【原创】社会迷宫里随机游走——Random Walk In The Society Labyrinth

Random Walk In The Society Labyrinth

When the weather is changed into an extreme situation,it appears that our human beings are lazier than normal kind.When I am accustomed to human made life environment,sudden change of our life standard leads to our weak resistance to external factors.

**Only comparison gives us relative concepts of good and bad things,for example,if we do not live in the subcontinent,it is rather hard for us to understand what the meaning of hotness is.It may create space of complaints about lack of basic infrastructure here,but once we bear the summer,we could **

overcome any difficulties on the road to success.If we really consider that everyone should have equal right to life,then we must question America-led allies for their heavy exploitation on other marginal countries.America wants to dominate the world relying on her military and media power,but she gains much benefit from her designated rules.

In this world,even every corner,there is no absolute fairness,because unfairness is endogenously rooted in our social soil.We should not go far away from my theme.We show sympathy to those people who continue working for others in such an extreme day.Social division of labor grants someone comfortable working conditions,but someone harsh conditions.

If the society has a relatively fair and just system,we should not protest against social unfairness.When we have same starting line in the beginning,on the way to finishing line,you slow down yourself in order to enjoy your current life;However,I speed up myself so as to gain more well-beings in future.

As a result,you lose the game to me because of your early consumption of your resources,but I invest all my capital for future consumption.We use different way to allocate our initial resources,due to different views on future return,of course,naturally,we get our deserved fruits respectively.The reason why we have different life track is based on our choices in our early ages.

With the logic,it is meaningful to advocate the fairness at our starting points.If a farmer family has several farmer generations,then we have to doubt the society is essentially unfair.We should allow rich families to produce poor offspring,this kind of society is mobile enough.Whether it is from bottom to up,or inverse direction,we should observe mobility among different classes of people.

Otherwise,it is no difference from slavery and feudal societies.In any society,diverse voices should be accepted and discussed,it is because that we have diverse self interests thanks to our specific social classes.If we thinks division of labor is beneficial for every one,we should accept differences among labors working in their places.

You are a doctor,you have your standpoints on health issues;I am a taxi driver,I must debate with all people who want to share my cake until they give in.If I could not voice my voice for myself interest,why I join in the social activity of division of labor?I could work for myself,when my final product is finished,I could directly satisfy my needs without appeal to others’ products.

In that society,every one is independent of each other,so,your interest only belongs to yourself.I do not need your help,you also produce everything you need,and the society could be in harmony.This is a similar reflection of primary stage of our human beings in which we have enough resources to feed ourselves.Even if you come to my territory for food,I still have too many consumption materials.

Now days,we are interdependent on each other,hence,our fates are interconnected,it may your death brings me life.When we are in a disadvantageous place in the system of division of labor,only we speak about our points,we could get less infringe from other individuals.However,if we are prohibited to have different voices,what waits for us is some survive at the cost of others’ elimination from the game.

The society is full of competition and invisible war among individuals,if we do not take actions to respond,we would eventually be killed.When we think about the society in detail,I believe that you feel totally frustrated with the brutal social rule.Although you are my friend,you find out we could help each other instead of your or my one-direction help.

Today,I give you water for drinking,it may be because tomorrow is your turn to give me your drinking water.Friends should be on the basis of self-interest,we all look forward to making friends with these people who could give us more,but ask less.We all prefer to enjoy today as soon as possible,because if we curb ourselves from playing,relaxing,consuming today,we would feel quite frustrated with our today’s life.

For example,once we like one toy in a shop around us,we do whatever we can to persuade our parents to buy it for us immediately;When they say they will give us a better one our next birthday,we are not pleased to accept this seemingly better proposal.Especially,one small child could not understand tomorrow’s likelihood situation,hence,he gets his biggest satisfaction with today’s play,relaxation and consumption.

We look forward to achieving a great success in our career in the future,so,it is necessary to suffer from more pain and disappointments than others.According to our history,an axiom always demonstrates herself that tomorrow’s success is based on today’s pain.There is a trade off between today’s happiness and tomorrow’s happiness,therefore,we need to balance our preference between them.

As an ordinary individual,I would like to today’s happiness more,logically,tomorrow’s happiness would be less in my life.To the contrary,a great historic man,has a sympathetic childhood,but he overcomes all difficulties so as to reach the peak of his life,hence,he eventually succeeds.What we learn from our life is that commitment to our dream,optimistic attitudes to our life,strong self-discipline are three fundamental factors for success in our life.

The distinctive difference between ordinary people and great ones is the the former ones enjoy happiness too early,the latter ones enjoy pain and frustration in their early childhood.Different living environments develop our unique viewpoints on our society and life.It may be natural to be heard about a student’s understandings on economics that economics as a subject aims at human development or human well beings.

However,when we place him in another one background,he would say another one point on economics that economics is a methodology extensively used for analysis of human behaviors.Both of them are reasonable,but they have different horizons about how the society operates.Many laymen will mistakenly think that economics is to teach us how to make more money at a faster rhythm.

We may laugh at them for naive imaginations,however,if we could really grasp the gist of market operation through economics learning,wealth will come to our pockets sooner or later.Application of subjects to our life is more appreciated in any society,because they are able to produce goods and services to us.Engineering subjects have been popular among students,because their higher positions in the society in future are guaranteed since they get admission to related colleges.

It is tightly connected to development stage of the society.Many subjects like arts,philosophy will be more prosperous in an economic structure in which tertiary sector dominates over other sectors.Even if many scholars advocate that any subject could bring wealth to you so long as you focus on it f for long time,we deeply understand more job positions mean less competition among job applicants.

An unpopular subject generally brings relatively few job positions,it is likely to have 2 selected out of 10 applicants.However,for a popular subject,the scenario will be totally changed that there are 20 selected from 50 applicants.Therefore,we compare the probability between two situations,we have inclination to the latter one with higher likelihood of getting job.

Despite this,we also should consider about our interests.If I like philosophy which imparts me wisdom about our universe,but I have to work as an mechanical engineer for my whole life.When I retire from our work,I really feel regretful for my compromise.Meaningful life is different from our real life,everything depends on our understandings on the meaning of our life.

You may suffer from poverty till your death,but you leave an influential book for your next generation,your life is also colorful.You may own countless wealth,but you wastefully spend it only for yourself interest,then,history definitely forgets to record you and your life.When we recall our long past history,who we most appreciate is those that guide our humankind into a better condition.

Many of us would disappear wholly when we physically die,due to our little contribution to our society.We enjoy luxurious life,but we are mean to kindly donate one pence to marginalized people.Narrow selfishness of ordinary people is short sighted,the society is not willing to keep their life activities for next generation’s reference.

If my goal is to feed me and my family,then I am similar to a machine used for money earnings.We should believe that the society will still operate smoothly,even though one of her members disappears permanently.Some people think that they are living a life not for themselves but their families.If it is like this,what if they leave their families for other places?

Frankly speaking,we just live for ourselves,because we are a part of our society,hence,we follow accepted rules implemented in the society to take responsibilities of our families.Once they disobey these predetermined rules,they will feel shameful even be isolated from the society.Therefore,we have to play a multi-dimensional role in our life.

The concept of dependent members in a family is misleading,because if we all are dependent members in a family.Once there are no so-called dependent members,we seem to have violated these rules mentioned above in our society,hence,we would be treated as dissidents,finally,we feel frustrated and depressed.

With the logic,we should treat every one of one family as dependent member,it is like the relationship between water and fish.Without fish,water is static;without water,fish is non-existent.I think the meaning of life is to suffer in our early ages,then do something having a long impact on our next generations,simultaneously,live for ourselves and the society.