A new way to remember words(4)

This is the fourth original English article.

卷1 北京

airport is 机场,plant is 植物,plane is 飞机。


leave/left 离开;留下 这两个意思有点相反,但是离开一般指人(主语),留下指物(宾语)。

engineer.工程师 engine引擎 注意对比。

eager. the management. hall. holding. various. flat balloon. pick. blow up. respective. blow out.

fail. fair. 注意 fail为“失败;舍弃”, fair为“公平的”。

rule out of the game.in a rush. a couple of minutes. announce. concert. check. cheat. weigh. collect. tied. lift. hit. field. invent. sea life. violin. gentle. in a way. willingly. witness. primary school. raise. around.
volumes of. 大量的
matter. certain. led by. institute. global. lifelong. grade. association. long-term. suggest. green space. positively. associated with. volumes. related to. cognitive. inattentiveness. be tied to. accordingly. promote. prompt. in turn. risk taking. proof. further. setting. climates. examine. performed. stressed. neighborhood. point. staring at. nose. diets. fallen off. teeth. lung. signal. rough. ever. falling apart. excuse.
crowd. 群众
be around groups of people. 在人群周围。 group of people为“人群”。
steps back. sessions. lightly. learn our lessons.

卷2 上海

dialogue 对话, phonetics. patient. hurry up. cousin. one...the other... on my own. walk around.
experiment. 实验 experience 经历. unless. angrily. last. practise hard. practice 和pracitise都是“练习”
litter bin. invention. plane. never mind. of course not.
contest.比赛 content 内容
pick. peach. 桃子
downstairs. invitation. advantage. candles. nearby. next-door. correctly. cause. frightening. lightning. in no time. information. weatherman. flash. storm. cheer. to be together. spare time. from the left. eve. careless. keep up. gain. sign up. sign up for free. parent. print. record. above. programme. textbook. waste. set a good example.
lesson 课程 lecture演讲
common. explaining.
convenient.方便的 conversation.交谈 convert.转换 conversational. 交谈的 converse.相反的

卷3 天津

in the corner. underground. instead.
treasure. full-time. lay the table.摆好餐具 diary. vacation. among. plenty of. 大量的
knee. pass on. return. church. see you soon.希望很快见到你。
coward. climb down. rock. cliff. boot. throw away. in short. reuse. get off the bus.下车
make sure. counting down.倒计时

卷4 重庆

have cold.感冒 surprise. noise. outside. dressing room. express. half way.一半
carry. leg. carry on. 坚持
truck. brush. all over.到处 walk up.走上来 indoor. in many parts of world. dig. advice. growing. wind. snowy. cloudy. enzyme. go away. form. break down. remain. headache. structure. add. pass on. kindness. run away from.
fishing net. infer. book. Enjoy yourself. 好好享受吧。
fill in. seat. gate.

卷5 河南

regret. promise. agreement. well over.远远超过
stop for the night.留下来过夜
whether.politeness. taking off.起飞;脱掉 showing off. 炫耀 driving off.赶走 setting off. 出发
check out. fried chicken.炸鸡 fry油炸
caution wet floor. ticket office. pork.猪肉
beef. patient. anyway. divide. Oxford. explore. staff. fantastic. drama. theatre.
text文章; test考试
poster. a group of. hardly. hatred. 怨恨
or so.大约
look down. cheat. several. as usual. ask for. homecoming. celebration. treat. behalf of. minds. bill. even. let alone. grown-up. tip. empty. add up.合计
have no idea. dishes. receive.

卷6 安徽

ancient. come up with. windy. winter. kite. quiet. wing. shape. from country to country. impolite. be supposed to. interviewer. German. Greece. Germany. formal. normal. on in ten. hobby. land. sunflower.
metre. kilometer.注意“米”是metre,“千米”的后缀是meter
grey. turn the light off. for centuries. heating. 热度
locks. healthcare.医疗服务
live in. office. in turn. way out. head.

卷15 海南

Junior. 初中;少年
from 2020 on. 从2020年起
stupid. strict. on time. appreciate. daily.日报

卷19 长沙

event. 项目 left. 剩下的
snake.蛇 snack. 小吃 注意蛇是“s内k”,开音
pauper 穷人
palace 宫殿 place 地方 space 空间
punish. guard.守卫
be tired of.厌烦 thick.厚的;浓的
beat.拍打 circle around.环绕

卷42 邵阳

honey. 蜂蜜;甜心