20170706 Financial derisking

1. Swingeing fines have made banks too risk-averse.

averse: unwilling to do sth or not liking sth 不愿意 *be averse to sth/doing

Some banks are risk averse. 不喜欢冒风险

He was averse to any change. 反对

swinge/bash 猛打

2. launder money 洗钱

3. sanctions-buster/crime-buster/budget-buster打击犯罪/ 打破制裁/耗尽预算人

4. HSBC channelled Mexican drug takings and Deutsche Bank moved cash for Russian launderers.

channel: to direct $/energy towards a particular purpose 把...用于(多被动)

*channel sth into sth (时间或精力)用于...

Most of his energy was channeled into writing and lecturing.

*channel sth to sb 交给...

Profits are channeled to conservation groups.

5. When regulators began to take oversight seriously, the moneymen paid a high price. BNP alone was fined $8.9 bn and temporarily barred from dollar clearing.

bar sb from (doing) sth 禁止某人做某事

6. The crackdown was merited. But some of the results have been perverse.

merit: deserve 值得(称赞或注意)

The results have been encouraging enough to merit furthur investigation.

perverse: behaving in an unreasonable way, esp, by deliberately doing the opposite of what people want you to do 任性,一意孤行,不合理

perversely: 反倒

7. Banks have pulled away from clients they fear might commit financial crimes and therefore regard as too dangerous to serve. Many have done so indiscriminately

8. remittance 汇款

9. correspondent bank 通知行,代理行

10. sloppy: not done carefully or thoroughly 马虎的

11. Some of the organisations and countries that have been abandoned deserve it. But others are better seen as collateral damage. 殃及无辜

12. Derisking chokes off financial flows that parts of the global economy depend on. It undermines development goals such as boosting financial inclusion and strengthening fragile states.

13. Popular though it has become to bash banks, they have been acting rationally.

14. They have issued dire warnings about the dangers of serving entire classes of client, such as money-transfer firms, and imposed swingeing(stiff) penalties for infractions.

dire: extremely serious or terrible

*dire warning 可怕的警告

*be in dire straits 处于岌岌可危的境地

infraction 违法行为

15. No wonder banks dumped less-profitable clients tainted by the merest hint of risk.

16.Financial technology offers the prospect of filtering suspicious transactions from legitimate ones.

filter: (of info, news) to slowly become known 走漏

17. People are excited about the blockchain, a distributed-ledger technology that underpins bitcoin, a digital currency.

*He was delirious with joy. 欣喜若狂

18. Persuading banks to "rerisk" will take more than toning down the warnings in regulatory guidelines.

tone down: make sth you have said or written less forceful, severe, or offensive 使缓和

19. diligent 勤勉的

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