The man resisted the temptation of money.

A triangle is a shape with three angles and three sides.

We have the right to elect our goverment.

I completed my final year exam with distinction.

"Plaese ba careful when you drop the anchor!" the shark shouted.

Pedestrians should cross the road though the zebra crossing.

We started to applaud after he finished his presentation.

The moon will pass through all of its phases in about one month.

Remember to keep all your files in the drawer.

The boys venture deep into the forest.

There is an increasing tendency for us to make sales.

As a strict food critic, I think the pizza is just so so.

Will the an American Senate ever get anything done?!

After marriage, we make assumption the that a baby will soon follow.

He perceived the sound even thought he was far away.

She is a good housewife.She always stays home to cook and clean.

Turn the key to start the ignition.

The suspect was body-searched by the policeman.

He always does things on the basis of books; It is so theoretical.

The queue of England is welcoming Xi's arrival.

What a good fortune! I won the first prize.

It was the locality of the crime.

The cat make a conquest of its enemy in the pillow fight.

Optical illusion play tricks on your eyes.

The headquarters of Baicizhan is in Chengdu, and will have branches in other cities.

Substances likes wate can exist solid, liquid or gaseous form.

My grandmother enjoys it when I pat her on the head.

Growing rice is widespread across China.

The boy is doing arithmetic homwork.It's easy for him.

Mechanics is the science of movement and forces.

He was seemingly happy but we didn't know how sad he really was.

The magic cape made Harry's body invisible.

Scan the code to get further information.

Chinese teachers mainly teach the students literacy.

I sentence you to a year in prison!

I left my car at the workshop for repairs.

Taste in  clothes changes with every era.

These rulers measure objects in centimeters.

My  dog resembles a brown mop.

Our body changes during the transition from youth to old age.

People play different roles in their lifetime.

The wicked witch forced Snow White to drink the poison.

You can preserve food by putting it into the refrigerator.

The protesters blocked the street.

If I don't have a pen, I just say a note into my tape recorder.

A thief broke into my car last night.

He gave a lecture in front of many people.

We kept the campfire burning overnight.

That's a big chest for a man.

The athlete was carrying the Olympic torch.

This is just the draft design of a building.

"I have parcels for you." said the mailman.

As the boy blows air in, the balloon expands.

He looks like tough guy -- you don't want to fight with him.

The solar energy is collected to generate electricity.

Out textile factory sells many different types of cloth.

Those tow lambs are so cute!

Our on-line community connects us all to each other.

She kept somking and drinking wine although she was pregnant.

I never miss my target because my aim is so accurate.

Fortunately no one was injured in the collision between the cars.

"Hand in your homework!!" She repeats 3 times to emphasize its importance.

This chart shows the distribution of nuclear weapons around the world.

The coach blew the whistle to end the game.

Their service feedback form is direct and concise!

These flags represent different nations.

It's part of my family culture to pray before meals.

It's more convenient to buy tickets from a ticket agency.

Mommy, I want the doll with the butterfly wings!

The poor boy's head looks like a tiny onion.

The cook used many different kinds of peppers in his recipe.

The soldiers fought really hard in the battle.

The earth is in non-stop rotation.

Nowadays everyone can use computers.

He misunderstood the way of cooking somked meat.

I need to buy some bullets for my gun.

Sherlock tracked the criminal by following the footprints.

The kitten is so tiny that it could be held in one hand.

Ok, we're guilty - just please don't kill us!

Each packet of sauce will flavor one meal.

I took my daughter to the grocery store to buy some food.

The carrier takes the goods towards this truck.

The dog is chained up so as not to hurt people.

Dairy foods contains lots of calcium.

We're running in circles !

Even the donkeys conform to traffic regulations.

The policeman is detecting the crime scene.

Just insert your credit card into the ATM and you will receive your money shortly.

This powerful man's political ambition was to unify the three kingdoms.

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