfast? 「早餐几点开始供应?」
  • Can you tell me how to find my room, please? 「能告诉我房间在哪里吗?」
  • What’s the reception number? 「接待电话是多少?」
  • The hair drier in my room doesn’t work. Please replace a new one for me. Could you deal with it now? 「我房间的吹风机坏了,麻烦换一个新的。」
  • Could I store/check my luggage here? 「我可以把行李寄存在这吗?」
  • I want an extension of my room? 「我想要续房。」
  • What time is checkout? 「什么时间结账退房?」
  • I'd like to check out now, please. 「我想要现在办理退房。」
  • I’m checking out now. Can I have my bill, please? 「我现在想结账。请给我账单,好吗?」
  • Can I pay by credit card? / Do you take credit cards? 「我可以用信用卡支付吗?」
  • I’d like a receipt, please. 「请给我开张收据。」


  • How are you? - I’m good. / I’m just looking. 「我很好。」 / 「我只是随便逛逛。」
  • Do you have this in a smaller size? 「这件有没有小一点的?」
  • Is this on sale? 「这有在打折吗?」
  • Can I try this on? 「我可以试穿吗?」
  • I’ll take it. 「我要买这件。」


  • 「接电话/你是谁」:This is Shawyer, who's speaking? / Shawyer's speaking. May I ask who's speaking? / Who's calling, please?
  • 「我就是」:This is he. / Speaking. / Him speaking.
  • 「你打错电话了」:You've got/dialed the wrong number.
  • 「有什么事吗」:May I ask what this is regarding?
  • 「说明来电缘由」:I'm calling to ... / I'm calling about some issues with ...
  • 「信号不好/听不清」:I'm sorry. You're breaking up. Can you repeat that? 不好意思,你那边断断续续的,可以重复一遍吗? / I'm having really bad reception. 我这边信号很不好。
  • 「稍等一下」:Hang on (a second)(不太正式,用于比较熟的人) / Would you mind holding on a moment, please?(正式)
  • 「能说慢一点吗」:Could you please speak a little more slowly, please?
  • 「大点声音说」:Would you mind speaking up, please?
  • 「需要拼写」:Would you mind spelling that for me? / Can you spell it?
  • 「一会给我打过来可以吗」:Would you mind calling back?
  • 「不方便接电话/什么时候方便回电」:When is a good time to call?
  • 「谈话结束」:It's been great talking to you. Have a great day!