Non-fiction vs. fiction

Non-fiction or fiction, which genre to read? This question has been bothering me for a quite long time. So today I am putting my thoughts here, to both organize my thinking, and hopefully to discuss with you, if you by any chance read me. 

My understanding of reading is that it is a very personal activity and each individual has their own preference. To me, it is a very conscious choice I make to improve myself. I am not against reading for fun or entertainment at all, but since it requires commitment and time, and usually at a cost, it would seem too luxurious to me if I were to spend huge amount of time and effort only for leisure. 

With the above said, I tend to choose books based on below questions: 

Is this book about an area that I am interested in but haven't had much knowledge of it? For example, finance, investment, psychology, management, etc..

Is this book teaching a skill that I'd like to learn and master? For example, Talk Like TED. 

Is this book introducing a new concept/theory/perspective that will open my mind towards the world and life? For example, The Tipping Point. 

Is this book about a real person who has done something to either inspire others, or make this world a better place? Such as Albert Einstein. 

Is this book a classic? I am currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird. It is one of the few novels I have read, and it is a WOW. Strongly recommend it. 

p.s. The best part is I am reading while getting better and better at my English. What beats that?