L12 U6 Hotels

Module 1 入住酒店

1. Hotel features

  • a standard room 标准间
  • a special offer 特价
  • a deluxe suite 豪华套房
  • complimentary breakfast 免费早餐
  • free Wi-Fi 免费无线网络
  • upgrade 升级
  • the minibar 迷你吧
  • any other incidentals 任何其他杂费


  • The standard room comes with a queen-sized bed or two double beds. 标间配有一张大号床或者两张双人床。
  • The deluxe suite comes with a king-sized bed. 豪华套房配有一张特大号床。


  • With the executive suite, you get complimentary breakfasts in the executive lounge. 在行政豪华套房,你可以在行政豪华酒廊里得到免费的早餐。
  • With the classic room, you get free Wi-Fi. 经典房间里,你可以使用免费的无线网络。

杂费:在你入住登记的时候你几乎总是要交deposit(押金)。 这是为了要交incidental(非主要的)费用。

  • Your deposit covers anything you eat or drink from the minibar. 你的押金是为了付在迷你吧吃的或者喝的任何东西所产生的费用。
  • Long-distance phone calls and special movies are incidental charges. 长途电话和特殊电影的费用属于杂费。
  • What's the deposit for? 押金是做什么用的?
  • So you're saying that my room has free Wi-Fi? 那么你是说我的房间有免费无线网络吗?
  • Are the drinks in the minibar incidental charges? 迷你吧的饮料是杂费吗?
  • In other words, Wi-Fi and breakfast cost extra? 换句话说,无线网络和早餐要额外付钱吗?
  • So, the deluxe suite comes with a king-sized bed? 那么,豪华套房有特大号床吗?

2. Checking in to a hotel 住宿登记


  • A: Hi. I'd like to check in. 嗨。我要登记住宿。
  • B: May I see your passport, please?我能看一下您的护照吗?
  • A. Here you go. 给你。
  • A: OK, Mr. Jackson. You're here for three nights. You booked a standard, nonsmoking room.
  • B: That's right. 对的。


  • We're running a special offer right now. 我们现在有特价活动。
  • Our deluxe suites are 30% off. 我们的豪华套房七折。
  • I can offer you a big discount on a deluxe suite. 如果您订豪华套房的话我们可以给您一个很大的折扣。


  • Could you give me more information about the deluxe suites? 你能多给我一些关于豪华套房的信息吗?
  • How much does it cost to upgrade? 升级要花多少钱?
  • In other words, for an extra $40, I get a bigger room and bed, free Wi-Fi and breakfast?
  • So, what's the deposit for? 那么,押金是做什么用的?
  • The upgrade sounds good. I'll do it. 升级听起来不错。给我升级吧。
  • No, thank you. I'm not interested. 不,谢谢你。我不感兴趣。
  • I'd like to check in. 我要住宿登记。
  • I'd like some information about the upgrade. 我想知道关于升级的一些信息。
  • So, I'd get a bigger bed and free Wi-Fi? 那么,我可以得到一个更大的床和免费的无线网吗?
  • The upgrade sounds good. I'll do it. 升级听起来不错。给我升级吧。
  • What's the deposit for? 押金是做什么用的?

3. Listening for numbers 听数字

When you check into a hotel, listen carefully for numbers. Remember that numbers that end in –teen, such as thirteen and fourteen, are easy to confuse with numbers that end in –ty, such as thirty and forty. Numbers that end in –ty have emphasis on the first syllable.

  • thirteen thirty
  • thirteen thirty
  • fourteen forty
  • fourteen forty
  • fifteen fifty
  • fifteen fifty

If you aren't sure if you heard correctly, ask for confirmation by saying each number individually.
A. You'll be in room 1316.
B. Sorry. That was 3016?
A. No, 1316. Room 1-3-1-6.

Module 2 Resolving problems with a room

1. Problems with your hotel room


  • The remote control for the TV is broken. 电视的遥控器坏了。
  • The thermostat isn't working. It's really hot in my room! 温度自动调节器坏了。我的房间真的很热。
  • The bathroom lights aren't working. 卫生间的灯都坏了。
  • The smoke detector went off at 3 a.m. 上午3点钟烟感器响了。


  • The sheets are dirty. 床单脏。
  • My nonsmoking room smells like cigarette smoke. 我的非吸烟房间闻起来有烟味。
  • There's a large stain on the carpet. 地毯上有一个很大的污点。
  • There are no towels in the bathroom. 卫生间里没有毛巾。
  • There's a large stain on the carpet. 地毯上有一个大的污点。
  • The smoke detector went off last night. 昨晚烟感器响了。
  • The remote control for the TV is broken. 电视的遥控器坏了。
  • My room smells like cigarette smoke. 我的房间闻起来有烟味。
  • The thermostat isn't working. 温度自动调节器不好用。
  • There are no towels in the bathroom. 卫生间没有毛巾。
  • The sheets are dirty. 床单脏。

2. Hotel room problems


  • A: My sheets are dirty. Could you have someone from housekeeping come up? 我的床单脏了。你能从客房部派个人上来吗?
  • B: I'll have someone go up now. 我现在就派人上去。
  • A: The remote for my TV isn't working. Could you send someone from maintenance? 我的电视的遥控器不好用。你能派个维修人员上来吗?
  • B: Someone will be right up. 有人会马上上去的。

和前台打交道有两个有用的表达方式on the way 和 on hold。

  • A: Do you mind if I put you on hold? I need approval from my supervisor. 你介不介意稍等一下?我需要我的主管批准。
  • B: No, I don't mind. 不,不介意。
  • A: My thermostat is broken. Could you have someone from maintenance come up? 我的温度自动调节器坏了。你能派个维修人员上门吗?
  • B: He's on his way. 他已经去了。
  • Could you have someone come up? 你能派个人过来吗?
  • Well, the room really smells terrible. 嗯,房间确实闻起来很糟。
  • Could you send someone up to fix it? 你能派个人过来修一下吗?
  • I have a couple of problems with my room. 我的房间有几个问题。
  • The air conditioning isn't working. 空调不好用。
  • I don't mind holding for a bit. 我不介意等一小会儿。

3. Hotel service

Getting good service anywhere

Good service is available at almost every hotel. You just need to know how to ask for it. Experts in the hotel business agree that it doesn't hurt to ask, but how you ask makes all the difference. Guests who are clear with their requests without being too demanding will get the best results.

When you check in, don't be afraid to ask for what you would like. Do you want a quiet room, a room on a higher floor or a room with space for a roll-away bed? Front desk staff know which rooms are quiet, which rooms are a little bigger and which rooms have maintenance issues. Staff have the flexibility to make special arrangements when they assign rooms. That is, they have flexibility if the hotel isn't completely booked. Ask in a polite way, and you may get what you ask for. Asking nicely is very important. Don't be demanding. Being pushy with excessive demands will probably not result in any special service.

Once you've checked in to your room, if you notice a problem, don't hesitate to call the front desk. Briefly describe your problem, and ask whom you should speak with to resolve the issue. 'Should I speak with a manager about this?' 'Do I need to call housekeeping about this?' Usually, the front desk will be able to handle the problem for you. Remember to be polite and patient. It's always a good idea to ask the name of the person you are speaking with. This lets the person know that you will hold them responsible for taking care of it, and it gives you a name to follow up with if the problem isn't resolved.

Good hotel service is a two-way street. Guests should treat hotel staff with respect and politeness. In return, hotel staff will likely attend to complaints quickly and offer special service when they can. But remember, you'll never get that room with a great view if you don't ask.

Module 3 Getting help from the concierge

1. Making arrangements

  • How may I be of assistance? 我可以如何协助你?
  • I was wondering if you could help me. 我在想你是否能帮我。
  • I was thinking about a tour. 我想加入一个参观团。
  • We have three options. 我们有三个选择。
  • The third option is a private car. 第三个选择是一辆私家车。


  • A: Excuse me. 不好意思,打扰一下。
  • B: How may I help you? 我能帮你吗?
  • A: I was wondering if you could help me plan my evening. 我想知道你是否能帮我计划我的晚上。
  • B: I'd be happy to help. What are you interested in?很高兴帮到你。 你对什么感兴趣?
  • A: Well, I'd really like to see some of the city.嗯,我很想看看这个城市的一些地方。


  • B: There are two options: a river cruise and a double-decker tour bus. 有两个选择:乘游船和双层巴士游览。
  • A: A river cruise sounds good. 乘游船听起来不错。

间接请求:当向礼宾员请求帮助的时候,常常使用间接的,或者礼貌的表达方式。 注意单词wondering后常跟if或者whether。

  • Is there anything in particular that you're interested in? 有什么你特别感兴趣的吗?
  • I was wondering if there's a city tour available. 我想知道是否有城市游览活动?
  • I was wondering whether you could help me find a good Chinese restaurant. 我想知道你是否能帮我找一个好的中餐馆。
  • What I was thinking about was a jazz nightclub. 我想的是爵士夜总会。
  • I'd be happy to take care of all the arrangements. 我很高兴为您安排一切。
  • I'd really like to see some of the city. 我真想看看城市的一些地方。
  • A river cruise sounds good. 游船听起来不错。
  • Could you help me plan my evening? 你能帮我安排一下我的晚上吗?
  • What I was thinking about was a jazz club. 我想的是爵士俱乐部。
  • I was wondering if you knew a good restaurant. 我想知道你是否知道一个好的饭店。
  • I was wondering whether you could help me. 我想知道你是否能帮我一下。

2. Extra information with 'which' 使用which添加信息

为句子添加额外信息,你可以使用which从句。 注意,因为这些从句添加非主要信息,使用逗号(,)来隔开从句。

  • The river cruise, which would show you some of London's most famous monuments, includes dinner. 乘船游览,将带您去看一些伦敦的最重要的历史遗迹,包含晚餐。

  • I don't recommend the double-decker bus, which is crowded and noisy. 我不推荐双层巴士,太挤和太吵了。

  • The Ink Spot, which is very near here, often has famous jazz bands. 墨水点,离这里很近的,常常有著名的爵士乐队。

  • The tour, which leaves from here, is excellent.从这里出发的旅行很棒。

  • The concert, which features African music, is sold out.这场以非洲音乐为特色的演唱会门票已售罄。

  • The nightclub, which is very famous, is always crowded.这个有名的夜店总是挤满了人。

  • The Ink Spot, which is very near here, isn't expensive.离这里很近的Ink Spot卖的东西都不贵。

  • The voucher, which I'm printing now, is all you need.我现在正在打印的优惠券就是你唯一需要的东西。

3. Confirming arrangements 确定安排


  • A: So, I'm OK for both the restaurant and the nightclub? 那么,我的饭店和夜总会都弄好了吗?
  • B: Yes. You're all set. 是的。都搞定了。
  • A: It sounds as if it's all taken care of. 听起来像所有的事都搞定了。
  • B: Yes. I've made all the arrangements. 是的。我所有都安排好了。
  • A: Do I need tickets or anything? 我需要票或者什么吗?
  • B: I'm printing out your voucher for the cruise now. 我现在正在打印您的游船券。
  • So, I'm OK for both the cruise and the nightclub? 那么,我的游船和夜总会都安排好了吗?
  • Sounds as if it's all taken care of. 听上去都安排好了。
  • Great! I think we're all set. 太好了!我想我们都搞定了。
  • Have you made all the arrangements? 你已经都安排好了吗?
  • Do I need a ticket or anything? 我需要票或者什么吗?

Module 4 Writing a hotel review

1. Describing a hotel 描述一家酒店


  • It's a very upscale hotel with lots of amenities. 这家高档酒店内有许多便利设施。
  • The staff was very attentive and friendly. 这里的员工细心且友好。
  • The room was very spacious, and the bathroom was very luxurious. It even had a spa! 这个房间很宽敞,卫生间很奢华。里面竟然还有按摩浴缸!
  • The carpet in the lobby was in poor condition. 大堂内的地毯已经破旧不堪了。
  • The concierge was incompetent and disorganized. 礼宾部的员工不称职,做事也没有条理。
  • The level of cleanliness could have been better. 这里的清洁程度可以做得更好。

2.Strong feelings 表达对你住的宾馆的强烈感受


  • Overall, it was a fantastic experience! The rooms were luxurious and spacious. The amenities were absolutely perfect.
  • The location can't be beat! It's right in the middle of the upscale shopping district.
  • I was terribly disappointed by the level of cleanliness. The rooms smelled bad.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service we received. Everyone was pleasant and competent.
  • I really wasn't expecting the staff to be so unfriendly and incompetent.
  • We had a mixed experience here. The staff was lovely, but the hotel is in very poor condition. It needs new paint and carpet badly.

3.Hotel review

Good location and facilities, room service and daily cleanup were very poor.
Food quality was disappointing. Swimming pool and spa were quite nice. 位置和设施好,房间服务和每日清洁很糟。食物质量很令人失望。游泳池和温泉很好。

Balsamic Grand Hotel London
35 reviews

'Good service!'
Eugene P.
Didn't expect such helpful staff. Great location and luxurious room! Amenities include a huge TV, large minibar and small kitchen.

'Just so-so'
DP Riggs
Mixed experience for my husband and me. Surprised by the spacious room and extreme cleanliness, but very disappointed by the incompetent concierge!

'Could be cleaner'
Z. Darnly
Location, near the tourist sites, excellent, but unpleasantly surprised by level of cleanliness, lack of daily clean sheets and towels. Staff overall friendly and professional.

'Fantastic experience'
A.J. Prufrock
Can't be beat for price and location. What else is there? Concierge helped on many occasions. Spacious, luxurious room. Will be back soon!

4.Hotel review

Recently was at Stone Square Hotel in London.
Overall, very good experience.
Fantastic location in Chelsea, but poor facilities, no fitness center or pool because of the age of the building; 18th century?
Room service and daily cleanup were very good.
Pleasantly surprised by excellent food, and can't beat the professional attitude of all staff.