Dear Reinhart

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Thank for your loving mail. Myka loves you very much. I am so touched when you say you hold me in your heart.  me too, my love

life is as usual and a good news is one of my classmate just give birth to a baby boy(her second son) and another my classmate just got pregnant for 3month. I will be the latest one in my friends if we have a pig year baby. 

father seems got a new job opportunity to raise crocodile, he is excited for his new job. but will far away from home. I don’t know if he can work well he never raised crocodile before. just fishes shrimp and crab. anyway, he never raised shrimp and crab before ,but now he did. he just search on the internet how to do that, haha. People can learn. He is joking to bring me 1 crocodile handbag and I say I don’t need it. I don’t like crocodile handbag which makes me think of crocodile's death.

Another funny thing is last night we are very eager to watch the firework of ShangHe meeting in Qingdao, but unluckily all the other family think the same. We drove to east round island road and there are so many cars on that narrow road, all the police office came out to direct traffic, they don’t let us park, if you want to park you need to arrive very early. The other unlucky thing is when we passed the best watching part, the firework didn’t start yet, but when we drive to the back of the mountain, we hear the sound of the fireworks but we can’t see it. I think last night there are many families went back see nothing with disappointment. At least we heard the sound of it. In fact it is a bad idea to watch the fireworks from such a far distance. When we went back I saw a lot of beautiful photos in my wechat app all my Qingdao friends’ moment is posting fireworks. some form TV some from Qingdao Olympic center.

Anyway , it was a funny experience. All the way home mom was laughing cause father always take the wrong road and waste a lot of time.

So that is my recent life. is it funny? my dear

I love you and happy to share my life with you. our vegetable grows very fast and strong. Mom watering them nearly every day. I think when you come in September, you may see them harvest. I can let you pick the fruit. eggplant radish and  many other….

wo ai ni

Yours Myka

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