The Indian movie:Brother Bajrangi

I saw the movie<Brother Bajrangi>last night, which really made me moved and shed tears. It is all about the love beyond the nations. It is a story happened between Pakistan and India. 

The story is that: the cute dumb girl got separated from her mother on a train, so a little train took the girl to India and her mother was back to Pakistan. Her whole family felt very sad. Luckily the little girl met a kind and brave man called brother bajrangi. The little girl always followed him and finally he took her girlfriend's home. At a time, the whole family watched the cricket match between India and Pakistan, and Pakistan national team won the match. The whole family were in the low spirit, but the little girl jumped and cheered ,running to the front of TV to kiss the national flag of Pakistan. And then the whole family knew she was from Pakistan. The girlfriend's father asked the  brother bajrangi to think of ideas to send her back to her her hometown.  

When he entrusted the girl to the travelling agency to send her back , then he found they sent her to the whorehouse. He was so raged that he made a great racket in whorehouse. And he made a resolution to take the little girl back to her hometown by himself with no passport. On the road to her way back home,  they won the trust and help of the journalist and went through difficulties including always getting away with the chasing of the local police.  Finally the little girl had reunion with her family and her mother hugged her tightly and burst into tears. But brother bajrangi was shot and caught into the prison and tortured. 

The journalist put the video of the whole story onto the internet and the common people from the two countries all know it. The head of police station was also moved by what the man has done and released him, disregarding his superior's order.  Many people from both countries gathered around the country borders to welcome the brother bajrangi to return home. and the little girl also came and used all her energy to call him"uncle". It is a miracle and it is the deep love to make the cute girl finally speak words.  

Seeing the moving scene, i burst into tears and felt really happy for the girl. At present, the relationship between India and Pakistan is tense, and hope this movie can inspire people's love towards each other ans stimulate more trust and compromise for each other. 

Seeing the girl, i thought of my daughter and i missed her so much. We are also separated in different countries and i always think of the happy time with her. Hope my whole family will always stay together in a near future. 


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