Chef Haiyu` s Burger for Today

Friends know me from Xi`An, a historical city but also famous for food, especially Chinese Burgers. Do belive most of you guys eat this below before ... 

陕西肉夹馍 Taste so guuuuuud !

在魔都的日子,我无时无刻不想着“馍都”的burger啊~~~ 但是在魔都,这次就先吃一次比较洋气的,今天貌似上海这边的台风忘了wifi密码,那就先躲在家里home making...

These days watched few of Pit Master BBQ Videos. Of course, as a meat eater,  I decide to cook some special for today and add this recipe to my list. 

最近迷上了他们的烤肉食品, BBQ Pit Boys

Materials for this Meal :

1.  Thousands Island Sauce  2.  Cheese ( in peaces)  3. Onion    4. Burger Bread  5. sour sauced cucumbers (optional and cut into pcs)  6. minced beef  7. minced garlic  8. black peper, minced  9. green chili  10. lettuce

easy to find in super market

how to make

1. make the minced beef as ball and put it down on the table in round shape

2. Do not forget to spread the salt,  black peper and minced garlic on the beef before you make them in round raw pie



3.  fry them little bit till two sides get parts burned

fill little oil on the pan

4.  Sure, we need a toster oven on 180`C.  10-12 mins toasting will be fined to cook those up.

Before you get the meatloaf out of the oven, put some Cheese on them. Waiting the cheese melting that could get the meatloaf more tasty and flavoured.  This depends how you like the milky smelling and sweety. But if you toast some green chili to add some Vege spicy,  this is also a good try. 


5. if you like bacon meet,  just put what you like.  And i want to say, let us forget the fatty and high calorie.

. 骗一骗自己也是好的,先暂时忘记卡路里的事情


6.  Again, put whatever you like to make this homemade burger more flavoured.


7.  Again, sorry for eating in front of you without sharing.  Because.... Am realy realy hunger for this !!!