10 minutes talk - 讲稿准备[1]

For those who don't me, my name is Alex (yes, I'm one of the 4 DA Alexes from this Tribe), and I'm from the breakfree squad. In fact, Alex is the English name I gave myself when I decided to come study in Australia, which I have been using for over 15 years.

My actual first name given by my grandpa is Shuo, which means great achievements in Chinese, and the pronunciation sounds like "sure".

My daughter recently likes to play this game with her friends, and she played
once with me:

She starts like: What's you name?
I said: My name is Alex.
She goes: Are you sure?
I go: Yes of course I am sure.
She pointed at me laughing: So you name is "sure".
And I say that is right, I am Shuo and also Alex. Then she just turned the laughing face into "not funny" face.

Alright, enough about my names.

I came to Melbourne 15 years ago to study, before that I had lived all my life in a city in China that had recently got known by the world - that is Wuhan.

That's right, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus pandemic, where the outbreak was from. Wuhan to me, is not only a hometown, but also a home to many of my friends and families.

I have a special love for the city, just like how I love my second hometown Melbourne.

Before I dive into how the coronavirus has affected the city, I want to give you a brief introduction to my hometown Wuhan.