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Unit One P32

〔TITLE〕College is not an Ivory Tower




Unit Two P61

〔TITLE〕Why I like to learn English

〔TOPIC〕English is a means of communication in the world.

〔sub-topic1〕English is  the most widely used language in the world forced me to learn it well.

〔sub-topic2〕I'm curious about the new knowledge.

Unit Three P90

〔TITLE〕Different love of my parents

〔TOPIC〕The similarities and differences in the way my father and mother show their love for me.

〔sub-topic1〕The similarities of showing their love for me.

〔sub-topic2〕The differences of showing their love for me.

Unit Five P166

〔TITLE〕If i have been given a wish to change my life.

〔TOPIC〕I expect that confidence and intelligence would get into my life and change my life.

〔sub-topic1〕People say that confidence is half of the success that can bring you courage to stick to what you do.

〔sub-topic2〕Intelligence can make people use knowledge flexibly.


〔TITLE〕The current decline in moral values with particular .

〔TOPIC〕The problem of its own society and people.

〔sub-topic1〕Some small social conflicts often occur.

〔sub-topic2〕The quality of the young is getting lower and lower.

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