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China warns U.S. against putting bilateral trade ties in jeopardy - Xinhua |

China 'firmly opposes' latest US tariff action - World -

Trump announces tariffs on $60bn in Chinese imports - BBC News

US retail giants ask Trump to reconsider China tariffs - BBC News

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    The trade war between China and America has become a hot issue of international politics. Countries have different attitudes  towards it. China said it does not fear a trade war and will fight back to protect its legitimate rights and interests, although it is the least desirable option. But America accused China of alleged intellectual property and technology transfer practices, which violated its interests. As a third party, Britain remains neutral.

    From these peices of materials, I find the trigger of the trade war are intellectual property and tecnology. Why America wants to launch a trade war with China? Is it just because of the trade deficit? I not think so. Firstly, trade protectionism can not shrink the trade deficit. Secondly, the good Ameria prepared to impose traiffs on up are most in high-tech and high value-added areas. Terefore, the real purpose of America's trade war is to prevent China from becoming a powerful country with science and technology.


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