Ten Test Axioms(高逼格测试法则)

1. It's impossible to test a program completely;(一个程序不可能被完全测试)

2. Software testing is a risk-based exercise;(软件测试是带有一定风险的)

Test Axioms

3. Testing can't show that bugs don't exist;(测试结束并不代表软件就没有bug了)

4. The more bugs find, the bugs there are;(某个功能发现的bug越多,那么就会有更多的bug)


5. The pesticide paradox;(测试只是杀虫剂)

6. Not all the bugs you find will be fixed;(你发现的bug并不一定全部会fix)


7. When a bug is a bug is difficult to say;(一个bug是不是bug很难说清楚)

8. Product specifications are never final;(产品说明书并不是最终的结果)


9. Software testers aren't the most popular members of a project team;(软件测试在一个团队中并不是那么受欢迎的)

10. Software testing is a disciplined technical profession.(测试其实是要求技术专业水准很高的)