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After that, they didn’t see each other again for several years. Eleanor went off to boarding school in England. (She said later that these were “happiest years of her life.”) At eighteen, she returned to America. As a young girl from a famous family, it was time for her to take her place(上流社会到了一点年纪要回到纽约社交圈) in New York society. She said she was in “utter agony.”(完全的痛苦)Eleanor到英国读书,后返回纽约。

But she saw Franklin again at he parties. When he invited her to his twenty-first birthday party at Springwood, she went. Gradually they began seeing more of each other. He was fun and he made her laugh.

Franklin’s mother didn’t want her son to get serious about any girl(认真地谈恋爱). She wanted him to finish college and start a career. Yet Franklin grew fonder and fonder喜爱某人(尤指已经认识的人) of Eleanor. She was smart and more interesting than other girls. She had lived and traveled in Europe. She spoke French even better than he did(美国上流社会会讲法语很重要). And with her tall, slim(苗条) figure, gold hair that fell below her waist英 [weɪst](长发及腰), and lovely blue eyes, she was not an “ugly duckling.” Not in his eyes.

Franklin asked Eleanor to marry(及物动词直接和结婚) him and she said yes. Sara was not at all pleased with the news. But she stayed calm and asked them not to rush into marriage(不要急于结婚). They were too young. So Franklin and Eleanor agreed to wait. Sara whisked her son off on a six-week cruise航行 to the Caribbean(赶紧送儿子去加勒比海6礼拜). Secretly she hoped he might forget Eleanor. Instead, the trip made him long to get back to her.(热恋中更难分开)

Finally, in the fall of 1904, Sara gave in(让步) and they announced their engagement(订婚). Franklin and Eleanor were married in New York City on March 17, 1905. Eleanor’s uncle Ted, the president, gave away the bride.(当时的总统是女方的叔叔,代替爸爸把手交给罗斯福)


society n. 上层社会,社交界

utter adj. 完全的

agony n. 痛苦

see more of sb 更频繁地见某人

grow fond of sb 喜爱某人(尤指已经认识的人)

figure n. 身材,体形

waist n. 腰

rush into marriage 匆忙结婚

whisk sb away / off 将某人急忙送离某地