A New Dawn Arises

A New Dawn Arises
by Dawn McMahon

Chapter 1 The Arising

To celebrate my transformation and to increase the effect of my
feminization, Mistress Lynn decided a name change was in order.

"What's a good name for a useless, slut French Maid,"
she asked herself aloud. "I shall call you Dawn. I think
it's appropriate because you are at the dawn of a new way of life."

Another belt was strapped around my waist. It had a number of
loops. My mistress attached my wrist restraints to the strap.

This allowed me limited use of my hands.

"Just enough freedom for you to get this house clean,"
she explained. "Here's your list of cooking and cleaning
jobs. I'll inspect all the areas and if they're not satisfactory
your ass is mine, literally."

She showed me where all the cleaning things were and gave me a
simple menu to prepare. It looked to be enough to serve four or
five people.

Mistress Lynn had returned to the living room to watch TV. After
about an hour of steady work, I was summoned to the living room.

She had removed her boots and was relaxing.

"My feet are really sore, be a honey and massage them for
me," she said.

I took her foot into my hands and began massaging her small stockinged
feet. I worked on each toe, her ankles and her arches. I repeated
the process on the other foot.

"Now my calves," she commanded.

I slid my hands up her calves and kneaded the firm flesh.

When I looked up, I found my self staring directly between her
outspread thighs. It was like being offered a glimpse of heaven.

My mistress caught me staring. She used her free foot to kick
me back onto the floor.

"Eat your heart out bitch," she laughed. "I may
give you a sniff of my pussy later. But first, you have to prove
yourself to me. Get your ass back to work"

I returned to my chores.

She, once again, called me back.

"Dawn darling, squat down in front of me. Here, hold my ashtray
in one hand and my drink in the other. I'm tired of reaching to
the table," she ordered.

I complied immediately, not knowing the torture she had in store
for me.

While I was squatting and my hands were full, she would run one
of her nylon-covered legs under the skirt, up the inside of my
thighs and work her toes in my crotch.

I knew I couldn't take too much of that and keep my balance. She
would pause long enough to use the ashtray or take a drink and
then begin the torture again.

"Don't spill anything or you'll be punished severely,"
she warned as a foot wormed itself inside in elastic leg bands
of the panties and rubbed my swollen, throbbing member.

I was helpless against her advances. The ankle restraints kept
me from spreading my feet so I could keep my knees together. So,
I was forced to spread my knees in order to keep my balance.

She had me where she wanted me under her total control.

Finally, I could not keep my balance and fell on my petticoat-covered
ass, spilling her drink in the process.

"Clumsy bitch," she proclaimed. "You screwed up
and spilled my drink and soaked my carpet. It's only fitting that
you get screwed as your punishment. Your virgin cunt is mine now

She commanded me to clean up my mess and return to the bedroom.

I cleaned up the spilled drink and hurried quickly to the bedroom.
Mistress Lynn was awaiting my clumsy arrival.

She roughly pushed me onto the bed. I watched her disconnect the
clips from each other, momentarily freeing my hands.

But not for long.

Mistress Lynn quickly secured new clips from the corners of the
bed to the basic restraints. She repeated the same procedure with
my ankles. My mistress then stepped back to view her spread-eagled

"It's useless to fight your restraints. I'm going to remove
your gag soon so that I can hear your cries of pleasure when you
surrender your virginity. For your own good Dawn, be a good little
girl and do as your told," she said.

All I could do was humbly nod my agreement. Mistress Lynn then
knelt between my spread legs and smiled wickedly.

As I looked up at her, I could see my reflection in the ceiling
mirror. She, instead of me, was truly in the dominant position
and was about to do things to me that I only fantasized I would
do with another woman.

Her hands reached down and slowly lifted my skirt and petticoat
up my legs, exposing my crotch to her view. She spread the skirt
and petticoat back across my chest and then began running her
hands over my thighs.

Occasionally her hand would brush over my love-juice soaked panties.

I had been brought to the peak of excitement so many times that
my panties were literally sopping wet with pre-cum fluid.

"The hotter you get a virgin the more receptive her cunt
becomes," whispered the domina. "You're one hot little

"It's time to remove your gag. Soon you'll be begging me
to rape your cunt and I want to hear every scream," Mistress
Lynn stated.

She then untied the gag and removed the dildo from between my
teeth. I was once again able to move my jaw and I felt that I
should thank my mistress. But, I remembered her rules about speaking.
So I remained silent.

She held the rubber cock poised in front of my face, barely an
inch from my lips.

"Let's see if you can get my prick wet enough to enter your
hot pussy. Open your mouth and suck my cock," she commanded.

I slowly opened my mouth and she slid the cock slowly in-and-out
of my pursed lips.

She remarked that I had a real blowjob lips and would probably
be the hit of any party.

"You've got the sucking part down real well. You need some
practice with your tongue. We'll work on that later," she

The dildo was slowly removed from my mouth and I was surprised
at the popping sound it made as she pulled it from between my

The mistress then returned to her teasing. This time she ran the
cock along the inside of my legs and across my crotch.

My nerves were in a frenzy.

My cock/clit wanted to burst.

My chest swelled and low moans escaped from my lips.

The more I moaned the more she teased.

Suddenly, she stopped and climbed off the bed.

My body immediately began to arch against the restraints.

"Please don't stop," my brain screamed.

My reflexes echoed my thoughts. I had become putty in her hands.

Chapter 2 The Deflowering

"Lift your cute little ass in the air," she commanded
as she stood menacingly over the bed, her feet spread slightly

I lifted my but up as a sacrifice to her, offering my crotch to
her to with it as she willed.

This, I knew was my ultimate surrender.

It meant more than any words I could utter.

My mistress slid a pillow under my ass cheeks and remarked that
my clit was really swollen.

"You look like you would like to cum. Is that true Dawn,"
she asked.

"Oh yes, Mistress Lynn," I replied.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, mistress, I would like to cum."


"Mistress Lynn, I'm so hot. My cock is about to explode."

"But, you don't have a cock," she scolded me. You must
be talking about your clitty"

"Yes mistress. My clitty is about to explode."

"Explode where?"

"In my underwear."


"Into the panties."

"Whose panties?"

"My panties."



"Please what?"

"Please mistress, let me cum."

"Say that Dawn's pussy is on fire and she wants to cum."

"Please mistress! Dawn's pussy is one fire and she wants
to cum."

"Who is Dawn?"

"Dawn is your slave."

"Who is Dawn?"

"I am Dawn, my mistress."

"What is Dawn?"

"Dawn is your slave, Mistress Lynn."

"Is Dawn my little panty slave?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes mistress, Dawn is your little panty slave and she wants
... no needs ... to cum, please!"

My mistress's face took on a stern expression again.

I knew immediately I had done something wrong.

The smack across my face proved it.

"Dawn, when will you realize that what you want is of no
concern to me? You are going to lose your cherry today because
it is my wish, not yours," she explained. "Now that
you have irritated me, I have decided that you will not cum. I
will still fuck your virgin hole until you scream for release.
I will tease your clit until your senses reel. But, I will not
allow you to cum. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

She walked to her closet and brought some things to the side of
the bed and laid them out within her reach.

"White is for virgins. There's no need for virgin-white panties
to cover your quivering slut cunt," she said as she took
a pair of scissors and cut the panties at each side. She pulled
the panties out from under my ass checks and pressed them against
my mouth and nose.

"Smell and taste your juices, bitch." Suck those juices
from your panties crotch."

Of course, I obeyed, sucking in the juices from the panties. They
were soaked with pre-come fluid.

Next, she picked up a long wooden bar that had straps attached
at each end.

"This is a spreader bar," she said. "This will
help keep you spread wide so that I have a clear, open shot at
your hole. It will keep your legs as far apart as I want for as
long as I want."

Mistress Lynn attached one end of the bar midway up one thigh.
She then freed the opposite ankle from its restraint and began
spreading my legs apart. I thought I would split before I was
spread far enough for her to attach the other end of the spreader
to my thigh. The bar forced my ass even higher, as I was rocked
further onto my back.

I also began to realize that I had only one hole that could be

Mistress Lynn was right -- it surely was my virgin hole.

She must have noticed my fear and concern because she began torturing
me with those magical hands of hers.

"Your clit is so swollen Dawn. But, your pussy is still not
wet enough for me to ram my cock into. Let me give it some help,"
she offered.

She held up the jar of Vaseline I had brought and unscrewed the

My mistress then spread a small amount of it onto her hands and
began spreading it between my upturned ass cheeks. She wormed
an oiled finger into my hole and began wriggling it around inside.

My muscles locked on that finger and a moan of pain and pleasure
escaped my lips.

She used her other hand to play with my throbbing cock, slowly
bringing me rapidly to the brink of an orgasm.

Mistress Lynn held me at the plateau for what seemed to be forever.

She would stop her fondling at just the right instant or would
remove her finger whenever she noticed my ass start to sway or
try to press against her hand.

I lost control and began to plead with her, "Please mistress.
Don't stop. Let me cum!"

Instead she stopped completely.

She reached to the floor and strapped a harness around her waist.
She was facing away from me while she attached something to it.

When she turned around, the dildo that had spent so much time
in my mouth was attached to the harness.

I just knew that cock would split my virgin hole open.

"Do you really want to cum Dawn? How badly do you want to

"Oh, mistress. Please let me cum. I'll do anything! Anything!"

She crawled back onto the bed. She moved between my spread thighs
until her knees touched the spreader bar. The cock was perched
barely inches from its target.

To my surprise, she lifted herself up and squatted on my chest.

The cock now rested against my cheeks, brushing across my lips
whenever she moved.

"Would you like to have my cock, Dawn?"

"Yes, Mistress Lynn."

"Yes, What?"

"Please let me have your cock."

"How would my little slut like to have it."

"Any way you desire, mistress."

"Would you like to lick it?"

"If would please you, my mistress."

"Maybe you would rather suck it?"

"Please mistress, let me suck it."

"Would you like me to screw your tight little hole?"

"Please fuck me with it. Please let me have your cock!

She teasingly brushed her shaft against my chin and across my
cheeks. I found myself reflexively licking my lips and pursing
them in anticipation. What a slut I was becoming!

Mistress Lynn began lowering the latex penis between my lips.

She totally controlled the action. She would sometimes pull out
and slip just the head between my lips, then suddenly forcing
its entire length back into my mouth.

"See, I told you that you would get better with practice.
You're becoming a real cock sucker," she giggled. "Let's
see how well you can do with your tongue."

Her cock retreated from my mouth and placed it barely between
my lips.

"Use your tongue, Dawn," she commanded.

I stretched out my tongue as far as it would reach and began to
lick the head of the shaft.

Mistress Lynn then slapped my face with her cock, forced it between
my lips, pulled it out, made me lick it and slapped me again.

"I can be a cock teaser too," my mistress said.

All of this excitement was bringing me closer and closer to an

She probed my hole again. This time she slipped in at least three

I began crying for relief.

"Actually, Dawn, you're still not ready. Your tight little
hole still needs loosened some more before you can handle me."

The mistress used a small vibrator to warm me up.

"They call this the ultimate squirmy, Dawn. You'll just love
how it squirms and rotates in your pussy just like a real cock."

She rubbed some lotion on it and slowly worked it into my hole.

I gasped as she slid it deeply into me. The gasp was replaced
with moans of pleasure when she turned on the vibrator and started
working it in and out, readying my hole for her ever-erect cock.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmmm!" My moans gave me away.

She knew I was ready.

So did I.

My legs were high in the air.

The spreader bar offered my mistress unimpeded entry.

I watched her oil her cock and then rub more in and around my
hole. The time had arrived.

She shifted position and began lowering herself on top of me.
One of her hands slowly guided the instrument of my deflowering
to its awaiting sheath. The other hand covered my mouth.

I swallowed hard ... took a deep breath ... closed my eyes and
offered myself up to her, straining my ass up to meet her.

The blunt end of the dildo began to force its way past my tightly
clenched anal opening.

Her hand over my mouth forced the screams of my rape back down
my throat.

Ever so slowly, the dildo entered my hole.

"Aaarrrggghhh!" I had to gasp for breath with every
movement she made. As my muscles began to relax, the pain began
to subside and waves of pleasure began to wash over me.

Once she had managed to bury the eight inches of latex cock deep
in my hole, she stopped moving.

I could feel her groin pressed against mine.

She began to withdraw as slowly as she had entered me.

"Relax, Dammit," she yelled. Don't tense those pussy
muscles. Relax!"

She removed her hand from my mouth.

The hand now encircled my throbbing cock.

Once again, she buried the dildo deep within me and slowly withdrew.

"Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhhhh!," I moaned absorbing the impact
of her strokes.

My mistress laughed in triumph. She roughly buried it again and
started to slowly rape my virgin hole.

As my insides stretched and adjusted to accept its intruder, a
soothing warmth began to spread through my veins.

This wasn't too bad after all. The sensations continued to grow
from mildly stimulating to downright arousing.

My ass started to sway in a rhythm trying to match her every thrust.

Abruptly, she stopped her assault on my hole. She withdrew the
cockhead and rested it against my rectum, poised and ready to
invade again at her will.

"Don't stop, mistress. Please fuck me. My cunt is burning
for you. Please shove your cock in and out of my pussy. Don't
stop, keep going," I implored her.

In response she penetrated me again and picked up the tempo of
her thrusts.

"Are you ready to cum, slut?"

"Oh yes, soon, very soon my mistress!"


"Please, mistress, please!"


"Please fuck me, mistress. Please make me cum. I'll do anything."


"Yes, my mistress, anything!"

"Would you like me to play with your swollen clitty?"
Her hand began to pump my dick.

"Oh, yes mistress, please! Please play with my clitty while
you fuck my hole!"

She stopped abruptly.

"What do you want me to fuck," she asked?

"My hole, Mistress Lynn. Please fuck my virgin hole."

"You mean you want me to fuck your pussy."

"Yes, please! Please fuck me!"

"Fuck your what?"


"Fuck your what?"


"Whose Pussy?"

"My pussy."

"That's much better. Beg me for my cock, you whore!"

"Please! Please, Mistress Lynn. Fuck my pussy!"

"Is your pussy hot, Dawn?"

"Ohhh yessss!"

"How hot?"

"Very hot!"

"Talk dirty to me bitch. Tell me how hot you are. How badly
you want it," she commanded.

"Ohhh ... yes! Please fuck me my mistress. Fuck me long and
hard. Your cock feels so good in my steaming pussy, pounding my
insides. Rape my cunt. Please! Please! I beg you, my mistress.
Please fuck my cunt!"

My mistress seemed pleased. Her fingers snaked around my member.
She slowly massaged it up and down, first gently, then with almost
reckless abandon.

"You really do want my cock buried deep in your pussy, don't
you, you slut! You love the feel of my cock!"

"Yes my mistress. My cunt is on fire. Please stuff your prick
deep into my cunt. It's so big and swollen inside me. You're tearing
me apart with that cock of yours," I moaned.

Whipped into a frenzy, my ass arched to meet my mistress's every
thrust into my hole. Her hand manipulated me with every stroke.

She took me to heaven, then hell, and back to heaven.

"I'm burning up inside. You're setting my insides on fire.
I can't stand it."

The feeling of fullness in my hole was soon replaced by the feeling
of fullness in my member. The pressure built and built.

"Oh, my God. You're fucking me crazy. Fuck me. Fuck my burning
pussy goooood," I moaned louder and louder.

"That's it Dawn, scream your lungs out, you little slut.
You're now going to cum harder than you ever have before. It will
be the most intense orgasm of your life. Above all remember your
promise that you'd do anything if I made you cum," my mistress

"I remember. Please! Please! Let me cum, I'm going to explode."

My mistress buried the dick deeply into my bowels and pumped my
member at the same time.

"I feel it coming! Don't stop. I'm so close. Oh, yes. Oh,
my God. Oh yes! Yes! Fuck faster! Faster! Ooohhh, I need it soon
bad. Oh, Ooohhh Ahhhhh! I'm coming! Aaaaauuuugggghhhh!"

The orgasm was so strong, so long and so intense that I don't
remember screaming or moaning. I fainted from its intensity.

I awoke knowing that my life would never again be the same.

Chapter 3 The Awakening

I awoke alone in the bedroom. My restraints had been removed.
So had the French Maid outfit.

A note was taped to my chest.

After finding a lamp on the night stand, I began reading the note.

"Welcome to womanhood, you hot little bitch. I'm sure your
cunt and clit are both very sore from our little workout.

I assure you it was nothing compared to what awaits you.

There are fresh clothes laid out for you in the dressing room.

Prepare yourself carefully after you take your scented bath and
remove all your hair. The only hair I want to see is the hair
on your head. Be sure that all your cunt hairs are gone. There's
nothing sexier than a smooth crotch.

After you've dressed, secure the restraints to your wrist and
ankles. I'll adjust them when I return.

Don't forget your promise to do "anything" if I would
let you cum. You will pay for what you promised in the heat of
your passion.

By the way Dawn, you do take beautiful pictures. You looked so
peaceful sleeping with your full lips wrapped around the dildo
and a vibrator crammed up your ass. I'm sure your "ex"
would get a real charge out of seeing them.

The door is padlocked. I have taken your clothes and car to a
friend's house.

We will be back about 9:30 p.m. You had better be dressed and
prepared to serve us.

Remember, our wish is your command.

Your mistress


I painfully rolled over to check the clock. Every muscle ached.
My hole felt as if a hot poker had been jammed into it. I groaned
with every movement. The light from the desk clock cast an eerie
glow in the room. I noticed that my slashed panties were balled-up
next to me on the bed.

The maid's outfit was now hanging on a hook on the door.

I ran my hands across my body. The corset was still cinched tightly.
It felt like a second skin now. Each movement on the bed caused
my stockinged legs to brush together, once again awakening feelings
of excitement.

The spreader bar laid threateningly on the floor next to the bed
-- a vivid reminder of my lost virginity.

It was now 8:45 p.m. Only 45 minutes remained before my mistress
returned. I found my way to the bathroom and drew my bath water.
A bottle of scented liquid sat on the sink. I emptied a capful
into the tub and settled-in for a luxurious bath. A feeling of
total relaxation enveloped me. A razor and hair removal creme
caught my eye. Could I actually shave myself smooth? How would
I be able to face people?

The thought of experiencing the wrath of my mistress erased my
doubts. I began the task of making myself presentable for Mistress
Lynn. After toweling myself dry, I entered the dressing room.
My evening attire awaited. It consisted of a scarlet red corset,
falsies, black nylons, red pumps, red slip, red mini-dress and
the red panties I had purchased earlier. I handled each delicate
article carefully. After hooking the corset in place, I inserted
the falsies. Their texture against my nipple seemed to keep them
in a constant state of arousal.

Next came the stockings. I carefully smoothed them up each leg
and attached the garters. Stepping into the panties, I swooned
with pleasure as the material rested against my clean shaven crotch.

Dawn was, once again, taking over my personality. I began feeling
like a school girl getting ready for her first party.

The red slip barely covered my ass cheeks. Next, I smoothed the
red satin mini-dress in place over my sexy lingerie. A black wig
of cascading curls topped my head.

I soon found myself posing in front of the full-length mirror.
My mirror image excited me thoroughly. My cock throbbed in my
panties and I felt myself getting wet down there again.

A little makeup would help, I thought. I experimented with Mistress
Lynn's assortment of makeup, mascara, eye liner and lipsticks.
I didn't do that bad of a job. A little on the slut side. But,
that's how I felt at the moment anyway.

Chapter 4 Mistress Lisa

The sound of feminine voices outside the room snapped me back
to reality. After unlocking the padlock, three women entered the
room, my mistress, a beautiful tall blonde and another woman who
remained in the shadows of the dark hallway. I lowered my head
as Mistress Lynn approached me. She cupped my chin, raising my
face to meet her gaze.

"Not a bad job," she said. "That dress and your
makeup job could earn you a few bucks on any street corner. Something,
however, seems to be missing."

The blonde beauty beckoned my mistress to her side and whispered
something in her ear. Mistress Lynn immediately stalked toward
me and slapped my face. The sting brought tears to my eyes.

What had I done wrong?

"You stupid, useless cunt. How dare you embarrass me in front
of my friends. Can't you follow a simple order? Where are your

I could only whisper that I was sorry that I was so stupid. I
quickly fastened the restraints to my wrists and ankles.

"You're sorry all right. You're going to be even sorrier
later. Punishment will come soon enough. Tonight, our pleasure
comes first."

Mistress Lynn than asked her two friends who wanted to inspect
her slave first.

"I do," said the blonde.

The third lady remained in the shadows watching my every move.

"Dawn, I want you to meet Mistress Lisa. I'm sure you remember
her from Victoria's Secret. She's the one who picked out your
panties for you. You will obey her as you obey me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress."

The blonde beauty pulled me into the bedroom, leading me to a
spot on the floor marked with a piece of tape.

"Stand over that spot and spread those legs, cunt."

I centered myself over the spot, my legs spread as far as possible
. The domina then attached my ankle restraints to two clamps on
the floor.

"Raise your arms over your head."

The wrist shackles were then attached to two ropes hanging from
the ceiling. When they were pulled tight, I was stretched into
a jumping jack position. Once again, I found myself helplessly
spread-eagled. She reached into her bag and pulled out something
that resembled a riding crop.

"You'll become familiar with this little toy of mine from
one end to the other," she sneered. She traced the handle
along each cheek.

"Lynn tells me you're an excellent cock sucker. Well, I prefer
to have my pussy eaten. There's not too much difference. First,
let's see how well you can work your little slut mouth."

Mistress Lisa firmly pressed the handle between my lips. They
opened and began sucking the handle in.

"You're a natural deep throat artist, aren't you? Show me
how good you are with your tongue."

She slowly pulled it back out of my mouth and held it about two
inches from my lips and commanded me to start licking. My tongue
darted out. It snaked up, down and around the handle, caressing
it fondly. I repeated this flicking process over and over again.

"Not bad, you whore. Your mistress has taught you well. Does
cock sucking and pussy eating turn you on? Don't answer. I'll
find out for myself."

Because of my spread-eagle stance, my skirt and slip had ridden
high up my thighs. A hint of red panties peeked from beneath the

"I certainly have great tastes in panties. I love how they
fit so snug on you cute little tush. It's a shame I didn't get
to see you in the white ones. Oh, well! Like Lynn says, 'white
is only for virgins.' And there's no virgin in this house. Is
there Dawn?"

Before I could answer, Mistress Lisa again pressed the crop back
between my lips. With her free hand, she reached down and cupped
my crotch.

"Those cute little panties are really soaked. And that swollen
little clit keeps jumping in my hand. I bet you'd just love to
have me ram this handle into your hot, tight little hole."

She removed the handle from my mouth and pressed it firmly against
my hole. The panties were pressed into my ass, mercifully keeping
the handle from invading my already sore butt hole. Stepping behind
me, she caressed my ass cheeks and pulled my dress up to my waist.
With one swift motion she pulled my panties down to my spread
knees. The crop swished through the air and then it found its
mark. I felt a sharp sting as it landed across my naked flesh.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The crop found its target again and again. My ass jerked uncontrollably
as she whipped my ass with the riding crop.

"That's the pain. Next comes the humiliation."

Chapter 5 Stepping Out

She unfastened my imprisoned ankles and had me step into the red
heels and tightened the straps around my ankles. She placed a
bracelet around my ankle.

"This is my gift to you. Wear your slave bracelet proudly,"
she said.

My wrist restraints were removed and she led me toward the door.
I balked, earning an immediate slap.

"Stand out on the porch and wait for me," she commanded
as she pushed me out the door.

The cool night breeze played a sweet rhythm on my stockinged thighs.
My knees weakened. I had to lean against a porch post for support.
The porch light came on. The three women inside waved to me from
a window. The moisture that had formed on my panties from my excitement
felt cold against my cock. My ass cheeks clenched tightly from
the breeze.

I prayed no one would pass by and see me. The door opened. Mistress
Lisa emerged clad in jeans, windbreaker and a baseball cap. Her
long tresses were hidden under the cap, giving her a manly appearance.

"Ready for our date, Dawn? I hope you're not the kind of
girl who doesn't put out on the first date," she whispered.
She took my hand and led me to her convertible. The top was down.
She opened the passenger door for me . As I slid onto the seat,
she fondled and pinched my ass.

"Nice buns."

It was hard keeping the skirt pulled down. The seats were vinyl.
My butt slid every time I moved, exposing my moist, pantied crotch
to the summer breeze. The mistress pulled out of the driveway
and headed toward the interstate on-ramp.

"Slide over here. Don't be shy," she intoned.

I slid closer, so close our thighs touched. Primly, I pulled my
skirt down in a vain attempt to cover myself.

"It's a little late for modesty, Dawn," she said. Her
hand reached between my clenched thighs and roughly forced them
apart. Expert fingers began massaging their way to my crotch.

"Spread those thighs and pull your skirt up. I want these
horny truckers to be able to see your sweet little panties when
they pass us. Put you heels up on the dashboard and recline your
seat a little. If you don't do it, I'll drop you off right here,"
she warned.

I complied as fast as she could bark out each order. My facial
color had to match the red of my panties. I was embarrassed at
being displayed so openly for everyone's view.

"Lick your fingers. Slide them into your panties and play
with your clit."

As soon as my hand dipped behind the wisp of satin material, I
heard an air horn blast and a trucker shout, "Hey bitch,
how about letting me put my meat there in place of your hand."

I wanted to die.

Mistress Lisa laughed aloud at my shame and humiliation.

"I want you to play with yourself with one hand and rub my
crotch with the other. I brought you on this ride so you could
please me, not yourself ."

I moved my hand to her crotch and began massaging. To my surprise,
I felt a bulge in her jeans. Could Mistress Lisa actually be a
man? How can she possibly have a hardon? I continued to rub.

"Open my pants. Pull down the zipper. You've given me a hardon
with all that rubbing. It needs taken care of. Give me a blowjob.
Now," she commanded. "Put some of that lipstick on my

After unbuttoning her jeans, I could feel something straining
to escape. A rubber cock sprang out and pointed itself directly
at me.

"Suck me off, cunt."

"Yes, mistress."

I pulled my legs down off the dash and knelt on the front seat.
My head lowered into her lap and began sucking and licking the
dildo that had become a large part of my life lately. My mistress
laughed as drivers honked and waved as they spotted my head bobbing
up and down on the cock.

"Disconnect the cock from its holder. Eat my pussy. Suck
my pussy lips. Lick my clit until I cum," she breathed heavily.

The dildo was easy to remove from its harness. I laid it on the
seat and returned to the object of my attention.

"Ummmm, that feels so good," she moaned.

She spread her legs wide for me so that I could better bury my
face in her pleasure palace. Her womanly aroma quickly filled
my nostrils. I was so wrapped up in pleasing her that I could
no longer hear the horns or yells. I teased her clit with the
tip of my tongue. The erect little nub pulsed hotly against my
tongue tip.

"That's it. A little faster. Oh! Keep licking that spot.
You're getting better."

Her thighs twitched uncontrollably. They squeezed the sides of
my head as I thrust my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy.
I thought my tongue would come loose at its roots as it continued
to dive into the depths of her seething cunt. Suddenly, her ass
lifted high of the seat and her pussy continued to grind hard
against my lips and tongue. Her thighs literally locked themselves
to my head.

She tensed. Strained. Tensed. Squeezed. Moaned. Tensed. Strained.
Screamed aloud and crashed back into the seat.

"Oh God, that felt so good!"

My mouth was filled with her juices. Her thighs finally released
my head from their vise grip.

"Not bad, bitch. Not bad at all."

I was amazed that we were still on the road. She had more control
than I had. Mistress Lisa commanded me to zip up her jeans and
help her straighten up. After gaining her composure, she reached
in to the glove box and pulled out a jar of Vaseline.

"Take this and lubricate the dildo really well. You might
want to grease your love hole too. You see, For your reward, I'm
going to let you home with that cock buried in your tight little

I spared no grease, remembering how hard it was to initially take
in the rubber cock, especially the massive head of it. Lifting
my ass of the seat, I wormed a greased finger into my hole. The
muscles tensed around it and I imagined the discomfort awaiting

"Pull your panties down, Dawn. I'll hold the cock in place
on the seat while you lower yourself on it."

Panties pulled down, I raised my ass at least a foot into the
air. While still driving, she slid the dildo into place.

"Start lowering yourself. Take just a little at a time. Do
you feel it going in?"

The end of the dildo bounced against my hole and slowly worked
its way inside.

I nodded that I did. As soon I did, she slammed on the brakes.
I lost my balance and slid immediately down the length of the
greased shaft. It was totally buried in my hole. "Aaaaaiiiieee,"
I screamed in pain.

"Shut up, bitch!"

The pain was soon replaced by an almost pleasurable feeling of
fullness. The pain returned, of course, every time we hit a bump
or made a hard turn.

"Pull up your undies, you shameless slut. Cover those legs.
Have you no pride at all? I thought I was taking out a nice girl.
Wait until I tell your mistress what a bad little girl you've
been," she laughed as continued down the road.

Once we left the interstate, she wound her way home along only
unpaved gravel roads. Every bump caused me to moan in pain. Every
moan drew a snicker from my date.

"How does it feel to have a cock imbedded in your twat,"
she exclaimed.

"It's soooo big and soooo hard inside me," I moaned.

As we pulled into the driveway, Mistress Lisa told me to exit
the car like a lady, go inside and wait in the bedroom while she
discussed my conduct with Mistress Lynn.

I exited the car in as prim and proper a manner as possible. After
smoothing the skirt on my legs, I began my walk up the driveway
and onto the porch. My heels clicked loudly as I walked quickly
to the door. My thighs rubbed together and my muscles strained
against the cock buried in my hole. The door was unlocked and
I went directly to the bedroom, closed the door and awaited my

Chapter 6 Mystery Mistress

"That Dawn is one hot piece of ass," exclaimed Mistress
Lisa. "With a little more discipline, she'll make a first
class she-male slave."

She told her friends everything that happened on our 'date.'

"You should have seen the reaction of those truckers when
they saw Dawn, her dress hiked up, and her fingers buried in her
panties. I'm still surprised there were no accidents. That reminds
me. Dawn still has the dildo buried in her cute little ass. She
must be in agony."

There was no mercy in Mistress Lynn's voice when I heard her laugh
and exclaim, "Let her suffer for awhile. She deserves it."

"Should we allow Mistress Ellen to have her turn with Dawn
now," Mistress Lisa asked her partner-in-pain.

Mistress Lynn agreed. She told her friends that she would first
prepare me for my next encounter. "My little bitch slave
better be kneeling at the foot of the bed when I walk through
that door," she shouted.

I immediately dropped to my knees.

The door burst open.

There stood my mistress, still dressed in her leather outfit.
In her heels, she towered over my kneeling, quivering form.

"My friend Mistress Ellen will soon join us. I have given
her total freedom to use you as she pleases. She is so beautiful
that you are not worthy of the honor of viewing her beauty."
she said and placed a thick blindfold over my eyes. "You
will not touch her unless she commands you to do so. She will
probably only allow you to use your mouth on her. Understand?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Kneel on the bed , pull down your panties, and stick your
useless ass in the air so that I can remove that cock from your
hot, tight pussy."

Her hands slowly spread my cheeks. Then, without warning, she
roughly pulled the prick from my hole.


"Did that hurt my poor baby Dawn?"

"Yes, Mistress Lynn," I whimpered tearfully.

"Good! Now, roll over on your back and lie still."

Leaving me to my pain, my mistress left the room to summon her
partner. A few moments later, I heard two sets of heels clicking
their way down the hall and through the doorway.

"Mistress Ellen, I present you my humble slave Dawn. She
is yours to do with as you please," announced my mistress.

"Mmmm! Not bad. Not bad at all," the newest voice sounded
sweet, and vaguely familiar, to my ears.

It seemed as if an eternity had passed before there was any movement
or sound in the room. I realized that Mistress Ellen was performing
a visual inspection. I felt like a slab of meat on a hook in a
butcher shop.

"I want her bound spread-eagled. I want total control over
this selfish bitch," my third mistress of the day said, her
voice never higher than a loud whisper.

On came the ankle restraints. My mini-dress began to ride up as
my legs were forcefully spread to secure the clamps. My arms were
roughly pulled over my head, spread and hooked-up to the remaining

"Don't you think it would be fun to arouse this bitch so
that she gets an idea of what I expect from her," asked Mistress

"Great idea," remarked Mistress Lynn.

I felt someone climb on the bed and kneel beside me. My dress
had one long zipper in the front. It extended from the bottom
all the way up to the neckline. Mistress Ellen began to slowly
work the fastener down the length of the dress. Her hands explored
my exposed flesh as she worked her way down. She shifted position
and lodged a knee firmly between my outstretched legs, placing
pressure against my crotch. She reached into my corset and pulled
out my falsies. I almost fainted when she first sucked, then bit
my hardened, extended nipples. Her hands returned to the zipper,
inching it ever so slowly to the bottom of my dress. She jerked
the zipper free and spread apart the dress, exposing my corset-clad

"Something that small should be called a shirt, not a dress,"
she whispered. My slip barely covered my panties. She bent down
and kissed the small strip of flesh peeking out from between the
end of my corset and the beginning of the slip. When her lips
met my flesh, a soft moan escaped my lips. My hips arched up,
desperately trying to keep in contact with her warm, moist lips.

"Ooohhh! Mmmm!" I moaned. My thighs began squeezing
the knee lodged against my pelvis. She pushed it even more firmly
against my pubes. Stroking the softness of my belly, her every
caress created tiny explosions of ecstasy in my brain. Her fingers
then began tracing a circular motion across my hips. "Ummmm!"
My body squirmed and twisted to maintain the contact.

Her deft fingers moved firmly, lower and deeper beneath the slip
into my soaked panties.

"Oh! Ohhhh! Oh, my goodness!" The soft purring moans
coming from my lips quickly turned into a gasp as her soft, light
fingers brushed across my groin. Velvety fingers encircled and
the squeezed my bloated organ of pleasure.

She removed her hand and leaned back on the bed. My body screamed
for her to continue.

'Lets get these out of the way, shall we. Lift your buns so I
can gather it around your waist."

I raised myself and thrilled to the touch of her hands working
the slip up my flesh. Her nails grazed my inner thighs, then my
crotch as she inched the fabric to its resting place.

"Your panties are really soaked. I'll bet you would love
for me to play with your clit and slide something into your hot,
tight little pussy."

"Yes, oh yes, yes, my mistress!"

I try to spread my legs even wider to allow her free access. My
thighs and cock were on fire, begging for attention. She rolled
my panties down, exposing my member and ass cheeks. She tickled
my erection with her fingers.

"Oh Jesus! Oh ... Ohhh ... Ohhhhh!" I moaned loudly,
filled with a sense of urgency. The moans came, not from my throat,
but from my very soul.

Mistress Ellen slid lower on the bed. Her lips alternately kissed
and bit the sensitive insides of my thighs.

"Oh, God. Oh, God," I screamed aloud.

One of her fingers began to circle my hole, slowly working its
way in and rubbing gently against my sex-charged internal membranes.

"Oh, please, please, oh my God."

The finger retreated. I arched up hard, straining to recapture
the exquisite feeling of penetration. Somehow, I knew at that
moment that I had just used up my allotment of pleasure. I became
desperate. Frustrated. But, also resigned to my disappointment.
After all, wasn't I told that I would be the giver of pleasure
rather than the receiver?

"Look at this Lynn. I think this slut is starting her period.
There's blood on my finger."

"Why so she is. I guess it's time for a feminine hygiene
lesson. Do you have any tampons?"

Mistress Ellen says that she has super absorbent ones in her purse.

"I guess we'll have to put the first one in for her,"
says Mistress Lynn.

One of my mistresses rubs Vaseline around and inside my hole.
I feel a plastic tube being forced into me. She pushes in and
then pulls back, leaving the tampon resting snugly in place. I
can feel the string resting on a thigh. My panties are pulled
back into place. I can feel the tampon spreading inside me, gently
pressing against my inner walls.

Mistress Ellen climbed back onto the bed and straddled my chest.

"Didn't Lisa say that Dawn was an expert cock sucker and
a decent pussy eater," asked Mistress Ellen. "I think
I'll give her a little practice time. There's nothing better than
a little head to end the day."

Her nylon covered legs crossed over my shoulders as she positioned
herself over my face.

"This is the reason for your being. You were put on this
earth to please your mistress and her friends. There is no other
reason. Seeing that you have no cock to speak of, you must become
an expert with your tongue. Feel honored that we allow you to
worship us," said Mistress Lynn.

While she talked, I could feel her settling in for a long oral
bath. Her stockings brushed against my cheeks with every movement,
sending waves of excitement coursing through my veins. The heady
aroma of her crotch made me swoon.

She dipped her pussy closer to my face. My lips twitched with
desire to kiss and spread her lips with my tongue. I got my wish.
Her groin pressed against my lips. They immediately opened and
began to pay homage to her temple of love. She moved my head from
side to side, pressing my lips against the exposed skin of her
thighs. I returned to the object of my affection. My tongue teased
her exposed labia through the soft net of her hairs. I flicked
at it with my tongue back, forth, back, forth -- gently licking,
moistening the inside of the most sensitive part of her thigh.

"How do I taste, Dawn,' she asked. Her breath was quickening.
I knew I was beginning to please her.

"You are delicious, so delicious."

She grabbed my ears and repositioned my face.

"Shut up and eat me," she breathed heavily into my ears.

My lips closed around her swollen clit and sipped. I felt her
womb contract. I fell in love with her cunt, gloried in it. I
was drinking her juices, getting drunk on her sex.

"Keep sucking," she screamed. "Suck, Suck , suck
it out!" I knew she was close to coming . I wanted that for
her. To please her. My mistress was wet and open to me. My tongue
slid through her smooth passageway and outlined her clit, rising
and pulsing in passion. My lips and tongue went wild inside her.
I probed, dwelt, licked, sucked her juices until she screamed
in pleasure. She began to shudder. I was certain she would cum
any instant. But abruptly she lifted herself off my face.

"I want to be fucked. I need something in my pussy. Mistress
Lynn would you put the two-headed dildo in Dawn's mouth for me?"

"Of course, my dear."

A thick cock-head was placed between my lips. "Suck it in
and hold it tightly in your mouth you slut," Mistress Lynn

Mistress Ellen impaled herself on the dildo in one swift vicious
motion. Her clit rubbed against my nose as she settled into place.
Each time she moved herself up and down the shaft, her clit came
into contact. I could feel and taste her juices flowing. It seeped
between my lips and clenched teeth, oozing down my throat like

Her orgasm was magnificent. I felt it build. Felt her expand.
Then contract. Expand. Contract. She moaned uncontrollably. When
she finally neared her climax, intense spasms and contractions
racked her body.

It melted with relaxation and her breathing returned to normal.
Sated and exhausted, she climbed off my face. She pulled the dildo
from my mouth and climbed off the bed.

'Now for your final humiliation, Dawn," Following those words,
Mistress Lisa removed my blindfold.

I fainted at the sight of the woman who had just ridden my face
to a total and complete orgasm. It was my girlfriend. She now
had the last laugh, and the strongest orgasm of our relationship.

Chapter 7 Lessons Learned

When I regained my senses, all three mistresses were sitting on
the edge of the bed. I was still spread-eagled. My jaw was sore
from holding the dildo between my teeth while my former girlfriend
rode herself to the peak of sexual pleasure.

I looked up to the mirror. They were right. They had humiliated
me totally. I had said things and done things I knew I could never
repeat to my anyone. I had been reduced to their subservient slave.

"Well, good morning Dawn. I see you had a good night's sleep.
I guess we really wore you out. You slept like a baby," Mistress
Lynn said softly.

Gone were their leather ensembles. The sensuous bodies I had come
to appreciate were now covered with jeans and loose-fitting shirts.

"How did it feel, bitch? Now you know what it feels like
to be brought so close to an orgasm that your body began to melt,
only to be denied because your partner climaxed first and selfishly
left you hanging," said Mistress Ellen.

I began to understand. That's what this was all about. I had to
admit she was right.

"It took me a while to set up this session. Mistress Lynn
gave me two alternatives. I could let her lure you here just to
humiliate you. Or, I could have her train you to be my slave forever.
I want you back, but only on my terms. So I asked her if I could
help in your training. As you now know, she was more than agreeable,"
Mistress Ellen said.

The women then pulled out a photo album. It contained dozens of
photos of me. Most were taken while I was asleep, stretched-out
in my lingerie. A good number, however, were action shots taken
while I was blindfolded. They must have had them developed at
one of those one-hour processing places.

"Pretty good stuff," Mistress Lynn remarked.

All I could do was drop my head in embarrassment.

"I'm going to keep my copies next to my night stand,"
said Mistress Lisa, "They're so sexy. I might masturbate
myself to sleep at night while looking at them."

What did Mistress Ellen plan to do with her copies?

"I have two sets. One of them stays with Mistress Lynn in
case I need them. The others? I might share them with some of
your friends."

"Oh, please, no," I implored my mistress. "I'll
do anything you wish. Please don't show them to anyone."

She had me where she wanted me.

"If you keep me happy and satisfied, this will be our little
secret," she said. She then began to list her conditions.

I would become her love slave.

All my male underwear will be thrown out when we returned home.

The only male clothing I would wear would be those essential for
my job, and an occasional social gathering.

I would have to accompany her to purchase my new wardrobe to make
sure everything fit. Everything would have to be tried-on at the

We would only have sex when and how she wanted it.

She would control if and when I was allowed to satisfy myself.

I would move in with her as her roommate, not her boyfriend.

I would be responsible for all the cooking and cleaning.

She would handle all business matters.

I would be enrolled in a fitness class. "It's either that
or a tummy-tuck," she said. "Do you understand and agree?"

"But, Mistress."

"The way I see it, you have no other choice."

"Yes, Mistress."

Chapter 8 Heading For Home

"Good, now Let's get you ready for the drive home. I'll,
of course be driving."

"Yes, Mistress."

My restraints were removed. I was told to bathe and change for
the trip. I began to undress. They didn't leave the room. They
just sat and watched.

"Let's help her," suggested Mistress Lisa.

"Why not," quipped Mistress Lynn.

All three of them approached me and began to remove my clothing.
Their hands probed, pinched, fondled and slapped as they removed
each garment. I was their plaything. The game was really fun for
them. It was becoming exciting for me.

"My God, her clit is swelling again. Doesn't she ever get

Mistress Lynn ordered me to take a cold shower, rather than the
hot bath I was really looking forward to taking. Naked, I retreated
to the bathroom. The cold water sent shivers through my veins.
It awakened me. Awakened me, I realized, to a new and exciting
life with Ellen. I loved her more at that instant than I ever
had. I was hers, mentally and physically.

After toweling dry, I entered the dressing room. My new attire
awaited. It closely resembled the leather ensemble Mistress Ellen
wore last night. As I picked up each piece and held it to my face,
I realized it was her clothing. It smelled sweetly with her perfume.
The smell of her sex also permeated my senses. The only article
missing was her crotchless panties. They were replaced by the
black satin ones I had bought at the store.

I put on the leather bra. It was underwired. The falsies awaited
me on the table. They were soon sitting in place, pressing them
against my aroused nipples. Next, I slid the black nylons up my
shaven legs, waves of excitement overtook my senses. I hooked
the leather garter belt around my waist and attached the garters
to my nylons. The belt and nylons provided a stark contrast to
my white exposed crotch, now framed by my sexy lingerie. I pulled
the panties on and thrilled to the material sliding against my
skin. Another mini-slip awaited. Once again, it barely covered
my buns, stopping about mid thigh. The leather miniskirt came
next. The material hung over the slip, pressing it against my
skin. I covered my bra with the satin blouse and tucked it into
my skirt.

Mistress Ellen entered the room then and complimented me on my

"It's going to be hard to keep my hands off you on the way
home." You're one sexy looking bitch. If only you knew how
to use makeup. That, my little slut will be one of your first
lessons. I'm sure my beautician will be glad to help, if I let
her have you for a night."

She began applying the makeup, also applying polish to my toe
nails and finger nails. My eye lids and lashes were paid much
attention. A short black wig replaced the longer one. My mistress
stepped back to inspect her work. She smiled and called in her

"I hope nobody tries to steal this hot cunt from you. She
looks good enough to eat. Eat me, that is," said Mistress

"I told you she was trainable, said Mistress Lynn.

"You did a remarkable job, Lynn. I don't know how to repay
you," Mistress Ellen said as she embraced her mentor. They
kissed each other long and hard. They sucked each other's tongues
as if they were stiff phalluses. I heard Mistress Ellen begin
to moan with pleasure as Mistress Lynn cupped Ellen's crotch ,
lowered her zipper and slipped her hand in her jeans. Mistress
Ellen eagerly ground her pelvis against the invading hand.

They parted, breathless. Mistress Lynn looked and me and said.
"I hope you now understand the power of pussy. We don't need
a cock to satisfy us. You, however, would go crazy if there were
no pussy for you to worship."

The women said their farewells. They were rather passionate ones
at that. A lot of kissing and feeling.

"It's time to go, honey. Get my bags and take them to the
car," my mistress commanded.

I stopped in my tracks, bags in hand. If I walked out the door
into the awaiting daylight dressed like this, the neighbors would
surely see me. They knew a man had pulled-up in that car yesterday.
They would know.

"Move your ass, slut. We have a long drive ahead of us. Besides,
I may want to stop at a rest area so that you can freshen my sweaty
pussy with your mouth," laughed Mistress Ellen.

I carried out the bags and put them in the trunk. When I tried
to go back into the house, the door was locked. My mistresses
waved at me through the window. My options were limited. I could
stand on the porch and wait or I could wait in the car. I chose
the car. Clumsily, I dropped the keys and they slid across the

My heels clicked loudly as I rushed to retrieve the keys. In my
haste, I forgot about the short skirt. When I bent down to pick
up the keys, my skirt rode up to expose my pantied rear to the
passing neighbors.

Mistress Ellen finally came out. She was still laughing at my
embarrassment. Taking the keys from my hand, she unlocked the
door, opened it for me and closed it after I settled into the

I tugged my skirt down. The plush material of the seats swallowed
my nylon encased thighs. My juices began to flow again. I felt
the first small squirt of fluid begin to spread across my panties.

She climbed into the driver's seat and we began our journey home.

Chapter 9 A "Hitch" In Our Travel Plans

We stopped at a rest area about half way home. Just as Mistress
Ellen pulled into a parking space, a convertible wheeled in beside
us. It was Mistress Lisa. She smiled and waved at us. She was
dressed in cut-offs, T-shirt and that familiar ball cap.

"Hi roomie," she yelled to Mistress Ellen as she climbed
out of the car.

The two of them hugged each other and headed toward the rest room.

"Come along Dawn, honey, It's time for a pit stop,"
my mistress shouted over her shoulder.

I looked around the area. It was filled with tourists and truck
drivers. Slowly climbing out of the car, I was careful to pull
my skirt down and began the long walk to the rest rooms. Instinctively,
I went toward the men's room.

"Dawn, honey, aren't you going to the wrong room?"

Mistress Lisa held the ladies room door open for me. All the stalls
were occupied except one. Ellen entered it, forcing me to wait
my turn. Finally, Mistress Ellen emerged from her stall and ushered
me into the toilet.

"Hurry up sweetie. We need to get home soon so that you can
cook dinner for me and Lisa. Did I forget to tell you? She moved
in with me last weekend."

I locked the door behind me. I could hear two more women enter
the room. The realization that I couldn't urinate standing up
struck home immediately. That would surely give me away. Lisa
flushed the toilet in the adjoining stall and whispered to me
that she would be waiting for me outside.

I pulled my skirt up to my waist and slid my panties down to my
knees. The seat was cold against my rear as I sat down to pee.
Finishing my business, I flushed, pulled up my panties, smoothed
my skirt and left the stall. The rest room mirror brought me back
to the reality of my plight. The woman staring back at me in the
mirror offered no semblance of manhood. My heels caused me to
stumble across the tile floor as I began to leave.

Just then one of the women came out of her stall. Seeing me stumble,
she remarked, "Drunken slut."

When I reached the curb, I noticed that Mistress Ellen's (my)
car was gone. Lisa motioned me to get in her convertible.

"Ellen went on ahead to get your room ready and start planning
your new wardrobe."

She told me to drive because I needed to learn how to drive in
heels. Working the pedals was more difficult, especially in a
short tight skirt. Thankfully, it had an automatic transmission.
I carefully backed out and guided the car onto the interstate.
Mistress Lisa slid closer to me and whispered in my ear, "Doesn't
this remind you of our last date Dawn?"

I nodded that it did. It took all my concentration to keep the
car on the road. I couldn't afford the thought of getting pulled
over by a cop. Not dressed like this. Mistress Lisa had ideas
of her own, however. She put her arm around my shoulder and slipped
her hot, moist tongue into my ear and then began to kiss and nibble
on my ear lobe and neck.

"Ooohhh! I moaned through clenched teeth. This response spurred
her on.

"I see I'm getting to you again. Keep your eyes on the road
and your hands on the wheel. I'll take care of the rest."

Her hand slipped between my legs, slowing inching its way up my
trembling thigh. My thighs instinctively separated, giving her
free access to my crotch. I jerked when her cool fingertips reached
the exposed flesh above my stocking tops.

"Concentrate on your driving, Dawn."

"It's hard, Mistress Lisa."

"It's hard you say. Maybe I should feel for myself."
She slid her hand higher and cupped my crotch.

"It certainly is hard Dawn. You're certainly an easily excitable
little lady." Her hand continued to play over my panties
material. Suddenly, she squeezed my bulge tightly.

My scream was lost in the wind as it blew past my face.

"Sorry, Baby! I just couldn't resist."

My eyes filled with tears as I fought to keep control of the car.

"Oh, look Dawn. There's two girl hitchhikers. Let's stop
and pick them up."

I looked ahead and couldn't believe my eyes. I had never seen
two more beautiful ladies hitching a ride.

"Pull over Dawn," Mistress Lisa commanded. I pulled
off the road and the girls quickly ran up to the car."

One of them asked, "Going as far as San Antonio?"

"We sure are. Hop in," offered my mistress, "let
me crawl in back so that you can have some room to stretch your
legs," she told the taller of the two girls.

The girl who sat beside me was a tanned, long legged goddess.
Her name was Marty. She was wearing a denim miniskirt and a halter

"I'm sure glad you girls stopped. We had to turn down at
least a dozen creepy males that almost tried to drag us into their
cars," she explained.

Her partner in the back seat, Etta, laughed and proclaimed, "It
wouldn't have done them any good. We're lesbians and have no use
for men. I hope that doesn't shock or bother you."

I swallowed hard and continued to concentrate on driving.

Mistress Lynn giggled and said, "It takes a lot more than
that to shock us. Isn't that right, Dawn?"

I nodded in agreement.

"You have to excuse Dawn. She's awfully shy. A hot little
bitch. But shy," explained Mistress Lisa.

Marty's eyes widened. She gazed at me and said, "Maybe I
can help her break out of her shell. Besides, I get really turned
on by chicks in leather."

Meanwhile -- in the back seat -- I noticed that my mistress and
Etta were locked in a tight embrace, kissing passionately. Mistress
Lisa caught me looking and winked back at me.

Marty slid closer to me on the seat and began running her fingers
on my neck. Her hand was soft as silk. Darkness had settled in
and the evening breeze helped cool down my boiling blood.

"Pull into the next rest area," Marty whispered into
my ear.

Five minutes later we pulled into an almost deserted rest stop.
I was careful to pull into the darkest, most secluded area. I
stooped the car, turned off the lights and awaited Marty's next
move. The passionate moans coming from the back seat seemed to
excite Marty even more. She placed her fingers under my chin,
turned my face to meet hers and kissed me gently. My lips parted
immediately. Her tongue wiggled it way past my slightly parted

"Mmmm," she purred.

"Ooohhh," I responded, sucking her tongue deep into
my mouth.

Her hand began to rub and knead my false breast through my blouse.

"Please don't let her find out," I prayed silently.
Not yet, at least.

She dropped her hand into my lap. In panic, I clamped my thighs
tightly together.

"This is no time for passion cramps," said Marty. "Open
up those legs and let me play with your hot clit. I can't wait
to bury my fingers in your hot, moist hole." She pinched
the inside of my thigh. My reflexes were good. Too good. My legs
parted immediately. Marty was easily able to snake her hand into
the opening.

Her tongue worming its way in and out of my mouth caused me to
forget about her intruding hand. Continuing our French kissing,
her hand snaked further up my nylon covered leg. She eventually
reached the crotch of my panties. They were sopping wet -- first
from my Mistress Lisa's teasing and now from Marty's exploring.

I moaned loudly as she gently ran her hand over the rear of my
panties, cupping my ass cheeks. I spread my legs wider. Marty
pulled my panties down from the rear. I raised my ass off the
seat to allow her to pull them down. I felt the satin material
slip over my knees and quickly gather around my ankles. I was
quickly reminded of my ankle restraints.

Her hand then swiftly worked its way back under the skirt and
found its way to my crotch. First she rubbed. Then stopped abruptly.
Her hands quickly grabbed my swollen cock, squeezing hard.

"Well, well, what have we here?"

How would she react to this discovery?

Mistress Lisa interrupted her lovemaking with Etta long enough
to whisper an explanation to Marty. She giggled and whispered
something back to my mistress. Marty removed her hand from my
crotch. She smacked my face and informed me that I would pay dearly
for my deception.

"I'll bet you'd give anything to cum, wouldn't you?"

"Yes. Please!"

"Tough shit, bitch! You're going to eat my pussy until I
tell you to stop."

She slid across the seat, pulled her skirt up to her waist and
beckoned me to begin.

"Get your face between these thighs and start licking."

Even in the dark, I could see the treasure awaiting. Her pussy
was framed between her outspread legs, bulging out the crotch
of her panties. I crawled across the seat and nestled my face
in place. The aroma of her sex filled my nostrils.

She arched her hips toward my face and moaned aloud as I began
sucking her still pantied crotch. Humping at my face, she squirmed
uncontrollably as my tongue lapped at her pussy. I sucked her
clit through the panties material as she screamed at me to continue.

Her thighs squeezed my cheeks as I licked and sucked her to her
first orgasm. Marty pulled off her drenched panties, grabbed my
head and forced my face back into her groin. I went back to work.
My licking and sucking brought her to a series of intense orgasms.

The sounds from the couple in the back seat assured me that the
action back there was just as hot.

"Let's switch places, Etta," a sated Marty yelled to
the back seat.

I repeated my oral worship with Etta, eating her to multiple orgasms.
Her shaven pussy helped create a strong vacuum as I sucked greedily
on her throbbing clit. I buried my tongue deep in her pussy, causing
shivers of pleasure to rack her body. Her juices flowed freely
down my chin. Meanwhile, my mistress and Marty engaged in a hot
sixty-nine session of their own.

Finally, all three women were satisfied. They rearranged their
clothing, lounged on the seats and commanded me to drive them

My mistress sensed my frustration.

"Sorry Dawn. Ellen would be mad if she heard that I allowed
you to get off. Maybe she'll let you satisfy yourself later."

"Yes, mistress."

We dropped our passengers off at their apartment. It was only
about two blocks from our home.

"Drop over this weekend," Marty invited my mistress.
"Bring that little slut slave of yours too. We need a maid
to serve, and service, us."

"Sounds great," responded Mistress Lisa as she climbed
into the front seat, patted my thigh and told me to drive on home.

"See all the fun you're going to have now that you are one
of the girls," she giggled. After we pulled into the apartment's
parking garage, Mistress Lisa had me get the luggage and carry
it to the apartment.

When we entered the elevator, there were two people in it. My
mistress seemed to know them. She smiled and talked to them as
the elevator began its climb.

"Who's the new chick?, one asked.

"She's our new roomie."

The other asked my mistress, "She's not one of those dyke
bitches that we see here sometimes, is she?"

"Actually, Dawn here will be anything we want her to be.
She'll do anything we tell her to do, if you know what I mean,"
Mistress Lisa explained.

Both smiled knowingly. "How about a preview?"

"Ok! Dawn put down the bags and let my friends to check you

I set down the bags and stood in the middle of the compartment,
hands at my sides.

"Nice ass!"

"Good legs!"

"Check out those lips."

"Blowjob lips if I ever saw any."

"Small tits."

"Who cares. Nobody fucks tits any more."

"Could lose a little weight."

One of then pulled me close. Hands squeezed my ass cheeks. I tensed
at the touch. A hand slipped under my skirt, into my panties and
rubbed over my crotch. It gripped my tool and squeezed hard.

"Swollen clit. Turns on easily."

I remained frozen in place, not wanting to respond to the blatant
advances. The other one then took my hand and made me lower his
zipper. He forced my hand into his fly, making me grip his prick.
That was the first time I had ever touched a dick other than my
own. I let go as if I were shocked.

"Don't worry honey. Soon you'll be wrapping more than your
fingers around my rod. Just wait till I force it between your
lips or up your hole."

The hot words and my hand wrapped around his organ caused it to
swell to a size the astonished me. I shuddered at the thought
of having to do anything with it.

"Lisa, call us when you have broken this slut in," he

They left the elevator laughing at my embarrassment.

Finally we entered Mistress Ellen's apartment, my new home.

I was directed to place the bags in Mistress Lisa's room and to
return to the living room.

"You must be worn out," said Mistress Ellen. "You
better get a good night's sleep because all us girls are going
shopping tomorrow. I already called your boss and told him you
were ill."

She then lead me to my bedroom, the smallest of the three. She
opened the closet to unveil a small collection of dresses, skirts,
blouses and sweaters. No slacks or shorts. The dresser drawers
were filled with a wide variety of lingerie items. There were
no men's clothes in sight.

"I saved you a couple suits, a few shirts and some shoes
and socks," she said. "The remainder of the time, you
will always wear dresses and skirts. That way, we have easier
access to your hot crotch."

She reached into a dresser drawer and pulled out a small nightie
set and handed it to me. I stripped out of my leather ensemble
down to my panties. They were soaked.

My mistress handed me ruffled panties and a bra to wear under
the nightie. I skinned the soaked panties off and replaced them
with the dry ones. Next, I fastened the bra over my falsies and
slipped on the nightie.

They both gave me a quick kiss good night and tucked me into the
queen size bed. I was swallowed in satin. I began to relax, hoping
for a good night's sleep.

It was not to be.

I could here the sounds of their lovemaking as if they were in
the room with me.

Licking, sucking, moaning sounds pierced my senses. I slipped
out of bed to see if I could catch a glimpse of their hot action.
Mistress Ellen's door was ajar and I could see the bed.

Chapter 10 They Say That Making Up Is Hard To Do

I awoke from a deep sleep to find myself alone in my new bed --
in my new home. Sunlight flooded the room. Stretching out, I felt
the ruffled panties draw tighter against my crotch. The lace trim
of my nightie tickled my legs as I gained full consciousness.

It was truly a woman's bedroom, complete with dainty curtains,
stuffed animals and the scent of lilac. I climbed out from under
the covers and checked out the room. A quick check of the closet
and dresser confirmed that I wasn't awakening from a dream adventure.
A look in the mirror erased all doubts.

It presented the vision of a woman who needed a shower and a shave.

I removed my nightie, bra and panties and began to run the shower.
I alternated hot and cold water in order to clear my senses. The
reality of my situation began to seep into my pores. The weekend
was not a dream. The pain in my butt served as a physical reminder
of my lost virginity.

I heard the bathroom door open. Mistress Lisa had entered the
room to tell me to hurry up because they were waiting for their

"Get your sweet little ass in gear, Dawn. Put your clothes
on. I'll help you with your makeup."

After toweling myself dry, I made my way back to the bedroom.
My clothes were laid out and waiting for me. A waist cincher was
the first object to catch my eye. It had four garters attached
to it. I tightened it around my waist and was startled to notice
that it held in my tummy and caused my hips to flare, presenting
a more girlish figure. Next came the front fastener black bra
and breast inserts. They felt and moved as if they were a part
of my skin. The stockings came next. I rolled them slowly up each
leg and fastened them to the garters.

My newest set of panties matched the cincher. I pulled them up
my legs and crammed my bulge into the confines of the lycra cage.
A short, slit slip covered my undergarments. My outfit consisted
of a dress with a teasingly tight bodice that softly shirred into
layers of ruffles that got shorter in the back. It was made of
taffeta with a black zipper that ran the length of the dress.

About that time Mistress Lisa returned to see if I was ready for
my first makeup lesson.

"You look absolutely stunning. Are you ready to complete
your transformation?"

"Yes, mistress."

I followed her into the bathroom and took a seat in front of the
large makeup mirror. She had me shave closely before taking charge.

"We need to soften your look, Dawn."

She applied an ivory foundation, plus what she called a concealer
to my cheeks, nose and chin.

"That should help even out your ruddy complexion."

Next, she applied pale mauve shadow on my eyelids, camel on my
brow bones and soft grey liner along my upper lash line.

"That really shows off your deep set eyes." Black mascara
darkened my lashes.

"Just a few finishing touches and you'll be set."

She whisked soft berry blush powder onto my cheekbones and did
my lips with rose lip gloss. A short wig was set into place.

"All set! Check it out Dawn, honey."

I looked so much like a sophisticated woman that I truly didn't
recognize the face in the mirror.

My mistress interrupted my fascination by shouting at me, "Quit
being so vain, bitch. Get you ass back to your room, put on your
shoes and get busy."

The shoes were sitting next to the bed. They, of course, were
high heels with an ankle strap. Before entering the living room,
I practiced walking around the room so that I could learn to keep
my balance. Finally ready, I smoothed my clothes, took a deep
breath and entered the room to meet my dominating roommates.

They were lounging on the couches reading the morning paper. I
immediately made my way to the kitchen where I found a pink frilly
apron laid invitingly on the table. With a shrug I looped it over
my head and tied it tightly into a big bow behind my waist, smoothing
the skirt down in front. It made me feel as the maid there were
making me and I settled down and prepared them a breakfast of
scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. A pitcher of hot coffee topped
of the meal.

After serving them and washing the dishes, I was beckoned to the
living room. Mistress Ellen informed me that they would be out
for awhile and that I should complete the list of chores that
I would find on the coffee table.

"Yes my mistress. I'll take care of them immediately."

Mistress Lisa nudged her partner and asked her, "She looks
so lovely and domestic in her new pinafore apron, but, perhaps
it's time for another reminder of her enslavement to us. What
do you think?"

They quickly attached wrist and ankle restraints, leaving me just
enough freedom to perform my assigned duties. They inspected my
shackles, blew me a kiss and left the apartment.

Chapter 11 Unexpected Guest

I made the beds, dusted, vacuumed and cleaned the bathrooms as
rapidly as possible. I didn't want to face the consequences of
having them get back before I was finished. My mobility was severely
restricted by my restraints.

The sound of a key being turned in the door lock caught my attention
just as I was putting away the vacuum cleaner. I quickly moved
to the center of the room to greet them.

To my surprise and horror, it was not them. It was one of the
people from last night's elevator ride.

"The girls told me you might like some company while they
were gone," said the intruder.

My visitor presented me a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Walking directly to me, the stranger said, "My what a pretty
maid, apron and all, in style for your housework. Judging from
those restraints, you're not fully trained yet. That's OK though.
This will give us some time to get to know one another."

Pulling on the wrist restraints, my visitor guided me to the couch.

"Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Don't you think
a welcome drink or two is appropriate?"

I plopped down on the cushions. My dress began to rise up my legs
and my apron was being rumpled. I immediately tried to pull them
down as far as possible. The stranger sat across from me. Despite
my efforts, there was no doubt that I was presenting an unobstructed
view of my panties covered crotch to this intruder.

I picked up my drink from the table. In my nervous state, I downed
it in one gulp. The visitor quickly refilled my glass. The alcohol
quickly entered my system and a strange warmth began to spread
throughout my body. "I'll bet you would love to have me remove
those restraints," my would-be seducer stated, pouring my
third glass.

I nodded my consent, afraid to speak.

Enjoying the alcohol warmth and the attention, I settled down
some and began to sip at my drink. I noticed that my visitor hadn't
sipped a drop. If the object was to get me drunk, it was succeeding.
The drinks were loosening me up and making me feel giddy and a
bit bold. "I wonder if I can turn this mysterious person
on," I thought to myself. "I would be a lot more comfortable
with them off," I replied, spreading my legs a bit wider
as I spoke.

My uninvited guest crossed the room, knelt down in front of my
silk covered legs and began taking off the ankle restraints. Hands
brushed their way up my legs as each ankle was freed. The warmth
began to concentrate in my brain -- and my crotch. The visitor
climbed onto the couch next to me. Our thighs came into contact,
sending electrical charges to my brain. My thigh instinctively
pressed harder against my seducer's. Next to be disconnected were
my wrist cuffs.

"Now that I freed you -- how do you intend to repay me?"

"Let's have another drink and discuss it," I replied
, holding out my glass. I couldn't believe it was me teasing,
flirting like a brazen hussy. It seemed to be having an effect.
Reaching for me, slim hands grabbed me pulled me onto my visitor's
lap. As I squirmed to get comfortable, I could feel a bulge against
my rear.

My guest's lips sought out my receptive mouth. A long, slim tongue
slipped between my pliant lips.

"Ooohhh!," I groaned into the invading mouth. I was
drunk. Drunk from the alcohol. Drunk from passion. There was no
holding back I was about to act out my role as the slut I was
trained to be. Besides, I doubted my guest would let me hold back.

"Ooohhh, yes! Yes! That's so good," I breathed heavily.
"Let me help you get more comfortable."

My fingers tentatively began to open shirt buttons. Wickedly,
I ran my fingers across a smooth chest, stopping only to pinch
nipples. I became somewhat confused. I was sure that my visitor
was a man.

But, this one actually had little titties.

While I pulled off the shirt, a hand had dropped to my stockinged
leg, sliding slowly up its silky smoothness. Smooth fingers continued
to inch higher. In an attempt to slow his progress, I began to
lick and kiss his neck.

He continued to caress my legs. I slid lower on the couch and
began to bite and suck on his nipples. His hand left my legs only
long enough to force my hands to his belt and fly. I ran my hands
over his pants. Squeezing and rubbing his erection, I couldn't
believe I was actually playing the role of the slut. And I didn't
care about the consequences. I was going to get off, no matter
what I had to do.

"Let me help you," he whispered softly. My guest forced
me sit up while he removed his pants and shorts. My hands flew
beneath my skirt and began stroking my erection through my panties.
My legs were spread wantonly. The hem of my dress barely covered
my hands.

"Please hurry! I'm so hot. Hot for you. I want to make love
to you now," I panted.

I was losing control of my senses. I heard the pants hit the floor.
Next came a pair of bikini briefs. My eyes moved up the outspread
legs before me.

"Oh my God! And all this time I thought...! Oh, Wow,"
I gasped in disbelief.

He was not a he after all. He was a she. And she was wearing a
dildo attached to elastic straps. It was eight inches long and
a full three inches around. Her latex manhood stood proudly in
front of her. It presented an imposing sight. The cock was longer
and wider than the dildo I had been trained on. Ripples of fear
racked my body.

"Fooled you. Didn't I!" She laughed aloud. She quickly
reached down pulled my hands out of my panties and pulled me to
my feet. I had trouble standing. It didn't slow here down any.
She quickly pulled down the zipper on my short dress. It was soon
laying on the floor next to her pants. She reached in front of
me and began pulling off my slip. I was too weak and too drunk
to resist. I actually raised my arms to help her "unwrap"
her prize.

All I had left on was my bra, waist cincher, panties, stockings
and heels. The next thing I knew she had forced me down to my
knees and was guiding my face to the shaft.

"Show me how hot you are for me, bitch. Slip those hot lips
around my rod, you little cock sucking whore!"

I had no choice but to part my lips and take her cock into the
confines of my mouth. I gagged at her size. Her false erection
completely filled my mouth and my saliva coated it. "Get
it good and moist, Dawn. You never know where else I might want
to stick it. Maybe, later I'll bury it in your tight little hole."

Clamping my mouth tightly on her tool, I reached between her legs,
under the harness and fingered her clit. I could sense that she
was nearing a climax. I withdrew her dick from my pursed lips
and began kiss and lick her thighs. My mistress had taught me

The mystery guest began bucking and moaning. "Ohhh yes, I
feel it building. Mmmm! Ugghh! Ohhh! Oh fuck! Yeahhh! Mmmm!

Soon, her juices doused my face. I gulped down as much as I could.
She wouldn't release my face until I licked her crotch dry. Fully
satisfied, she looked down at me smiling.

"You sure give great head, Dawn," she said as she stepped
away and broke my contact with her crotch.

There was no way I was going to let her leave until I got off

"Please fuck me," I whispered up at my visitor.


"Please fuck me."

"I don't understand what you want, Dawn. You have to explain
it to me."

"Please bury your cock deep in my pussy. I want your prick
in me so deeply. I want to hump your big dick and pound my snatch
up and down on your rod!" I begged. I took her hand in mine
and lead her to my bedroom.

"Why should I fuck you? I had my orgasm."

Desperately, I climbed onto the bed on all fours, lowered my panties
and offered my ass to her. The sight of my cheeks swaying and
wiggling in front of her brought her back to life. I knew then
that she wouldn't disappoint me. Positioning herself behind me,
she grabbed my hips and began to push her cock into my tight anal
passage. My muscles squeezed tightly on her fake erection.

"You see that blowjob really got my cock wet. I can't believe
how easily it slipped into your hot hole, Dawn."

"Ohhhhh! Oh Jesus," I moaned into the pillows. She fucked
my hole slowly at first and then with wild abandon. Quickly, she
reached around my hips and her hand slipped into my panties.

"Just as I thought. You're all wet and begging for release
aren't you?"

"Ooohhh! Yes. Please, yes. Help me cum. Rape my hole."

"How bad do you need it bitch?"

"Really bad! My clit is on fire."

"Beg, bitch," she commanded as she wrapped her hand
around my member and began to pump it in rhythm to her fucking

"Please fuck me hard and make me cum. I'm begging you."

She fucked my ass long, deep and hard, while expertly bringing
me close to my release.

"Mmmm! Yeeessss! Give it to me! Uuuuhhhh!"

My hips bucked in time with hers. The friction of the dildo against
her clit was also taking its toll. We both lost control at the
same time.

"Mmmm, yeah, I'm getting off again," she screamed as
she stroked deeply in my hole.

"Ugghh! Mmmm! Ugghh! Mmmm ... yes, please give it to me,
give it to me," I pleaded.

My rapist continued her assault asking, "Gonna come for me
baby? Wanna come with my stiff cock pumping your tight little

"Yes," I moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Ram your cock
into my cunt!"

Her hand pumped my dick harder and faster. My entire body quivered.
Quivered from her stroking my cock and from her strokes in my

"Come for me, Dawn! Come for me now," my mystery fucker
screamed. She pumped me swiftly.

My balls tingled with my come, preparing to shoot. My cock throbbed
frantically in her hand. I closed my eyes as I felt my release
building. At that instant, her hips bucked wildly as she approached
a climax.

The room was filled with both of our cries of ecstasy. I collapsed
on the bed with her on top of me.

My visitor unstrapped the dildo and climbed off the bed. She left
her instrument of my rape buried in my hole. My panties were filled
with my cum. She forced my hand into the moisture, pulled it out
and made me lick and suck my fingers.

Noticing that I was contented, my partner quietly left the room.
The thought that my roommates would return before I could clean
up scared me. Unfortunately, I didn't have the energy to do anything
about it. I closed my eyes, relaxed and awaited their return .....
and my punishment.

Chapter 12 Paying The Price

Mistress Ellen stood in the doorway, holding my discarded clothes
in her hand. "I see Kim welcomed you to the apartment complex."

Mistress Lisa entered the room next. My restraints dangled from
her hands. "Who gave you permission to remove your restraints?
It seems that you still have trouble following orders."

I tried to explain what happened and that their friend was the
one who removed the ankle and wrist cuffs. all my explaining seemed
to have no effect on them.

"You disobeyed me and must pay the price. It's a shame too.
I was just beginning to trust you. Perhaps you need a stronger
reminder of your servitude," stated Mistress Ellen. She instructed
me to pull down my drenched panties and lay across her lap.

With trembling fingers, I followed her direction. My panties were
down to my knees and the dildo was still sticking in my hole as
I stretched across her spread legs. My member slipped between
her spread thighs. Immediately, she clamped her legs together,
trapping my penis.

Mistress Lisa removed her belt from her jeans, doubled it over
and handed it mistress Ellen, who began spanking my bottom.

Every time I moved or cried out, she'd spank me even harder. The
whipping seemed to last an eternity. Whenever I moved, the pressure
on my penis was similar to being snugly crammed into a hot cunt.
This caused me to squirm more. This, of course, increased the
intensity of my spanking. The mixture of pain and pleasure was
becoming unbearable.

Finally, she stopped. She rolled me off her lap onto the floor,
pulled the latex cock from my ravished hole -- and laughed at

"Don't think you're off the hook."

Mistress Lisa reached into my lap, grasped my erection and pulled
me to my feet. "We're going to have to do something about
this," she said while squeezing my member. "I think
I have just the thing." She produced a cock and ball sheath.
While Mistress Lisa kept me erect, Mistress Ellen set about attaching
it. She placed my balls in the pouch and then placed my penis
into the sheath. Her deft fingers laced it up the front of my
cock and tightened the fasteners around my covering. A roller
buckle in the back locked it all into place. There was a D-ring
attached to the device.

"That's in case I want to attach a leash to lead you around.
Or maybe I might want to add some weights. In case you have any
ideas about taking it off yourself, forget it." A small lock
was attached to a connection behind my balls.

"Once it's locked on, it stays on until I decide to remove
it. Understand?"

"Yes, my mistress, I understand.

"Good! Now pull up you panties and meet me in the kitchen.
In case you haven't noticed, it's supper time."

My panties barely held in my sheathed crotch. I put on the rest
of my clothes and made my way to the kitchen. I prepared their
meal and was forced to eat alone in the kitchen. I did the dishes,
cleaned the counters and entered the living room to see what else
was expected of me.

Chapter 13 Working Girl

"You need to shower and shave. Tomorrow is a work day,"
explained Mistress Lisa. "You'll find a set of clothes in
your closet to wear. Remember, though, you'll be wearing your
lingerie under your suit. Special lingerie at that."

They also had to work the next day so everyone retired early.

Alone in my room, I removed my clothing and slipped into the ballet
length night gown awaiting me. It had a lace bodice with a low
scooped back that released into a full sweep of a skirt. I slipped
the hipster panties over my still sheathed crotch. Fortunately,
it had a opening that allowed me to pee. I slipped into the bathroom
and relieved myself, then crawled into the bed and slept like
a baby.

The alarm rang at 5:30 a.m.

They both came into the room to ensure I got up.

"I know you didn't take your shower last night because I
didn't free your tiny cock and balls," smirked Mistress Ellen.
"Come here and I'll release you.

I held up my nightie while she pulled down my panties, inserted
a key into the lock and loosened the straps. The release of the
pressure made me feel weak. My knees buckled, but, I managed to
keep my balance.

I took a quick shower and returned to my room to dress for the
office. Mistress Lisa called me back to the bathroom and applied
a light coat of makeup on me and just a hint of blush.

"Just to remind who and what you are," she said.

Mistress Ellen handed me what I was to wear under my suit. It
was a white satin and lace bustier that hugged me like a second
skin after she fastened the hook and eye front closures. She removed
the bra straps, but not the garters. White lace topped stockings
covered my legs. I attached the garters and pulled on the matching

The outline of my lingerie was barely visible under my T-shirt
and dress shirt. I pulled on my slacks and put a pair of socks
over my stockings. The shoes actually felt strange after days
in high heels.

They drove me to work in my car and dropped me off in front of
my office.

"Pick you up at 5 p.m. sharp," they shouted as they
drove away.

Unfortunately, the girl I was currently dating arrived at about
the same time. She was visibly upset when she saw me climb out
of the car.

"Wasn't that Ellen driving your car?," she asked.

I told her that Ellen's car broke down and asked for a ride. "She
offered to make a few stops for me, so I let her use the car."

"I thought you said you were through dating her," Kayla

"Believe me, Kayla, I assure you that I'm not dating her."

Kayla accepted that and walked into the building with me.

As we started to climb the steps to the third floor offices, she
stopped me on one of the landings and kissed me passionately.

"Missed you this weekend," she said. "I especially
missed your cock."

She rubbed her hand on the front of my trousers. I swelled quickly
to a pulsing erection.

"Ooohhh, it feels like it missed me too. Maybe I should take
it out and give it a welcome home kiss," she said reaching
for my zipper.

I pulled away quickly, reminding her that we were due at a meeting
in five minutes. She knew I was right. However, she told me I
would have to make it up to her at lunch.

Concentrating on work was virtually impossible. It was impossible
to ignore the feel of the stockings caressing my legs and the
panties rubbing against my member. It strained hard against the
silky fabric. So hard, in fact, that I had to spend most of the
day behind my desk hiding my arousal.

"How was I going to handle Kayla," I wondered.

About an hour later, Kayla walked through the doorway, closed
and locked the door, and announced that it was time for me to
show her how much I missed her.

In seconds, she was stripped to her bikini panties. She sat herself
on the edge of my desk and spread her legs wantonly.

I sat back in my chair to admire the view.

"My pussy really missed you this weekend," she said.
"Are you sure you were away on business?"

"Believe me, I was busy almost every waking minute."

"Let me tell you how I spent my lonely weekend."

She started by saying that she had visited her folks Friday and
Saturday. "I got really lonely and horny Sunday evening.
Seeing that you weren't around to help me, I decided to take care
of myself."

Her face took on a dreamy look as she began describing her activities
They included a vibrator, dildos and masturbation. While she was
talking, she would rub herself through her panties. The more she
talked, the larger the wet spot on her panties grew.

"And then I inserted the vibrator," the words trailed
as suddenly put both hands between her legs, opened her mouth
and moaned, "God, how I needed your dick!"

She then leaned back on the desk, pushed aside her crotch covering
and buried two fingers in her cunt She was soaking. Her fingers
pumped in and out. Her juices began to drip down her leg. Seconds
later, she started to shake her head back and forth. She crammed
her free hand into her mouth and let out a scream, literally convulsing
as she reached her climax.

After a brief rest to catch her breath, Kayla sat back up on the
desk and stated, "That should have been you inside me."

She stretched out and placed her legs on my shoulders. I had no
choice except to focus on her crotch. Kayla locked her ankles
behind my neck and literally pulled my face into her crotch. I
knew what to do with my mouth. I surely had enough practice over
the past few days.

She reached her first orgasm in seconds. I wouldn't stop. I kept
eating her, first through her panties, then with them removed
until she begged me to stop.

"Wow," she exclaimed. Her nude body was stretched out
on the desk. I could see her loins tremble from the intensity
of her orgasms. I knew I wouldn't have to perform any more this
afternoon. I helped her off the desk and into her dress.

With shaking legs I carried her out of my office, a glazed look
on her face.

"Maybe I should let you go away more often. I just love these
welcomes," she said huskily.

My panties were soaked from that sex-charged hour. Kayla hadn't
discovered my secret. I wondered how long I could keep it from

Mercifully, quitting time arrived. As promised They were waiting
for me at the curb.

Chapter 14 True Confessions

Mistress Lisa stepped out of the car to allow me to sit between
them. As I slid over on the seat, one of them asked how my day
had gone. I responded that It went just like any other day at
the office.

"I have trouble believing that," said Mistress Ellen.
"I saw you going into the building with that slut Kayla.
And I do know that you date her. Used to date her, that is."
"Whatever you wish, my mistress."

"Did you tell her about your weekend?"

"I told her I was kept busy, my mistress."

"Good answer."

Mistress Lisa joined the conversation. "Knowing that cunt
Kayla as well as I do, I'm sure she hit on you didn't she?"

I explained, in detail, her lunch time visit.

"That bitch better stay away from my Dawn or I'll have to
take drastic measures. Did you enjoy yourself with her Dawn."

My silence gave me away.

"I guess I'll have to see for myself," said Mistress

She reached into my lap, unbuttoned my pants, pulled down my zipper
and felt the front of my panties.

They were still wet. She grabbed my cock and squeezed hard. "Just
remember, you little slut, that this belongs to me. No one else.

"Yes, my mistress."

"Maybe we should teach Kayla a little lesson," offered
Mistress Lisa. "Let's invite her to go to the party with
us Friday night and take care of her little problem"

"Good idea," replied Mistress Ellen. "Of course,
little Dawn here will come in handy, if you're thinking what I'm

Mistress Ellen countered, "You got it."

Chapter 15 Party Time

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I did my chores and
serviced my two dominant room mates nightly. Fortunately, Kayla
was called away for most of the week to work on a special project
and I was able to pretty much avoid her sexual advances.

She came into my office Friday with a curious look on her face.
"You're not going to believe this one," she said. "Your
ex-girlfriend Ellen invited me to a party tonight. At first, I
wasn't going to go. But, then she said she had a few secrets about
you that she wanted to share. So I told her I'd be there."

She put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear. "I'll
miss you tonight. Besides, it serves you right for abandoning
me last weekend."

Her hand cupped my crotch and squeezed gently. She felt me respond.

"Maybe we can sneak in a quickie before I go back to work,"
she said as she placed my hands on her pert little breasts. I
could feel her nipples harden through the thin material of her
blouse. As usual, she wasn't wearing a bra.

A voice crackled over the intercom.

"Your next appointment has just arrived. Shall I have them

Kayla grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled my groin tightly against

"Let them wait!"

"I can't. They're important clients."

"More important than feeling my hot pussy stretched around
your cock?"

She continued to grind against me and squeezed my buttocks even

"Just remember, you slut, that this belongs to me. No one
else." The words of my mistress echoed loudly in my memory.

"I'm sorry, Kayla. These are not the type of people to be
kept waiting," I said as I freed myself from her grasp.

"Neither am I! I might just try to find myself someone interesting
at the party ," she retorted in a huff and stormed out of
the private entrance to the office.

On the way home, Mistress Ellen told I was in luck.

"Marty and Linda called to say that the party was being catered.
That means all you'll have to do is serve the food and be available
for whatever else we decide. They even paid the rent for your
maid's outfit. Isn't that great?"

"Yes, my mistress."

We stopped at the apartment long enough to clean up and change
for the party.

After applying my makeup for me, they retired to their rooms to
change. As usual, my clothes were laid out for me.

They emerged from their rooms dressed identically in skin-tight,
leather-look bustiers with metal studs and a front zipper. Each
was also wearing a black mini skirt of the same material.

Covering my normal lingerie consisting of corset, slip, panties
and nylons, I wore a blue two piece dress. It buttoned in the
front and had padded shoulders. The short (as always) skirt zipped
up in back.

Mistress Lisa handed me a small suitcase and an overnight case.

"Your outfit and everything else you need is in these bags.
Let's go," said Mistress Ellen.

We were the first to arrive.

They exchanged hugs and kisses with Marty and Etta.

Marty told Mistress that Kayla had accepted the invitation to
attend the party.

"This will be a night she never forgets," beamed my

"I'll take Dawn in back and help her get ready," offered

"Be my guest," answered Mistress Ellen. "She's
at your service."

Once in her bedroom, she had me open the cases and remove the
clothing. "I rented this outfit and you had better put it
to good use."

The black satin maid's outfit was a complete ensemble. It included
a bra, garter belt, seamed stockings, satin dress, apron, cap
and two crisp full petticoats. I stripped out of my dress and
lingerie and put on my outfit. The petticoats made the satin skirt
stand straight out.

While I was dressing, she told me where everything was and how
and when to serve the food. "When you're not busy, I want
you at my side. After all, I am the hostess. Don't worry, Mistress
Ellen has given me complete charge over you this evening. That
is until she's ready to deal with Kayla."

I followed Marty to the den and remained near her. When the guests
started to arrive, I answered the door, took their wraps and hung
them in the closet. All the guests were women. Attractive, young

Kayla arrived last. As I took her jacket, I tried to avoid her
eyes. "Don't I know you from somewhere? You look so familiar,"
she inquired.

"No, mam," I whispered in response.

"Maybe you worked at one of my mother's parties."

"I don't think so, mam."

"Oh well, whatever."

She dismissed me and entered the room. To my surprise Mistress
Ellen and Mistress Lisa both warmly welcomed Kayla. They both
gave her tight hugs and deep kisses.

To my even greater surprise, Kayla responded openly. I saw her
tongue dart into Mistress Lisa's mouth. They held their embrace
for a long time.

"What else don't I know about Kayla," I wondered.

Marty informed me that it was time to serve drinks.

Carrying a tray of champagne glasses, I circulated around the
room of about 20 sexy females. The more they drank, the more familiar
they became with each other -- and with me. As I passed among
them, a number of them would make petticoat checks, reaching under
my satin skirt to pinch my butt. A few of them actually reached
under and stroked my cock, keeping me hard and begging for relief.
I knew then that most knew who I was and why I was there.

There was a sense of electric anticipation in the air. Most of
the guests, when not fondling each other, seemed to direct their
attention to Mistress Ellen and Kayla. Something was brewing.

"Could I have your attention please," shouted Mistress

She announced to the gathering that Kayla was the guest of honor
for the evening.

"Kayla is another women who has been neglected by her boyfriend
and has sought our companionship in her hour of need. Kayla, my
dear, I assure you that after tonight you will no longer be interested
in your boyfriend."

Mistress Ellen interrupted her partner stating, "Kayla, I
know what a slut you are. My ex-boyfriend is now my room mate.
I saw you hitting on him the other day. Believe me when I tell
you that he is mine for as long as I want him. You have no say
in the matter."

Kayla, never one to be undone, asked, "Just what the hell
have you got that would make him want you over me?"

"Control, you dumb bitch. I have complete control over him."

"I doubt that!"

"You were invited here to see the control I have. Before
the evening is over, I will have the same control over you."

As she finished those words, Mistress Lisa, Marty and Etta grabbed
Kayla and wrestled her to the floor. She was quickly put into
restraints and a ball gag was forced into her mouth.

The fear in her eyes reminded me of my encounter with Mistress

They pulled Kayla to her feet and stood her up against a wall.
There were eye hooks sticking out of it. The hapless lady was
effortlessly fastened, spread eagled to the wall. It looked as
if she were nailed there.

"Come here, Dawn," commanded Mistress Lisa. "I
want you to undress this bitch for our inspection."

I approached the captive Kayla, still averting her gaze and began
to undress her. "Time for a little revenge," I thought
to myself. A look at her young, tall athletic body reminded me
of the hours of pleasure we had spent together. The fear of the
unknown, coupled with her total helplessness, showed in her eyes.
She was wearing a pure silk camisole. It sparkled with silver
sequins and bugle beads. It draped over a pair of nylon stretch
jeans. Its body molding fit showed off her perfect ass, hips and

Tentatively, I reached for the camisole. Kayla tensed, realizing
that her assets would soon be bared to this large group of onlookers.

I took the bottom and began to raise it up. Her breathing quickened.
Her smooth belly quivered as I inched it higher. This time she
was wearing a bra. It was a sheer, lace underwired bustiette with
a hook and eye front. Her pale skin served in perfect contrast
to the wicked black covering.

After the camisole was pulled off over her head, a few of the
onlookers pushed me aside and began to fondle Kayla's breasts
through the sheer lace bra material.

Kayla began to squirm. At first I thought it was out of fear.
But, then the thought crossed my mind that Kayla would enjoy this
amount of attention.

Who was really in control?

Mistress Lisa asked her friends to retreat from their advances
so that I could finish Kayla's unveiling. As my hand approached
her waist band, her stomach continued to quiver. In anticipation,
or fear? Only Kayla knew that answer.

I unbuttoned her pants and ever so slowly lowered her zipper.

"Hurry up, bitch," shouted Marty. "I think we're
being too easy on Dawn, Ellen." said one of the ladies. "Make
her lower the zipper with her teeth."

"You heard her, Dawn. Take your teeth to that zipper,"
commanded my mistress.

I immediately went to my knees and moved my face toward Kayla's
crotch. I grabbed the fastener between my teeth and began to pull
it down. The musky odor of her crotch attacked my senses, making
me want to bury my face in her bush. When her zipper was lowered,
I reached up and pulled open her pants. A set of panties that
matched her bra came into view. The lace flared out over her hips,
again highlighting the paleness of her flesh.

I reached behind her and cupped her buns as I began to work the
pants down her legs. I had to remove her shoes and momentarily
release her leg restraints in order to slip off the tight nylon.
It was as if I was unpeeling a layer of protective skin.

Stripped to her lacy underwear, Kayla was a picture of innocence.
Even I knew better than that.

"Shall we inspect our slut guest? We must see if she is worth
the attention of our lowly maid Dawn," said Mistress Ellen.

All the women converged on Kayla. I stepped back to watch. There
wasn't a square inch of her body that wasn't being touched, pinched
or probed by the party bunch.

Kayla strained against her restraints. She couldn't avoid any
of the fondling. Her head fell back and her eyes closed tightly
as she surrendered to their inspection.

Hands opened her bra and pulled it off. Kayla's pert little titties
stood high and proud, her nipples swelled to almost an inch in

"Warm her up for us Dawn," shouted Mistress Lisa. "Show
us how good you are with your tongue."

Mistress Ellen took me by the hand and led me back to Kayla. Marty
joined my mistress and they forced me back to my knees in front
of Kayla.

The group formed a semicircle around me. Many of then were already
playing with themselves or with one another. I buried my face
in her pantied crotch and began to suck the love juices from her
panties. While doing that, I pushed aside the lacy crotch of her
panties and slipped a finger into her dripping pussy and began
to massage her clit.

Her slender body began to move in time with my motions. Her nostrils
flared as her breathing deepened.

Two fingers wormed their way into her love canal. My thumb continued
to work on her clit. Her hips began to push her crotch against
my face.

"Eat out that nasty cunt's pussy. Only a maid would find
pleasure eating out a sleazy slut like Kayla." yelled Etta.

I complied with her command and crammed my face into her pussy.
I could hear her moans, even through the ball gag. I licked every
crevice of her vagina. My tongue encircled the opening of her
vagina and occasionally dipped inside. I pulled back. Kayla arched
toward my tongue. My tongue was replaced with four fingers buried
in her snatch. My tongue sought out her clitoris and begin licking
at her core. She bucked hard against the wall as well as my face
as my fingers probed deeper and my mouth worked over her clit.
The licking, sucking and finger fucking was driving her wild.

Her pussy contracted tightly around my fingers. She screamed into
her gag. It was a gut wrenching orgasm. Fluid dripped from her
as I removed my face from her crotch. I made it a point to lick
her clean.

"Bravo. Great show. What a mouth," shouted the group.

I looked up into Kayla's eyes and noticed something the others
didn't. Her eyes were sparkling. Then I remembered her words as
she left my office -- "I might just try to find myself someone
interesting at the party."

Was everyone using me for their pleasure?

I was afraid that Mistress Ellen may have met her match.

But then -- the night was still young.

Chapter 16 Turnabout is Fair Play

The party moved to Marty's bedroom.

Kayla was temporarily freed from her restraints and lead to the
room. Four of the girls pushed her face down onto the bed. Fur
lined cuffs were attached to her wrists and ankles. It looked
like they were breaking a wishbone as she was spread-eagled, the
cuffs attached to the bed posters.

Mistress Lisa had carried the overnight case in with her. She
opened it and handed me her riding crop.

"Pull down her panties and spank her real good, Dawn. If
we don't think your doing it right, you'll take her place on the
bed," said Mistress Ellen.

I ran my hands over Kayla's ass a few times before I pulled her
panties down just below her cheeks. Her butt tensed as I ran the
handle up and down her crack, almost slipping it into her moist

"Dawn's really getting off on this," remarked Etta.

"Whip her ass, bitch. I'm losing my patience," ordered

I raised the crop and lashed at her ass. Smack! Smack! Smack!
The sound of the leather against her bare buttocks filled the
room. Kayla's ass was turning beet red as I continued. Her crotch
tried to grind its way into the mattress as I continued my assault.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Her screams were muffled by the gag.

"Look at those tears. The cunt is really crying I don't think
she can take much more," remarked one of the onlookers.

"Keep whipping, Dawn," yelled Mistress Lisa. "This
should teach her to mess around with my roomie's possession."

Possession! Is that all I was? I realized that I was being punished
as well as Kayla. They planned to publicly humiliate me while
I administered their wrath on Kayla.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! I continued my thrashing of Kayla's
perfect buttocks.

Finally, they allowed me to stop. Kayla had fainted from the beating.
Her red cheeks pulsed from the heat of the smacks. She was limp
and motionless. While she was out, pillows were forced under her
belly, elevating her ass. It presented a tempting target for a
deep penetration of either -- or both -- holes.

"Come over her Dawn. We need to prepare you to invade her
ass and pussy," said Marty. She pulled a harness out of the
case and commanded me to lift my skirt and petticoats. My dick
was straining hard against the material of my panties.

Two of the guests attached the harness to my hips and legs. All
of this was accomplished over my panties. Their hands stroked
and rubbed my crotch as they prepared me. A latex cock was attached
to the harness. It had a normal sized cock and a smaller dick
just underneath it. The dildo was designed to fill both holes
at the same time.

Etta lubricated the dong and led me back to the bed. The women
crowded closer as I was forced on the bed and made to kneel with
my cock pointed at her ass and pussy.

"Fuck her back to life and screw her until she passes out
again," instructed Mistress Ellen.

Marty took hold of the dildo and helped guide it to the entrances
of her holes. Smack! The riding crop whipped across my ass. I
jerked violently forward, burying both heads deep in Kayla. Her
screams could be heard in spite of the ball gag.

"Start humping, bitch," someone shouted.

Trying to be as gentle as possible, I began to try to set a slow,
easy rhythm in an attempt to not hurt Kayla too badly. Another
smack on the ass was my reward. Again I lunged forward.

If there was one thing I knew, Kayla loved -- it was a good fucking.
I closed my eyes and imagined that I actually had two cocks and
began fucking her in earnest. My own cock pressed against the
base of the dildo and was agitated by my stroking inside Kayla.
I wasn't sure how long I would last before coming in my panties.

Kayla began to move her ass in response to my thrusts. Her screams
were replaced with low moans and grunts. I reached around her
and began to tickle her clit. She bucked harder against me. I
knew it wouldn't be long before she came again. The air rushed
out of her lungs as she climaxed and she dropped down onto the

"Keep fucking," shouted Etta. "She can take more
than that."

I picked up the tempo again. In a matter of seconds, Kayla was
meeting me again, thrust for thrust. She was insatiable. She climaxed
again -- and again -- and again.

The pressure of the dildo was having its effect on me. I rammed
rapidly into her until she climaxed one more time. At the same
time, I could feel my load moving up the length of my cock and
explode into my panties. Exhausted, I collapsed on top of Kayla.
They pulled me off her and began to take off the harness.

Mistress Lisa was the first to notice my jism filled panties.
"The bitch got off too," she exclaimed.

Marty pulled off my panties, walked around the bed and removed
the ball gag from Kayla's mouth. In its place she crammed my drenched
panties. A strap was used to keep the panties in her mouth.

"Here's your dinner, slut," Mistress Ellen sneered.

Kayla opened her eyes. A look of defiance covered her face. She
began to suck the cum out of panties, swallowing all my spent
juices. Kayla seemed to be enjoying herself more than her tormentors
could imagine.

Marty handed me a dry pair of panties. I pulled them up into place.

Kayla was released from her restraints. She immediately assumed
a fetal position and seemed to drift off into a fantasy world,
her mouth still working on the soaked panties.

"Dawn, Lay down on the bed beside Kayla. I want your face
near her crotch and your crotch near her face. You know, a sixty
nine position," instructed Mistress Ellen.

Kayla stretched out a bit as she felt my breath on her thigh.
Her face was hidden below my skirt and petticoats. Marty and Etta
approached the bed.

They set about cuffing Kayla and I together. My wrists were cuffed
to her ankles. Marty set about joining my ankles to Kayla's.

"I want both of you bitches to follow my orders exactly,"
lectured Mistress Ellen. "Kayla, I'm going to remove your
gag so that you can enjoy the wonders of Dawn's crotch. If you
disobey me, I'll have all these women take a turn at spanking
your ass. Do you understand?"

Kayla's head nodded from underneath my skirt. Her nose brushed
against my thigh, sending ripples of pleasure through my veins.

"I want each of you to remove the other's panties with your
teeth and then eat each other out. The first one to bring the
other to an orgasm will be freed for the evening. The loser will
be at our mercy the rest of the night. Do you understand?"

We both nodded our understanding.

"Good! Now go to it."

I buried my face in her panties and kissed and licked at her thighs.
Quickly, I moved my head up to her waist band as soon as she started
to squirm. My movement cause me to slide up her face.

That was a mistake.

My panty encased bulge slid into Kayla's open mouth. After licking
my cock from its base to its head, she paused, looked into my
eyes and screamed, "I thought that I recognized that pussy
eating style. Well, Dawn, your secrets out now. And I intend to
see you suffer for deceiving me."

She bit my cock through my panties.

"Aaaiiieee!" I screamed in pain. My face fell back in
her crotch. Somehow, she managed to capture my head between her
thighs in a viselike grip.

She raised her head and pushed my panties down with her chin,
at the same time licking the length of my cock as it was exposed.
Quickly her mouth swallowed my cock to it's base. The vacuum she
created seemed to literally suck the juices right out of me.

I tried to move my ass and escape her eager mouth. It was useless.

Her mouth continued to bob up and down and continued to milk my
dick. I could feel my toes curl and the pressure of my release

All my attempts to free my face were futile. I was locked in a
death grip. My orgasm racked my body.

"Oh my god. Oh, my god. I'm going to explode. I'm coming.
I'm coming!!!

She never let up. The cum shot from my cock directly down her
throat. She swallowed and sucked. Swallowed some more and sucked
me until I was drained.

Kayla released my imprisoned member and informed her captors,
"If you think you taught me a lesson, you're right. Would
you please teach me more about how I can train someone to be like
Dawn.? I don't think I'll be needing a boyfriend anymore."
The ladies all applauded her, and her decision.

Chapter 17 The Agony of Defeat

Etta and Marty untied us. Kayla, in her triumph, was helped from
the bed and was rewarded with kisses and hugs from the rest of
the women at the party. She reveled in her victory. Even Mistress
Ellen was impressed with Kayla's performance.

I was left on the bed, curled up in a ball, physically drained
by Kayla's expert cock sucking.

"Kayla, as the winner, you have earned the right to choose
Dawn's punishment, declared Mistress Lisa. "Do you have anything
special in mind?"

"I most certainly do." She explained her plan to the
guests. Everyone loved her idea. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear
her plan because Kayla had motioned her friends to the living
room first.

Two women entered the room and pulled me to my feet. They tied
my ankles to the bed posts.

Still naked, Kayla came into the room. A fine film of sweat made
her beautiful body glisten. She approached me with a long strip
of leather in her hands. It had a noose on one end and a metal
ring on the other. Kayla lifted my skirt and petticoats. "Hold
these up out of the way, Sweetie," she commanded.

She pushed aside the crotch of my panties and pulled out my flaccid
member. The noose was placed around my balls and pulled it tight.

She then crawled onto the bed, laid down on her back and splayed
her legs wide, giving me a wonderful view of her swollen pink
cunt lips. Kayla began to finger herself to a new height of arousal.

My cock sprang to attention at her wanton sexual display. As soon
as it did, Kayla pulled on the strap. It felt as if my balls were
being pulled free from my groin.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!" I screamed loudly.

Mistress Ellen slipped into the room while I was screaming in
agony as Kayla continued to pull on the strap while she fingered
her moist pussy.

My mistress had slipped on the harness and dildo. She joined Kayla
on the bed, placing herself between Kayla's outstretched legs.
Even with my vision blocked, I could tell that she was rubbing
the artificial phallus against Kayla's cunt lips. Kayla's moans
gave it away.

Looking back over her shoulder, my mistress asked, "Would
you like to join us, Dawn?"

"Yes, Mistress, very much."

"I knew my plan would work," exclaimed Kayla.

The two lovers separated long enough for Kayla to slip the strap's
metal ring over Mistress Ellen's dildo . They then resumed their
coital position. The strap stretched to its limits. As it pulled
taut, it again felt as though my balls were being pulled free
from my body.

"Mistress Ellen aimed the latex cockhead at its target. Kayla
arched her hips up to meet the initial thrust. Once Kayla was
penetrated, I had to thrust my hips forward to lessen the pain.

They fucked wildly until they both climaxed. All I could do was
buck my hips in the air while I watched the two beauties fuck

Mistress Ellen removed the dildo from Kayla's pussy and pressed
it between my lips.

"Lick Mistress Kayla's precious juices from my dick, you
slut. Lick it clean."

Kayla released my restraints and pulled me down onto the bed,
trapping my face between her strong thighs. Mistress Ellen tied
my hands behind my back. I was, once again, rendered helpless.
This left my ass available to them.

My mistress lowered my panties. A line of their friends had formed
in the room. They each took a turn paddling my exposed rear with
a leather paddle. Kayla forced my face against her cunt.

"Eat me, bitch. Eat me until I cum all over your face, you
whorish slut."

The paddling ceased. It was replaced by the dildo pressing against
my ass hole. All the guests took turns working the dildo in my
butt while I concentrated my attention on lapping at Kayla's exquisite
pussy. Kayla came several times while the guests raped my ass.

Mistress Ellen reached between my legs and began to milk my cock.
It didn't take many strokes before I came into the sheets.

"Sloppy, bitch. Clean up your mess."

My face was forced into the puddle I had left on the sheet. I
had no choice but to lick it up. All the women laughed at me as
I slurped up all the juices, mine, Kayla's and those of my mistress.

"Pack up your bag and go back home," instructed Mistress
Lisa. "Change back into your two-piece dress and when you
get home, launder the outfit that Marty and Etta were sweet enough
to rent for you. Then put yourself to bed."

"Have a nice walk home," said Kayla, "See your
sweet buns at work Monday. We'll see if you ever refuse me again."

They all left the room and returned to their partying. All the
activity had excited them. As I looked into the room as I was
leaving for my long walk home, they were all involved in an orgy
of lesbian lust.

Chapter 18 Additional Duties

The rest of the weekend was devoted to cooking and cleaning. Neither
mistress required any personal services from me. They seemed to
be exhausted from all the activity at the party. In fact, they
didn't return home until late Saturday afternoon.

Monday morning came quickly. With it came the long ride to work
and my first encounter with Kayla. I tried desperately to avoid
her, but to no avail. I was having a problem with one of my accounts
and needed more information. Who was the only person with that
information? You guessed it ... Kayla. I asked my secretary to
summon her to my office.

"She said to put you on the line because she had an important
message for you," my secretary informed me over the intercom.

After staring at the phone for a moment, I took a deep breath,
picked up the handset and answered. "Yes," I answered,
trying to sound as professional as possible. My bulge began to
grow against my panties as her voice reminded me of the party.

"Yes, what?" Her tone was stern and demanding.

"Yes, May I help you?"

"You helped me enough Friday night."

"I'm sorry. I don't think it's appropriate to discuss the
matter over the phone."

"We'll discuss whatever I want, whenever I want. I'll be
at your office in 15 minutes. Tell your secretary that you will
be unavailable for at least an hour."

"I can't do that," I replied.

"You will do it," she commanded. "By the way, Dawn,
I want your pants off when I get there. Be sitting in your chair
in just your pretty panties, stockings and garter belt. You can
leave your shirt on. Do you understand?"

"But, Kayla!"

"Do you understand?"

"I understand."


"Yes, Kayla, I understand."

"Yes, who?"

"Yes, Mistress Kayla. I understand."

"That's better. See you in a few minutes."

Just as I was about to hang up, I heard a second click. I prayed
that my secretary hadn't heard the conversation. I buzzed her
to tell her that when Kayla arrived that we would be in conference
for at least an hour.

"I understand," she replied. "By the way, we need
to discuss something after your meeting. I think I may be due
a pay raise soon. Don't you think so, Dawn.?"


"Oh my God!" She had heard. How would I handle this?
I couldn't fire her.

I was interrupted by the sound of the buzzer announcing Kayla's

"Just a minute," I shouted into the intercom. Quickly,
I moved from behind my desk, dropped my pants, and removed my
socks and shoes. I could hear them talking outside the door. Their
giggles told me that my secretary had told Kayla that she knew
about the phone conversation. Things were about to change in my
office. Unfortunately, I had no control over how they were going
to change.

"Stacy, you can send Kayla in now."

Kayla entered the room with more confidence than I had ever seen.
She stopped in the middle of the room. Legs spread and hands on
her hips, she commanded me to come out from behind my desk. Humiliated
-- and at the same time excited -- I rose and came from behind
the desk.

"Kneel down in front of your mistress, you pansy slut,"
Kayla commanded.

I dropped to my knees and stared at the floor.

"At least you follow orders as well as you give them,"
she said.

She walked around me and sat in my chair.

"Crawl over here, slave," she commanded.

I had no choice but to obey. As I knelt in front of her, she spread
her legs and gave me a view of her crotch.

"See anything you like?"

"Yes, Mistress Kayla."

"And just what is it you see?"

"Your beautiful pussy."

"I'll bet you'd like to fuck me. Wouldn't you?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mistress Kayla, I would love to fuck your pussy."

"But, Dawn, that's impossible."

"Why, Mistress Kayla?"

"Because there's no dildo handy. We women need to have something
to insert in our love canals if we're going to enjoy a good fucking."

"But, I have a cock. Don't you remember, Mistress Kayla?"

She slapped my face and laughed. "Let me see." She reached
into my panties and squeezed my swollen cock. "You call that
a cock. I'm sorry, Dawn, your little swollen clit just isn't that

"But, Mistress Kayla."

"Enough of that foolishness. Pull yourself together. After
all, this is an office."

She informed me that this was a business meeting. She, however,
was the one who was going to conduct the business. "I have
some paperwork to do. Crawl under the desk and eat me while I
knock out some of this work," Kayla ordered.

She slid the chair back, giving me room to assume my position
between her legs. She pulled her skirt up to her hips and slid
forward in the seat so that I could begin my licking. I licked
my way up the slick lips of her vagina and surrounded her clit
with my lips. My tongue teased its tip.

"Keep licking, Dawn. I work much better when I'm excited.
You may be useless for fucking, but you've got a great mouth."

And excited she was. Her juices ran down my chin as I continued
to lick and suck her sweet pussy.

I heard her pick up the phone. I froze.

"Stacy, this is Kayla. Would you come in and take a little

"Be right there," announced Stacy.

Kayla told me to keep licking or she would expose me to Stacy
immediately. She tightened her thighs against my cheeks.

The door opened. I could hear Stacy cross the room and take a
seat in front of the desk. The smell of her ever-tantalizing perfume
filled the room.

"This will be just a short note for your boss to sign,"
Kayla said.

The letter read was entitled , New office policy." It read:
"Because of my new understanding of the value of my secretary,
the following procedures will be immediately implemented.

  1. A 25% pay raise will be awarded effective with the next pay

  2. A flex schedule will be implemented immediately. The secretary
    will set her own business hours.

  3. The secretary will no longer be required to make or serve coffee.

"What made him decide to do all this for me?" she asked

"It wasn't hard to persuade him at all."

"How can I ever repay you?"

"Just help me keep him in line and keep wearing those sexy
clothes. That's one of the reasons I visit so often."

"I never knew," said Stacy.

"You're one beautiful woman, Stacy."

"Thank you. I could just kiss you for all you've done,"
said Stacy sheepishly.

"Don't let me stop you."

"What about my boss?"

"Believe me, he's too busy to interrupt us. Lock the door
so we can have some privacy."

I heard the rustle of Stacy's skirt and the sound of her nylon-encased
thighs rubbing together as Stacy got up and crossed the room to
lock the office door. Kayla slid her chair away from the desk,
breaking my contact with her clit. She turned the chair and beckoned
Stacy to come to her. I cowered in a corner as far under the desk
as I could squeeze.

"Now, how about that kiss!"

Stacy came to Kayla, stood between her outspread legs, bent down,
and kissed Kayla passionately. I could hear the slurping sounds
as their tongues did battle between their hot, moist lips. Kayla
stood up and began running her hands over Stacy's body. From my
hiding place, I could see her cup Stacy's ass cheeks and pull
their crotches into intimate contact.

"Ooohhh," moaned my secretary. She began to grind her
crotch against Kayla.

Spurred on by this invitation, Kayla unbuttoned Stacy"s blouse.
It fell to the floor in front of me.

Stacy"s unharnessed breasts spilled out into view. Her nipples
were hard and distended. Kayla lowered her head and began to suck
Stacy's distended nipples.

"Ooohhh," sighed Stacy.

"You've got such beautiful breasts," said Kayla. "They're
so full and firm. Has your boss ever sampled these?"

"He hasn't tried yet. I do catch him peeking down my blouse
when I lean over the desk. Of course, I make sure he gets a good
view. It drives him crazy," replied Stacy. "Especially
when I brush up against him."

All this action and hot sex talk caused me to reach into my panties
and stroke my engorged cock.

"I'll bet it does, purred Kayla. "I'll bet he would
like to squeeze them like this."


"And lick and suck your nipples like this."


"And bury his face between them."


"And work his tongue down to your cute belly button."


"And kiss his way down to your hot, moist pussy. Stopping
to suck the juices from your drenched panties before he dipped
his tongue into your steaming cunt.

"Ooohhh," crooned Stacy. "I always wondered if
you went both ways."

"Sweetheart, I swing in any direction that brings pleasure,"
voiced Kayla. "Why don't you climb up on the desk so that
I can get to that hot pussy of yours."

Stacy climbed onto the desk. Her legs draped over the edge in
front of my face. Kayla sat back down in my chair and moved it
back under the desk. She reached down, grabbed my hair and pulled
my face back into her crotch.

"Let's get these panties off."

Kayla pulled Stacy"s string bikini panties off her and, instead
of dropping them on the floor, draped them over my head. The wet
crotch settled over my noise. I inhaled deeply and continued to
service Kayla's pussy. Kayla slid down in her seat so that she
could reach her target, Stacy"s exposed cunt.

"Now, that's the kind of kiss I was hoping for," whispered
Stacy, as Kayla buried her face in the secretary's bush.

"Mmmm," moaned Kayla, her sounds muffled by Stacy"s
quivering thighs. "Such a sweet honey pot."

"Yes! Yes. Lick my dripping honey. Suck my pussy dry,"
hissed Stacy. She raised her legs and placed them on Kayla's shoulders.
I began to lick and suck in earnest. Kayla responded by burying
her face deeper in Stacy"s cunt.

"If the boss only knew what we were doing on his desk. What
do you think he would do?"

"He'd probably wet his panties."

I froze again.

"Wet his panties?"

"Come on, Stacy. You already told me that you overheard our
conversation. You don't have to be coy with me."

"Is he really your love slave? How did you get him to be
that way? Does he really wear lingerie under his business suit?"

"Yes. He's not just my slave. He's been trained to serve
all women. And if you don't believe me, his pants are over there
on the couch"

Stacy looked over her shoulder and noticed my trousers, socks
and shoes.

"You should see him at home. All he wears is dresses and
skirts. Never slacks or shorts," explained Kayla.

"Where is he then?"

"Under the desk eating my pussy."


Kayla reached down and grabbed my hair. She pulled me out from
under the desk as she slid her chair back.

"Oh my God, it's true," gasped a surprised Stacy.

Kayla stood up, pulling me up with her.

"Dawn, I want you to meet your newest mistress, Stacy,"
said Kayla. "Stacy and I will be working closely in the future
to help in your training."

Stacy stared at me through lust filled eyes. I could tell that
she eagerly wanted Kayla to return to her soul kissing.

"My! My! My! Aren't we something," Stacy said as she
examined my frilly underwear. She ran her hands across my panties
and massaged my swollen member. She had me turn around and model
my lacy underwear. Her hands cupped my ass, pulling me close to
her. She looked me directly in the eyes and said, "All this
time I though you were Mr. Macho Man. Instead you're a pussy-whipped
little pansy."

I hung my head in shame.

Still staring into my eyes, Stacy addressed Kayla, "What
did you say this little slut's name is?"

"The little sissy's name is Dawn."

"Is Dawn any good for anything, like cunt lapping?"

"Why don't you find out for yourself?"

"I think I will!"

Stacy released her grip on my buns, returned to the desk and sat
on it's edge. Kayla approached me, reached into my panties and
pulled me by the cock to Stacy.

"On your knees bitch. If you don't bring me to a strong orgasm,
I might just make you sharpen pencils all day. You'd look really
cute out there in the reception area dressed in only your sexy
lingerie," said my secretary.

I knelt between her pillars of flesh and immediately began to
kiss, lick and suck Stacy's pussy.

Kayla knelt on the desk, positioning her cunt directly over Stacy"s
face. My secretary assaulted her friend's pussy with a passion.

Sucking and slurping sounds filled the room until both women reached
intense climaxes.

As they both pulled on their panties, Kayla directed me to sign
the letter she had dictated.

My hand quivered as I affixed my signature to Stacy's new "personal
service" contract.

"By the way, I almost forgot why I came to see you. I brought
you a little present. It's kind of a remembrance from the party.
All the girls pitched in to buy it for you," said Kayla.

She handed me a gift wrapped package. I opened it slowly.

"Hurry up bitch. I have to get back to work and Stacy is
going to take a long lunch break. She's going to meet Ellen and
Lisa at the club."

I opened the package. It contained a large butt plug.

"Slide down your panties," commanded Kayla.

Stacy stepped forward and held the butt plug poised at the entrance
to my hole. When she saw that it was aligned with my hole, she
rammed the dry, rubber plug into my asshole. The pain was blinding.
I couldn't even scream from the shock of the forced entry. Both
women laughed as tears welled up in my eyes.

"Pull up your panties, you cunt. This is a business. Get
dressed and get to work," sneered Stacy, as the two women
left the room arm-in-arm.

After I dressed, I returned to my work. The butt plug served as
a painful reminder that my working relationship with Stacy would
never be the same again.

Chapter 19 "Copping" a Feel

Kayla and Stacy leave me alone whenever I am really busy. However,
whenever I have any free time they lock the office and force me
to strip to my undies and serve their every wish.

Usually one sits out front while the other is in the office.

With the exception of business lunches, all my lunch hours are
spent at their mercy. I can't count the number of times they have
made me sit behind my desk in only my shirt, tie and coat.

Beneath desk top level, I would be wearing only my panties, garter
belt and stockings while engaged in a meeting with a female client.

Sometimes Stacy would even ram a vibrator up my ass before she
escorted a client into the office.

A number of my clients are women, many of them very attractive.
I never know if they are aware of my situation when they enter
the office.

Stacy has confided my predicament to some of them. A number of
them have done everything in their power to tease me without saying
outright that they knew I was wearing lingerie under my suits
or that my secret was hidden from their view by the desk.

A few have been bold enough to come around my desk, sit in my
lap and ask me where I bought my lingerie. On those rare times
my suit covered my feminine attire, a few would ask how I liked
the feel of their clothing when they sat in my lap.

"Don't you just love the feel of my lace panties," one
said placing my hand up her skirt. Another one remarked that she
couldn't wait until the next office party. "This year I might
just let you get into my panties. I'm sure they'll fit you,"
she said.

All too often, just as they are about to leave the office, they'll
snap my garter straps as I walk them to the door. Stacy really
enjoys her new status. The coffee pot has been moved into my office.
I make it and serve it to her. Sometimes I have to serve it to
my own visitors. Every week she brings me her laundry. I wash,
dry and press it One day she announced that we were going out
for the evening to a secretary's club she frequents.

After work, she had me change out of my business suit into a wool
sweater and a slim suede skirt. The ladies now keep a closet stocked
with dresses, skirts, blouses, wigs and makeup for what they call,
"my little emergencies."

I slipped the skirt and sweater on over my black bra, panties,
camisole, half slip, garter belt and silk stockings I had worn
under my suit.

Fortunately, the building was nearly empty when we left for the
car. A few receptionists were working late and waved at Stacy
as we entered the elevator.

It was deserted as we began our descent to the ground floor. Two
floors later --much to my shock -- Sean Gent the office's marketing
chief entered the elevator. Gent was known throughout the company
as the most lecherous employee to serve with the firm. No woman
was safe from his advances.

"Hello ladies," Sean greeted us. His eyes sparkled at
the chance to turn on the charm. "Stacy, you're more beautiful
than ever. You always have the look of a lady who has just had
her most intense orgasm."

Stacy stepped closer to Sean, just close enough for him to breathe
in her sensual perfume. "Maybe I just did," she whispered
in his ear as her hand slid across his pants.

Unnerved, he turned his attention to me. "Your friend here
is a sexy thing, Stacy. You should bring her around more often."

My companion informed Sean that I was here every day. "She
works for the company, Sean. I'm taking her to the club tonight
to introduce her around."

"What's your name honey?"

I refused to respond.

"Her name is Dawn and that's all you need to know. I suggest
you keep your meat hooks away. She's caught the eye of some real
higher ups in the company."

Sean didn't give up easily. As Stacy talked he managed to get
me against the elevator wall. His hand slipped behind me and began
kneading my butt. The hand quickly slipped lower and found its
way beneath my skirt and quickly slid up my inner thighs to my
pantied rear. Before he could work around to my crotch, he was
interrupted by Stacy's slap across his startled face.

"Leave the bitch alone, Gent. All I have to do is drop the
right information in the right places and your out of here on
your ass," Her tone was more stern than it had ever been
with me.

"You wouldn't dare, you cunt!"

"Try me, prick!"

Before Sean could respond, the elevator reached the basement.
Sean marched out of the elevator. "I'll fix you and your
stuck-up cunt friend. You'll see!"

Stacy defiantly strode out of the elevator, looked back over her
shoulder at me and commanded, "pull yourself together you
brazen hussy. I know you were getting turned on.

"I finally found my voice and replied, "No Mistress
Stacy. I was too afraid to move."

"Just remember who you belong to. I don't take kindly to
other people playing with my toys. And that's all you are to me
-- One of my toys," she stated.

"Yes, Mistress Stacy."

She led me to the car and pulled out of the garage into the busy
rush hour traffic. "You'll really love this bar. It's a discreet
little place where secretaries meet to discuss ways to control
their bosses. Tonight, I'm going to use you as my show-and-tell
project," she informed me.

She was so wrapped up in humiliating me that she accidentally
ran a stop sign -- right in front of a county police car.

As soon as she saw the flashing lights in the rear view mirror,
Stacy told me to keep my mouth shut.

"I'll handle this. Pull your skirt up a little bit and don't
say a word," she cautioned.

We pulled over to the curb and awaited our fate. A burly policeman
approached the car. He asked for Stacy's license and registration.
His eyes glued themselves to my legs. Feeling the heat of his
gaze, I tightened my legs together.

"Mam, do you have any idea how dangerous it is to run a stop

"Yes officer. I'm sorry. It's just that I was distracted
for a second and missed the sign," she said, turning her
head to look at my exposed thighs. "Isn't there anything
my friend and I can do to avoid a ticket? Maybe we can put in
a little community service time with you and your partner,"
she half-pleaded, half laughed. Her slit skirt opened up, exposing
her long legs all the way up to her G-string.

She placed her hand on the cop's hand and began to run her fingers
in small circles on it. "I'm sure we can come to some sort
of an arrangement," said the officer. "The only problem
is that my partner is a woman," he said. His hot gaze at
my mistress' crotch seemed to set her afire.

Stacy pulled his hand to a pert breast as she whispered something
to the officer. He laughed and returned to his cruiser. He was
back in a matter of seconds.

"My partner said she would keep an eye on your friend while
we negotiated your ticket. Your friend will have to ride in the
patrol car," he said.

"Dawn, you heard the nice policeman. Go sit in the car with
his partner. It's either that or we get hauled to the station,
and I'm sure you don't want that," she teased, placing her
hot hand between my thighs.

The officer came around and opened the door for me. I carefully
slid out of the seat, tugged my skirt down and began walking to
the patrol car He slapped my ass as I began my trip.

When I reached the squad car, the passenger door opened and a
voice barked, "Get in!"

As I settled down into the passenger seat and smoothed my skirt
down, both cars pulled out and headed to a secluded spot in a
downtown parking garage. The patrol car stopped at one end --
my mistress parked at the other.

I sat quietly with my hands in my lap.

"That pig," spat the police woman. "He's made a
career of trading tickets for pussy. You're lucky that you're
not the one sucking his cock dry right now."

I couldn't have agreed more.

She was an extremely attractive lady. Her uniform was tailored
to fit as though it was a second skin. Her breasts pushed hard
against the badges she wore. The uniform slacks hugged her every

She caught me appraising her body. The tension seemed to lessen
as she smiled at me and said, "I might be wrong, but, you
don't seem to be the kind of girl that goes for bribing men with
her body."

"You've got that right," I whispered in response. "How
about bribing a policewoman? You'd be surprised how receptive
a lady cop can be -- and not only to the men," she said.

"You might be disappointed and take it out on me," I

"Let me be the judge of that," she returned.

"I'm not that sure," I replied.

"Let me put it this way, bitch. I can still haul you and
your slut friend's asses in to the slammer. It would be our word
against the word of two sleazy sluts. Now who do you think a judge
would believe" the lady cop snarled.

I was beaten and I knew it. I asked, "What do you want me
to do for you?"

"Lots of things. But, There's not enough room in this cruiser.
Get out of the car and go over to that dark corner," she
ordered, unlocking my door.

My legs trembled as I slid out of the car and walked shakily on
the high heels to the dark corner of the garage. The lady cop
followed close behind. I could feel her appraising my body as
I moved unsteadily to my fate.

She removed her leather jacket and laid in down on the ground.
Then she removed her hand cuffs and night stick from her belt.

"Put your hand out," she ordered.

I complied and she snapped a cuff on my wrist and twisted my arm
behind me. She grabbed my other wrist and cuffed it behind me.

"Get down on your knees," she said as she slapped the
back of my legs with the night stick. I sunk to the ground immediately.
My eyes lowered and my head hung in humiliation. The officer would
have none of that. She placed the stick under my chin and forced
me to look up at her.

"You're going to eat me until I cum. If you don't do well,
I may still haul you in," she said as she dropped her slacks
and panties. Her hands grabbed my hair to pull my face into her
crotch. The force of her grip pulled off my wig. There she stood,
clothes around her ankles, holding my wig as I quickly buried
my face in her muff.

"Well, I'll be damned. I had no idea that you were a drag
queen. No wonder you were so afraid of being arrested. The boys
at the jail would have a great time with a looker like you,"
she said.

There was no way I could afford to piss her off now. I began tentatively
lapping at her moist cunt. She roughly pulled my head forward,
forcing my face deep into he love pot. I began to lick in earnest.

"Mmmm," she moaned as I buried my tongue deep in her
pussy. She forced my face tighter to her crotch. My tongue played
a gentle tune around and over her throbbing clit.

"Ooohhh, you really know how to give head. That's it. Circle
my clitty with your tongue. I can feel my orgasm building,"
she breathed heavily.

Her thigh muscles tensed against my cheeks as I continued to lap
at her hot cunt. I knew I was getting close to taking her to release
when her knees began to buckle.

She began bucking her hips and grinding her groin against my face.

"Aaaaiiieee. I'm so close. Yes. Yes. I'm starting. Don't
stop. Oh, God! I'm coming." she screamed as she reached her
pleasure peak. Her screams echoed through the almost deserted

She quickly regained her composure, pulled on her panties and
slacks and smiled down at me. "That's some of the best face
fucking I've ever had," she said as she pulled me to my feet
and led me back to the car. My captor released the cuffs long
enough to reattach them in front of me.

"Assume the position, bitch," she commanded, pushing
me forward onto the hood of the car. My arms strained in front
of me and I tried to imitate the position as I saw it in the movies.
"Spread those legs," she said as she slapped my outspread
thighs with the night stick.

My skirt rose -- exposing my ass cheeks -- as I spread my legs
as far apart as possible. Her hands roughly squeezed my buns over
my panties. She then pulled my black hipsters down to my knees.
My cock and balls pressed against the cold metal of the hood.
My ass stuck out for her inspection.

"My, my! The jailbirds will love that cute little ass of
yours. You'll make some brute named "Bubba" real happy
to own you," she sneered and smacked my exposed ass.

"Please don't do that to me. Do whatever you want to me.
But, please don't turn me in," I pleaded.

"Now, don't cry honey. I'm just going to show you what they
would do to you. It would be stupid for me to give up a plaything
like you, when I can enjoy all you have to offer -- whenever I
want to," she sneered.

"Thank you officer," I sobbed.

Her one hand reached between my legs and squeezed my cock while
the other hand pressed the end of her the six-inch handle of the
night stick against my ass hole. The stick was highly polished
and smooth. It easily forced its way into my hole.

"AAAaaarrrggghhh!" I pleaded with her to stop. "Oh
please. I can't take any more."

"You'll take as much as I can give," she said, pushing
the handle deeper into me.

"Please! No more. You're tearing me apart," I begged.

She removed the stick and replaced it with a thin, cold, metal
flashlight. It was much smaller and she fucked my ass steadily
Her hand continued to stroke my swollen cock.

"Oh! Oh! Oooohhhh! I groaned aloud with every piston-like
stroke in my hole. "Oh, my God. My God, you're hurting me."

She continued to slam the flashlight into my ass. I could only
squirm against the jackhammer thrusts

Pleasure eventually overtook the pain of my rape.

Suddenly, I heard the other patrol car engine start. I tensed
against the flashlight. The car began to approach our end of the
garage. It stopped about 10 feet from us and turned on its lights.

Humiliation and shame flooded my senses instantly when I realized
that I was now part of a show, a show being put on for the benefit
of Stacy and the male cop.

The lady cop increased her assault on my ass and cock. I was being
fucked like a true bitch in heat.

Stacy and the male cop applauded my attacker and cheered her on
until my cock exploded, shooting cum onto the hood.

"Aaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhh!" My cock convulsed uncontrollably.

"Lick up that mess," she ordered as she pulled the flashlight
from my ass. Her hand forced my face into my cum. I had no choice
but to lick it up.

My attacker placed my wig back on my head, removed the cuffs and
pushed me into Stacy's car.

The two of the "City's finest" pulled out of the garage
and back on patrol.

I tried to smooth my clothes into place while Stacy left the garage
and continued on her way to the club.

"I'll bet you really surprised that dyke police lady,"
she said. "You must have pleased her too .... or else your
ass would belong to some prisoner by now."

Chapter 20 Show and Tell

The rest of the drive was in silence. Stacy smiled at me from
time to time, occasionally stroking my legs Her hand cupped my
crotch and gently squeezed my cock. My panties were still moist
from my workout with the policewoman and my member showed no signs
of life. Even Stacy's squeezing couldn't bring it to life. I was
physically and emotionally drained.

"Just think, Dawn, the real fun hasn't even started yet,"
she laughed.

We parked in a lot about two blocks from the meeting place and
walked the crowded street arm-in-arm toward the club. My slim,
suede rose high up my thighs as I tried to walk on the stiletto
heels A few drivers honked and waved at us as they drove by. Stacy
made a point of waving back to all of them.

"I'll bet some of those guys are so horny that they wouldn't
care that you have a dick under those satin panties of yours,"
teased Stacy. "You haven't had a real dick crammed into your
mouth or pussy yet, have you?"

"No, mam," I responded, shuddering at the thought of
being violated in the manner.

"I may just have to remedy that situation for you. It will
make you appreciate us women even more."

Finally, we reached the entrance to the bar. Stacy paid our admission
charge and we entered the lounge area.

What a sight! There were at least 50 of the most attractive women
in town sitting on sofas and love seats.

"It's about time you got here," one of them shouted
at us as we took a seat near the center of the room. Our presence
signaled the start of the meeting.

One by one, each lady explained how she tortured her boss into
submitting into demands for raises, time off and other favors.

They discussed the size of their boss' cocks, their staying power
and their different tastes in lovemaking. Each secretary seemed
to have an insatiable carnal appetite and each one undoubtedly
knew how to use that appetite to get ahead in their positions.

Finally, it was time for Stacy to take part in the discussion.
"I have discovered the best way to tame a boss and get him
under your total control," she announced. "And with
the help of my assistant Dawn, I will show you how its done. Dawn
would you come to the front of the room?"

I slowly got up from my chair and joined her in the center of
the room.

"Now, you'll have to use your imagination and pretend that
Dawn is my boss. When our little demonstration is over, you'll
see I have the best method of taming a boss," she explained
to the gathering.

Stacy set the scene explaining that she was in her boss' and that
she was about to take control of the situation.

I sat at a table and chair that were supposed to belong to the

"You know, I'm getting sick and tired of how you treat me.
I'm not your slave you know. The only real reason you keep me
around is so that you can stare at my boobs when I enter the room
and at my ass when I leave. It's about time the tables were switched.
If you ever want to sample my treasures you'll do what I say."

She instructed me to come around from behind the desk. When I
was standing in front of her, she embraced me and started to rub
against me.

"I'll bet you'd love to have these hot breasts pressed against
your face," she said as she forced my face into her cleavage.
I was almost smothered by them and the intoxicating aroma of her
carefully placed perfume.

Her hands cupped my buttocks and pulled me tightly against her.
She continued to grind against my crotch.

Then she roughly pushed me away and began to remove her clothes.
Stripped to her panties, garter belt, stockings and heels, she
presented a vision that created an air of sexual charge throughout
the room.

She walked toward me, pushed on my shoulders and forced me to
my knees. Next, she pressed my face into her crotch.

"Perhaps, if you perform well today, I'll let you touch me
again. If not, you will only be able to dream about my sexy body,"
she said loudly while she pulled down her wispy panties.

Instinctively, the tip of my tongue sought out her already distended
clit. I lapped at her pinkies cunt flesh. The smell of her fragrant
juices began to fill the room and her hips began to undulate in
time to my licking.

"Mmmm, yes, eat me, eat me good if you ever want me again,"
she said. I continued my tongue dance on Stacy's clit, oblivious
to the fact that the crowd had moved to within a few feet of my

"Yes, suck me, suck the juices from my snatch."

Her juices oozed from her cunt in a drenching flow. My tongue
acted as a sponge. Stacy's body began to vibrate with ecstasy
I knew she wouldn't be able to take much more of my assault on
her clit. I continued to tongue-fuck her. Her hips undulated against
my face.

"That's it baby do it! Oh, yes! Lick my cunt good! You're
making me cum. Soon! Soon," Stacy cried out, "That's
it, yes, yes ... Aaarrrggghhh!" Her knees buckled signaling
her orgasm. Still, however, she managed to maintain her position
of authority.

"Not bad, asshole," she barked. The crowd cheered her
display of power.

A member of the group responded, "It's easy to get another
woman to join you in a fantasy about enslaving a boss. It still
doesn't prove that you made it work on your boss."

The rest of the crowd agreed with the lady who questioned Stacy's
ability and power.

Someone would pay for that mistake. I knew it would be me.

Stacy pulled me to my feet. I tried to smooth my clothing and
looked at my mistress. My eyes implored her not to expose me to
this group, many of whom I dealt with from time to time.

It was not to be.

"I'll show you that it can be done," she announced,
"and I'll show you right now. Dawn, strip down to your lingerie
for me."

Reluctantly, I removed my wool sweater and slim suede skirt.

"I have such control over my Dawn that I now keep a closet
stocked with dresses, skirts, blouses, wigs and makeup for Dawn's
little emergencies."

The group was growing impatient with Stacy. "So what,"
they jeered.

I now stood in front of Stacy and her friends clad only in my
black lace underwire bra, panties, camisole, half slip, garter
belt, silk stockings and heels. My wiggled head hung low.

"Dawn, please be kind enough to remove your camisole and
slip," she commanded more than asked.

The secretaries caught on immediately.

"I can't believe it. This is actually your boss dressed in
lingerie," said one of them.

My escort motioned for them to see for themselves.

One of the ladies came forward and began to inspect me. She ran
her hand over my body, finally stroking the front of my panties.
Unfortunately, I sprang to life at her touch.

"My God, it is him," she shrieked. In order to prove
her point, she pulled my panties down to my knees, exposing my
engorged cock to the throng.

They all cheered Stacy, who totally enjoyed the attention. She
commanded me to pull up my panties and sit in the corner while
she explained the finer points of feminization to her friends.

Every once in awhile, one of the ladies would stray to where I
was sitting and taunt me.

"Titless Pansy!"

"Company Stud, my ass!"

"Sissy Boy!"

"I'll bet you're not even good enough to be a secretary."

"How would you like it if I told my boss about you, you little

"Next time you visit my office, call ahead so I can meet
you in the ladies room for some fun first."

A few sat on my lap, teased me, and fondled me. "I'll bet
you're real good at (dick)tation," one whispered.

It wasn't long before Stacy called me back to the middle of the
room. I stood in front of the group. My eyes were closed to avoid
their spiteful stares.

Stacy opened her purse and removed a variety of nipple clamps,
butt plugs, vibrators and other instruments of torture.

The ladies took turns attaching or inserting the sex toys on and
in my body. They continued to tease and taunt me all the while.

The pain and humiliation became almost unbearable. Still, my cock
remained rock hard, pressing against the fabric of my panties.

"Would you look at that swollen clit," one remarked,
as she slapped at my stiff erection. My last bastion of manhood
shrank into submission behind its satin cover.

Soon, the inevitable happened. The secretaries formed a line and
forced me to lick all of them to orgasm. My tongue felt raw and
coarse after the long oral workout.

Mercifully, closing time approached. Stacy ordered me to get dressed
for the ride home.

We left the club as the group applauded Stacy.

In the car, she told me that I had behaved like a perfect lady.

"I just can't wait to tell Kayla about tonight," she
shouted as she dropped me off in front of the apartment.

Tears welled in my eyes as I slowly walked into the building,
entered the elevator and rode in silence to my home. Fortunately,
everyone was asleep when I got there.

I dropped, exhausted onto the bed and immediately went to sleep.

The next morning Kayla congratulated me on my exhibition at the

She seems to enjoy my situation more than any of the women I serve.
Rarely a day goes by that she doesn't find some way to humiliate
me. Our lunch time ritual consists of me stripping to my lingerie
and sitting on the floor with my back against the low couch. When
she enters the room, I must put my head back on the soft cushion.
She then comes to the couch, raises her skirt and sits on my face,
forcing me to lick her to orgasm. Fully satisfied, she stands
up, smooth her skirt and leaves the room without acknowledging
my existence.

Chapter 21 Double Date

Lisa and Ellen were called out of town on a business trip and
Stacy convinced them to loan me to her for a few days. They packed
my suitcase and dropped me of at her apartment before leaving
on their trip. Stacy led me to my room and then had me clean the
apartment. I dusted vacuumed and cleaned house for about two hours
before she called me to her room to inform me that we were going
out on a date that evening ... on a double date ... with two men.

She sensed my fear. "Quit acting like a virgin cunt. I told
you last week that I thought it was about time for you to experience
your first man. Well, honey, tonight's the night."

Stacy instructed me to take a shower and begin dressing for the

"I'll have your clothes ready for you. Take your time, I
want you to look especially sexy for your date with Sean."

"Not Sean Gent, Mistress Stacy," I implored.

"That's right, Sean Gent."

"But why? You hate him and everything he stands for,"
I asked.

"That's exactly why. I intend to put him in his place. And
you're going to help me. Do you understand?

"Yes, Mistress Stacy."

"Good, now go get ready."

I resigned myself to the fact that I had better please Stacy or
Sean wouldn't be the only one to experience her wrath. Stacy stuck
her head into the bathroom while I was showering and shaving.

"Here. Use this too. I want you clean inside as well as outside,"
she said handing me a douche bag.

I gave myself the rectal douche as commanded and entered the bedroom
to finish dressing. After applying my makeup, I combed out my
wig and began dressing. Stacy had selected my evening's wardrobe.
The black garter belt framed my freshly shaved crotch. I slid
my black stockings up my legs, making sure my seams were straight,
and attached the garters. My panties slipped easily up my shaven
legs. To hide my cock, I slipped a sanitary napkin in my panties.
I inserted falsies into my bra and bounced them in my hands. They
really gave the illusion of pert, bouncy breasts.

She had chosen a sheer black blouse, sheer enough to show off
my sexy black bra. I stepped into the mini-slip and pulled on
the short red leather skirt. Pearl snap on earrings, a necklace
and bracelets on my wrist and an ankle finished off the ensemble.
I slipped my feet in the black pumps and entered the den to meet

She was decked out in a short black dress that was slit up to
her waist, red stockings and black spike heels. If she were a
hooker, she would have made a million that night the way she was

While I was admiring Stacy, the door bell rang.

"Answer the door, Dawn, We mustn't keep our dates waiting,"
she stated.

I quickly moved to the door, opened it and allowed our dates to

Sean quickly grabbed me by the waist and planted a wet, sloppy
kiss on my painted lips. He roughly forced his tongue into my
mouth. I almost gagged. Thinking quickly, I gently pushed him
away and asked, "What's your hurry, stud. Don't you know
that all good things come to those who wait." I batted my
false eyelashes at him seductively.

Stacy's date turned out to be one of the company vice presidents.
She greeted him with open arms and kissed him passionately. They
remained locked in their heated embrace while I got our purses
and walked toward the door.

"Where are we going, Sean?" I asked.

His eyes were riveted on Stacy's rear. Her dress had risen high
enough to expose her G-string covered loins.

"Oh, nowhere special. A quiet dinner. A little dancing and
then back to my place for a nightcap," he replied, still
admiring Stacy's rear.

"Sounds good enough to me. Ready to go?" I placed my
arm in Sean's and led him out to the parking lot. Stacy finally
broke her embrace with her date and we climbed into Sean's car
for the ride to dinner.

As soon as we were in the car, Stacy was, once again, all over
her date. Her performance was even getting to me. I decided to
be a little brave and slid across the seat next to Sean.

"Boy, that Stacy is one hot woman, I hope you don't decide
to develop any passion cramps tonight. I've been searching the
building for you for more than a week. You're one hard to find
lady," he said as his hand rested on my knee.

"We'll see. We'll see," I said. I bravely placed my
hand in his lap. His bulge was already straining against his slacks.
For a moment, my hand froze in place. I couldn't believe what
I had just done. Then, I remembered Stacy's warning .. "I'm
going to put him in his place and you're going to help me!"
I patted his crotch and returned my hand to my own lap.

The drive to the restaurant was mercifully short. We parked in
front of the door. Stacy and her date composed themselves and
we exited the car and entered the eatery.

The waiter led us to a far corner and pulled out the seats for
Stacy and me. I had never had that done for me. It was actually
pleasant being treated that nicely.

Stacy and I ordered light salads and a bottle of white wine, while
our escorts ordered steak dinners. I quickly downed two glasses
of the wine in search of liquid courage.

"I may need this big dinner to keep up my strength for later,"
Sean joked as he slid his hand under the table and onto my thigh.

I smiled weakly and turned my attention to my salad. While I nibbled
on my salad and Sean awaited his feast, his hand was busily working
its way up my thigh.

The drinks began to take effect and I spread my legs a bit to
allow him easier access for his expert fondling.

Sean's busy fingers reached my stocking top. Just as he made contact
with my bare flesh, I clamped my thighs on his hand, fearing his
reaction when he reached my crotch. How would he react to the
sanitary napkin? Even more important -- how would he react to
what the sanitary napkin was covering?

I had to give Sean credit. He was skillful. As soon as he felt
my resistance, he snapped my garter against my thigh flesh and
got the reaction he wanted. My legs flew apart. His hand slid
up to cup my panties covered crotch.

"What's this?" he asked, squeezing the sanitary napkin.

"Just a precaution," I replied. "I'm just finishing
my period and I wanted to make sure I was clean and fresh for
you. Besides. I have other holes you can stuff later."

To prove my point, I slipped a celery stick between my pursed
lips and began sliding it in and out. Sean smiled at me knowingly
placed the celery down on my plate and slipped my hand under the
table. My fingers found his zipper and quickly pulled it down.
I snaked my fingers into the opening and squeezed his already
rock-hard erection. It felt monstrous in my hand. The thought
of taking it in my mouth or ass sent ripples of fear coursing
throughout my body. Time for another glass of wine.

Sean mistook my fear as excitement and placed his hand over mine
and started pumping it up and down his staff.

I quickly released my grip on his penis, pulled up his zipper
and poured yet another glass of wine. I knew then I needed to
numb my senses even more.

Fortunately, his dinner arrived and he turned his attention, and
his hands, to his meal.

Stacy and her date steered the post dinner conversation to office
gossip. Sean knew it all. If there wasn't a woman in the company
he hadn't slept with, it was probably an accident. He was proud
of his exploits.

"And they all come back for more, Isn't that right Stacy?"
asked Sean.

"Whatever you say, Sean. But, I think that you're going to
find that Dawn is something special," Stacy replied.

A small band began to play what Sean called "belly rubbin'"
music. He took my hand and led me to the dance floor.

Immediately, his hands cupped my ass and pulled me tightly against
his crotch. I could feel the heat of his erection even through
my leather skirt. In the darkness of the dance floor, he kissed
me long and hard. He slipped his leg between mine, and before
the song was over, the pressure of his leg and the sanitary napkin
on my cock and balls was really uncomfortable. I still wasn't
ready to really respond. "Maybe a few more drinks" I
told myself.

The band took a break and we returned to the table. Stacy and
her date were gone. I nearly freaked.

Sean smiled knowingly and said, "I guess they just couldn't
wait any longer. He slid into the booth next to me and ordered
another round of drinks. I asked for a double scotch.

"Now, don't get drunk and pass out on me," Sean warned.

I couldn't be so lucky.

A few more drinks. A few more dances. A few more drinks.

The alcohol had no effect on Sean. I finally had reached a state
where I was ready for anything -- even Sean.

"Time to party, baby. Let's get out of here and to my place
where we can get to know each other better," he said cupping
one of my falsies. He didn't notice anything wrong.

Once we were in the car, I became a little frisky. I slid closer
to him and played with his ear and rubbed his thighs and crotch
over his trousers.

We finally reached his apartment. He took my arm and led me to
the door. In the doorway, he again pulled me to him, forced a
leg between mine and kissed me deeply. After all that alcohol,
I found myself kissing back and actually sucking his tongue into
my mouth.

He increased the pressure against my crotch.

"Mmmm! That's good. Let's get inside where we can be more
comfortable," I pleaded.

I knew at that moment that I would suck his cock. But, only if
he would later bury it in my hole.

Once inside, I quickly moved to one of the couches and asked Sean
to pour me a drink. I made sure that my skirt was high enough
on my thighs to give him a view of my garters and bare thigh.

Sean poured our drinks, turned off all the lights but one and
joined me on the couch. I never got to finish my drink. Sean was
ready. So was I.

I kicked off my shoes and curled my legs up on the couch. The
squirming caused my skirt to ride even higher. Sean had a great
view of my black panties.

His cock threatened to burst out of his slacks He put his arm
around my neck and pulled my face to his. I opened my mouth willingly
this time. His tongue slid deep into my mouth. Sean liked to call
French kissing "upper persuasion for lower invasion."
And he was pretty persuasive.

His hands found their way to my breasts. He began kneading my
falsies through my blouse. Before I could stop him, he had my
top three buttons open and was cupping my bra cups. Thank God
for the darkness.

I needed to divert his attention elsewhere. It was time to take
matters into my own hands, literally.

"Whoa, lover! Slow down. We've got all night. Let me help
you of that suit," I breathed heavily into his ear. A few
licks of his ear lobe and a little neck nibbling convinced him
I was right.

Getting up off the couch, I took Sean's hands and pulled him to
his feet. I slipped his jacket off and began to unbutton his shirt.
I felt him inhale deeply as I traced my painted nails across his
bare chest, occasionally pinching a nipple. His shirt soon joined
his jacket on the floor.

Sean stood completely still, hypnotized by my attention.

As my hands sought out his belt buckle and zipper, I lowered my
head to his chest and sucked one of his nipples into my mouth.
I held it between my teeth and gently bit it. Just like a woman's,
his nipple began to harden and swell. The same attention was paid
to the other one.

"Oh yes, baby! That's it. Suck it in. Suck it hard. I've
got something a lot bigger than that waiting for you," he
gasped pressing my head lower.

Once his slacks were open, they immediately fell to his ankles.

Prolonging the inevitable, I fell to my knees and removed his
shoes and socks before pulling his pants off. I was afraid to
look up at his crotch. I could feel the heat of his arousal as
his hardon throbbed above me.

Sean was growing impatient.

"Come on, Dawn. I know your dying to slip those moist lips
of yours around my cock. It wants you too. It wants you really
bad," he said.

I was dying all right. I was dying from fright -- the fear of
sucking what looked like a telephone pole into my mouth.

Taking a deep breath of fear and resignation, I raised my head
to face my fate.

"Pull down my shorts baby. release my cock, Dawn. It wants
to fill your hole -- all your holes," he said.

I reached up and tugged on his waist band. My hands pulled his
underwear down. As the material uncovered his swollen dick, it
sprang free and proud, sticking a full nine inches in front of
his crotch. It was massive. It looked like a giant redwood towering
out of a forest.

I looked at it in amazement. But not for long. Sean placed both
hands behind my neck and guided my face to its target.

In order to keep my balance, I cupped his butt in both hands.
This excited him even more. Without any more warning, he rammed
his blood-gorged member past my lips and half way down my throat.
I had to fight hard to keep from choking.

It was hot in my mouth, nothing like the cool latex dildos. This
thing had a life of its own. In order to tame it for awhile, I
clamped my lips on it and began sucking at a slow pace.

"I knew those lips would feel great locked on my cock. Suck
me off, Dawn. Suck it all in," he moaned.

It seemed to grow even more as I gave my first blowjob. I thought
I would surely choke on it. Its head was massive.

He moaned as I tried to take it all in.

"Relax your throat. You can take it all, "he groaned
as he rammed deep and hard into my mouth. The length of his staff
was buried. I could feel his crotch hairs tickle my face. His
balls bounced against my chin.

The dick worked up and down my throat like a piston. My head bobbed
up and down on his tool. I reached up and began to fondle his
balls. I slipped a finger into his asshole at the same time.

Sean was now in a frenzy.

"That's it Dawn. Suck me hard. Squeeze my sack. I can feel
my load building. It won't be long," he moaned.

Removing my finger from his ass, I slipped my hand under my skirt
and into my panties. I stroked, pumped and rubbed my cock in unison
with the rhythm of my cock sucking.

My date was too lost in his own pleasure to notice me masturbating
myself to my own orgasm. His hands were glued to my neck, forcing
my mouth up and down his turgid staff. His saliva-soaked cock
moved easily across my pursed and sucking lips.

Suddenly, his thighs began to tense. His orgasm was rapidly reaching
its peak.

"It's coming, Dawn. I hope you're a swallower. I'm going
to fill your mouth with my load. Suck it up my rod, Dawn. That's
better. More suction. More suction."

And suck I did. I could feel his load start its trip up his rod.
Sean tried to hold back. I bobbed faster, sucking at his core.

His entire body shuddered as he screamed out his release.

"I'm coming! I'm coming. Oh, Oh! I'm coming!"

He held my face tightly against his crotch. My lips were sealed
against the base of his cock. Semen poured into my mouth and down
my throat. He seemed to spew his seed forever. I gulped and gulped.
But I still couldn't swallow all the semen fast enough to keep
it from seeping out between my clenched lips and down to my chin.
The vacuum I had created kept him rigid in my mouth for moments
after his release. Nature, however, ran its course and his cock
began to shrink between my lips until it simply slid out. Even
in its shriveled state, it was a large cock. I wanted him hard
again. Hard enough to fuck my ass.

But, it didn't look like my fantasy would become reality. Not
for a while, anyway. Completely drained, Sean fell back onto the
couch and drifted into a deep sleep -- drained him of his strength
as well as his seed.

While he rested, I poured myself a fresh drink to wash down the
salty semen aftertaste in my mouth. My panties were moist from
my pre-come fluid that was a result of my masturbating. I needed
release too.

Judging from the shape Sean was in at the moment, it would be
a long time before he would be "up" to servicing my

Could I risk pulling down my panties and beating my own meat?
What if he awakened and found my hand pumping my own cock to orgasm?

My thoughts drifted to Stacy. Why had she left? Where had she
gone. How was she going to "fix" Sean?

Stacy was right about a few things. Taking on Sean and his monster
cock was really no big deal. I felt no guilt. It was just another
sex act. Sean just happened to have a real cock instead of a rubber
one. So what?

The silence was broken by a key being inserted in Sean's front
door lock. The door opened slowly. Who could it be? To my surprise
and delight, it was Stacy and her date.

She ran up to me, hugged me and then looked down at Sean's sleeping

"I always told you that you gave great head, Dawn,"
Stacy squealed. "I hope you didn't suck the life out of him.
It's time for a little payback."

Questions poured out of my mouth, ..."Where did you go? Why
did you leave me?" What happens next?"

"Actually, your pleasure and Sean's humiliation," responded
my mistress. She explained that they were in the next apartment
and had filmed the entire evening's events.

"We need to hurry. The camera is still running and I still
want to get some more hot action on film to use against him."

Sean's wrists and ankles were quickly placed in restraints While
Stacy's date got Sean ready for whatever was in store for him,
Stacy joined me on the couch.

"You were really great, Dawn. I'll bet you were really turned
on! Let me check out your panties. I'll bet they're soaked,"
she said.

I spread my legs wide so that she could feel my wetness. They
were really drenched with pre-cum fluid.

"Wow! You really are hot! Don't worry, honey. You'll be taken
care of real soon. You can ditch that sanitary napkin, too."
Stacy had a really wicked smile on her lips.

I heard yelling coming from another room. It was Sean's voice.
He was upset.

Stacy led me to the bedroom. There we found Sean tied to a chair.

"What the fuck are you trying to pull? Cut me loose right
now, you cunt," he screamed at Stacy. "What was this
... a setup?"

"You got it, dude!"

A look of terror crossed Sean's face.

"As usual, you were your normally selfish self and had Dawn
suck you off and then ignored her needs. You look great on tape
too. She must have a great mouth. I've never seen so many expressions
of pleasure on a man's face before."

The captive Sean nodded in agreement. He told Stacy that I gave
the best head he ever had.

"But, that leaves us with a problem. Poor Dawn's panties
are soaked and she needs her release."

Sean stared at Stacy, waiting for her to continue.

Stacy had me stand in front of Sean. I could hear the camera running
through the thin walls.

"Well, Dawn, how would you like Sean here to please you?
Would you prefer he eat you out, or fuck your tight hole?"

"I want him to fuck my ass, if that's OK with you, Stacy.

"Whatever you request, Sean will be glad to oblige. Won't
you Sean," Stacy replied, glaring at he helpless captive.

"It doesn't look like I have any choice," he barked
back, struggling at his restraints.

"That's the first smart thing I've heard from you in a long
time," Stacy spat back.

I was getting caught up in this drama.

"He doesn't seem too excited by this. What's the chances
of our adding a little excitement for him? I hope you still have
that two-headed dildo in your purse. Maybe we can have some fun
in the process," I said to Stacy, hoping my idea met with
her approval.

Stacy smiled at me while she fished in her handbag and produced
the latex dong. She took my place in front of Sean for a moment.
My mistress/secretary parted the slit in her short, black dress,
exposing her red stockings, garter belt and G-string. She kept
her skirt parted and commanded Sean to pull down her G-string
with his teeth.

Sean had no choice but to obey. Nobody understood his position
better than I.

Her hairy crotch was inches from his face.

Stacy handed me the dildo and told me to place it in Sean's mouth
so she could mount it.

It slid easily into Sean's mouth. I pressed it in deeply against
the back of his throat. "Relax your throat, baby. You can
take it all in," I repeated his earlier instructions.

My mistress spread her cunt lips and edged closer to Sean. I watched
her pussy envelope the cock a little bit at a time.

She slapped Sean's mouth. When he opened it to scream, she stepped
back, freeing it from his mouth.

"He got it wet for you Dawn. That was really nice of him.
Are you ready for it now?" she asked.

"Just a second."

I turned my back to Sean and began to undress. First came the
blouse. The skirt and mini-slip came next.

Calmly, I walked to the foot of the bed, pulled down the back
of my panties, bent over and offered myself to Stacy.

"Let's show him we don't need a man's dick at all, Dawn.
Besides, we know that this cock will stay hard until we get off.
Not like our buddy Sean!" Stacy enjoyed mocking her prisoner.

As she approached my hole, I reached back and spread my cheeks
to give her a clear shot.

My breath quickened in anticipation of her entry. The dominant
beauty plunged the dildo deep inside me and began to slowly stroke
my rear passage. I spread my legs even more as she worked the
dildo. Her pelvis pushed against my rear as she buried the instrument
of our pleasure. She paused for a few seconds to allow me to get
used to the cock, then began a slow, rhythmic pumping into my
receptive sheath.

I decided to help Stacy receive more pleasure. On one of her down
strokes, I clenched my muscles down on the dildo, trapping it
my hole. Now she could ride it to orgasm.

"Ooohhh! Ummm! Well, Dawn, you really are becoming a considerate
lover, "she said as she began to slide up and down on the

Sean watched in amazement as we continued to fuck ourselves to

"Eat your heart out Sean! That little dick of yours is only
a little toy for our amusement," Stacy said.

All I could say was, "Mmmm! Ooohhh! Aaahhh!"

Stacy had slipped a hand around my hips and had begun to pump
my cock. I swelled quickly in her fingers. I clamped tighter on
the dildo. Stacy rode the dildo and pumped my cock.

Our cries of pleasure filled the room.

"Yes, that's it! Pump harder. I'm coming! I feel it now.
Ooohhh! Ooohhh! Yesssss! I screamed my release and shot my load
onto Sean's satin sheets,

Now it was Stacy's turn to get off!

"Aaaiiieee! Soooo Gooooood! Now! Now! Yesssss! Yes!"

Our flesh met as our bodies rested. The dildo was still lodged
in our holes. Neither of us wanted to move. We were unwilling
to give up the feeling of fullness in our love canals.

Sean continued to stare in disbelief.

"Does poor Sean want to play too?" Stacy asked him while
she removed the dildo from my hole.

She played with his erection, causing him to become even more

"Oh, yes. I really want to pump my meat into Dawn's ass just
like you did," he pleaded. Stacy turned her attention to
me. "Is that OK with you," he pleaded. I know I can't
measure up to the dildo."

"I know," I said, "I'm just curious to see if you
know how to use that thing." I whispered to Stacy, "besides
that, you know I've never had a real cock in me."

Stacy laughed. "That's right. You're still a virgin in some
ways. Are you sure you want Sean to be the one to break your cherry?"

"He's here. I want it. If he's as good as I've heard, it
might be worth the experience," I replied.

Stacy's date came back into the room and removed Sean's restraints.

Sean quickly ran up to my resting form and slipped his cock into
my well lubricated hole. It slid in easily.

"Uuuggghhh!" I grunted at his unexpected penetration.
His hands grabbed my hips and he began methodically fucking my

While I began to pick up his rhythm, I heard a loud scream escape
his lips.


Stacy had managed to sneak up on Sean and roughly buried the dildo
in his ass. His scream was not one of pleasure. It was pure pain.

"Everybody gets fucked in this party," Stacy shouted.
"Relax Sean, your ass will get used to my strokes."

She was right, of course.

Sean concentrated on fucking me and blocked out the pain of his
own rape.

In his excitement, he slipped his hands from my waist to my crotch.
His hand finally made its discovery. He removed it as though he
had touched a hot stove.

"What the fuck. You're a fucking man. I'm fucking a fucking

"And you're loving every second of it, you asshole. And I
have it on tape," announced Stacy triumphantly. As she finished
her sentence, four people strode into the room. I knew them all
too well. And I knew all too well what was next for Sean.

Mistresses Lisa, Ellen, and Kayla were led into the room by Mistress

"Hello Dawn. You're looking better than ever," my first
mistress said.

"Thank you, Mistress Lynn. You're as beautiful as ever. How
may I serve you?"

My reply pleased her.

"Not tonight honey. Tonight, we are going to initiate Sean
into our very exclusive club. You had better run along home. Take
Sean's car. He won't be needing it."

Stacy pulled Sean out of my tight hole and they restrained him
to the bed posts.

As I walked through the door, I realized that by Monday, Stacy
would have her very own love slave and I would have a new friend.
Her name would be Shawn.

Chapter 22 The Shopping Spree

My life at home can be equated to that of a live- in maid. I see
to the needs of Lisa and Ellen. I cook, clean and iron.. I draw
their baths, sometimes washing and drying their lithe bodies.
Sexually, I am like one of their many sex toys. They use me when
they are in the mood. Otherwise, I am left pretty much to myself.

Whenever we throw a party or attend one, I wear my maid's costume
and cater to the whims of all the guests. This is usually the
only time, except when I make them angry, that I am forced to
wear any restraints. I guess it serves to others as a symbol of
my servitude to them.

I have really become accustomed to my new role and doubt that
I would try to escape my situation. Most of the everyday pressures
have been taken away. They pay all the bills and keep up our home.
All I have to do is work and do those few domestic chores I'm
assigned to do.

The greatest benefit of all this, of course, is being exposed
to so many women and having the opportunity to sexually satisfy
them in a number of ways I never knew existed.

My wanting to please them has become so intense that I can now
orgasm without my cock being stroked or enveloped in a woman's
pussy or ass.

Yes, the excitement of cross-dressing in public is a definite
turn on. Having women talk to me as if I were just "one of
the girls" has given me a keen insight into their wants,
needs and innermost feelings and fantasies.

The biggest disadvantage is that they control my every waking
moment. Whenever I rebel, they humiliate me to the point that
I become even more subservient to them. "Them" has grown
to about a total of 20 women who actively affect my life inside
our home and at the office.

My days of being dominated turned into weeks, then months. I couldn't
even escape this mental and physical captivity at work. Kayla
and Stacy saw to that.

My Dominas enrolled me in aerobics classes and a private ballet
class. All this exercise, plus the sexual gymnastics they put
me through, resulted in a 40 pound weight loss and about four
inches off my waist.

Other than the lingerie they made me wear, nothing I had (masculine
or feminine) to wear fit any more.

"Well, Dawn, it seems your exercise program is reaping its
rewards. You've really slimmed down from a fat old cow to a trim
lady," announced Mistress Lisa.

I blushed in embarrassment. It did feel better to have lost the
weight, no matter what the reason.

"I think we should reward Dawn with a shopping spree. She
must get tired of looking in her closet every day and thinking
that she just doesn't have a thing to wear," laughed Mistress

The three of us piled into the car and drove to the mall. I, of
course, was dressed fully as a woman.

My two escorts stopped numerous times to talk to friends, introducing
me as their new roommate, and inviting them to visit our home.

When we entered the first boutique, they led me directly to the
lingerie section.

"Don't be shy, Dawn. If you're going to feel sexy, you have
to look sexy," whispered Mistress Lisa.

Now that I had shed the inches, it was easier to buy a wider variety
of lingerie.

My partners totally enjoyed themselves as they selected my undies.
They bought me fancy hipsters, bikinis, string bikinis and tap
pants. Everything was silk, satin, nylon or lycra -- no cotton
whatsoever. Cotton isn't sexy enough for you," said Mistress

The panties, bras, garter belts, teddies, camisoles, nightgowns
and stockings presented no problem. I did, however, have to try
on the corsets and other body shapers. If they had two-way mirrors
in the dressing rooms, I'm sure they were surprised to see my
erection sticking out of my bikini panties as I tried on each

Finding shoes that fit turned out to be no problem at all.

By this time, I was feeling a little silly because of all the
attention I was receiving. Whenever I tried on a pair of shoes,
I was sure to spread my legs wide enough so that the sales clerks
got a good view of my panties.

A few of them began to feel their way up my legs while helping
me step into the heels and pumps. I began to get really excited
from all this touching and feeling. First it was the sales girls
smoothing the dresses over my chest and crotch. Then the shoe
sales people looking up my skirt or playing with my legs.

We spent the entire afternoon trying on lounge wear, sleep wear,
dresses, skirts, blouses, evening gowns, even a bridal ensemble.
They even treated me to a collection of accessories, including
jewelry, belts, hats and handbags.

Everything, with the exception of the wedding gown, was black
or red. The next stop was a beauty salon where I was treated to
a facial, manicure and pedicure. Since it was a private salon,
my wig was removed and my hair was restyled in a unisex cut. The
next two hours were spent in makeup and skin care classes. The
beauticians fussed over me like I was a celebrity. They poured
me glass after glass of champagne while they worked their magic.

I noticed that I was the only customer and that the shades had
been closed. Really thankful that no one could just walk in, I
relaxed and began to really enjoy the attention.

"Well, Dawn, we've paid for all of this today. It's time
that you showed your appreciation by giving these ladies the tip,"
said Mistress Ellen.

"But, mistress, I have no money for a tip."

"That's not the kind of tip we want," said one of the
beauticians as she strapped my arms to the chair and bent it almost
completely back. "We want the tip of your tongue."

I heard the sound of zippers being lowered and then the rustle
of clothes being removed as the beauticians began forming a line
at the head of the chair.

For the next two hours, I licked and sucked the entire beauty
parlor staff to an orgasm. My face was engulfed by blonde, brunette
and shaved pussy. Their juices ran over my face until I thought
I would truly drown in their nectar.

The experience proved too much for me and I came violently in
my panties.

Mistress Lisa spotted my wet panties and informed me that I would
later be punished for coming without permission.

With the chair pulled back and my legs in the air, my skirt had
risen to my waist, exposing my frilly panties. "We really
should do something about those cunt hairs sticking out around
Dawn's panties," said the beauty shop manager. "Why
don't we throw in a free pussy shave since Dawn was such a good

Before returning the chair to its upright position, my panties
were removed and one of the ladies shaved my entire crotch area

I almost came again as one lady held my cock and another handled
my balls, moving them out of the way of her razor.

Mistress Lisa then slipped a butt plug in my ass and handed me
a fresh pair of panties.

"This should teach you to satisfy yourself without permission,
you little slut," she said.

I was then let out of the chair. As we left the beauty shop, one
of the girls shouted, "Come back and see us again Dawn. We
love working for tips."

The end!!!