Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
AFNetworking adheres to Semantic Versioning.

3.2.1 (05/04/2018)

Released on Friday, May 04, 2018. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.


  • Xcode 9.3 Support
    • Implemented by Jeff Kelley in #4199.
  • Update HTTPBin certificates for April 2018.
    • Implemented by Jeff Kelley in #4198.

Additional Changes

  • Remove conflicting nullable specifier on init
    • Implemented by Nick Brook and Jeff Kelley in #4182.
  • Use @available if available to silence a warning.
    • Implemented by Jeff Kelley in #4138.
  • UIImageView+AFNetworking: Prevent stuck state for malformed urlRequest
    • Implemented by Adam Duflo and aduflo in #4131.
  • add the link for LICENSE
    • Implemented by Liao Malin in #4125.
  • Fix analyzer warning for upload task creation
    • Implemented by Jeff Kelley in #4122.

3.2.0 (12/15/2017)

Released on Friday, December 15, 2017. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.


  • Config AFImageDownloader NSURLCache and ask AFImageRequestCache implementer if an image should be cached
    • Implemented by wjehenddher in #4010.
  • Add XMLParser/XMLDocument serializer tests
    • Implemented by skyline75489 in #3753.
  • Enable custom httpbin URL with HTTPBIN_BASE_URL environment variable
    • Implemented by 0xced in #3748.
  • AFHTTPSessionManager now throws exception if SSL pinning mode is set for non https sessions
    • Implemented by 0xced in #3687.


  • Update security policy test certificates
    • Implemented by SlaunchaMan in #4103.
  • Allow return value of HTTP redirection block to be NULL
    • Implemented by TheDom in #3975.
  • Clarify documentation for supported encodings in AFJSONResponseSerializer
    • Implemented by skyline75489 in #3750.
  • Handle Error Pointers according to Cocoa Convention
    • Implemented by tclementdev in #3653.
  • Updates AFHTTPSessionManager documentation to reflect v3.x change
    • Implemented by ecaselles in #3476.
  • Improved code base to generate fewer warnings when using stricter compiler settings
    • Implemented by 0xced in 3431.


  • Change “Mac OS X” and “OS X” references to “macOS”
    • Implemented by SlaunchaMan in #4104.


  • Fixed crash around customizing NSURLCache size for < iOS 8.2
    • Implemented by kcharwood in #3735.
  • Fixed issue where UIWebView extension did not preserve all of the request information
    • Implemented by skyline75489 in #3733.
  • Fixed bug with webview delegate callback
    • Implemented by kcharwood in #3727.
  • Fixed crash when passing invalid JSON to request serialization
    • Implemented by 0xced in #3719.
  • Fixed potential KVO crasher for URL Session Task delegates
    • Implemented by 0xced in #3718.
  • Removed ambiguous array creation in AFSecurityPolicy
    • Implemented by sgl0v in #3679.
  • Fixed issue where NS_UNAVAILABLE is not reported for AFNetworkReachabilityManager
    • Implemented by Microbee23 in #3649.
  • Require app extension api only on watchOS
    • Implemented by ethansinjin in #3612.
  • Remove KVO of progress in favor of using the NSURLSession delegate APIs
    • Implemented by coreyfloyd in #3607.
  • Fixed an issue where registering a UIProgessView to a task that was causing a crash
    • Implemented by Starscream27 in #3604.
  • Moved [self didChangeValueForKey:@"currentState"] into correct scope
    • Implemented by chenxin0123 in #3565.
  • Fixed issue where response serializers did not inherit super class copying
    • Implemented by kcharwood in #3559.
  • Fixed crashes due to race conditions with NSMutableDictionary access in AFHTTPRequestSerializer
    • Implemented by alexbird in #3526.
  • Updated dash character to improve markdown parsing for license
    • Implemented by gemmakbarlow in #3488.


  • Deprecate the unused stringEncoding property of AFHTTPResponseSerializer
    • Implemented by 0xced in #3751.
  • Removed unused AFTaskStateChangedContext
    • Implemented by yulingtianxia in #3432.

3.1.0 (03/31/2016)

Released on Thursday, March 31, 2016. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.


  • Improved AFImageResponseSerializer test coverage
  • Implemented by quellish in #3367.
  • Exposed AFQueryStringFromParameters and AFPercentEscapedStringFromString for public use.
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3160.


  • Updated Test Suite to run on Xcode 7.3
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3418.
  • Added white space to URLs in code comment to allow Xcode to properly parse them
  • Implemented by Draveness in #3384.
  • Updated documentation to match method names and correct compiler warnings
  • Implemented by Hakon Hanesand in #3369.
  • Use NSKeyValueChangeNewKey constant in change dictionary rather than hardcoded string.
  • Implemented by Wenbin Zhang in #3360.
  • Resolved compiler warnings for documentation errors
  • Implemented by Ricardo Santos in #3336.


  • Reverted NSURLSessionAuthChallengeDisposition to NSURLSessionAuthChallengeCancelAuthenticationChallenge for SSL Pinning
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3417.


  • Removed trailing question mark in query string if parameters are empty
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3386.
  • Fixed crash if bad URL was passed into the image downloader
  • Implemented by Christian Wen and Kevin Harwood in #3385.
  • Fixed image memory calculation
  • Implemented by 周明宇 in #3344.
  • Fixed issue where UIButton image downloading called wrong cancel method
  • Implemented by duanhong in #3332.
  • Fixed image downloading cancellation race condition
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3325.
  • Fixed static analyzer warnings on AFNetworkReachabilityManager
  • Implemented by Jeff Kelley in #3315.
  • Fixed issue where download progress would not be reported in iOS 7
  • Implemented by zwm in #3294.
  • Fixed status code 204/205 handling
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3292.
  • Fixed crash when passing nil/null for progress in UIWebView extension
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3289.


  • Removed workaround for NSJSONSerialization bug that was fixed in iOS 7
  • Implemented by Cédric Luthi in #3253.

3.0.4 (12/18/2015)

Released on Friday, December 18, 2015. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.


  • Fixed issue where AFNSURLSessionTaskDidResumeNotification was removed twice
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3236.

3.0.3 (12/16/2015)

Released on Wednesday, December 16, 2015. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.


  • Added tests for response serializers to increase test coverage
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3233.


  • Fixed AFImageResponseSerializer serialization macros on watchOS and tvOS
  • Implemented by Charles Joseph in #3229.

3.0.2 (12/14/2015)

Released on Monday, December 14, 2015. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.


  • Fixed a crash in AFURLSessionManager when resuming download tasks
  • Implemented by Chongyu Zhu in #3222.
  • Fixed issue where background button image would not be updated
  • Implemented by eofs in #3220.

3.0.1 (12/11/2015)

Released on Friday, December 11, 2015. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.


  • Added Xcode 7.2 support to Travis
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3216.


  • Fixed race condition with ImageView/Button image downloading when starting/cancelling/starting the same request
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3215.

3.0.0 (12/10/2015)

Released on Thursday, December 10, 2015. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.

For detailed information about migrating to AFNetworking 3.0.0, please reference the migration guide. All 3.0.0 beta changes will be tracked with this filter.


  • Added support for older versions of Xcode to Travis
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3209.
  • Added support for Codecov.io
  • Implemented by Cédric Luthi and Kevin Harwood in #3196.
    • Please help us increase overall coverage by submitting a pull request!
  • Added support for IPv6 to Reachability
  • Implemented by SAMUKEI and Kevin Harwood in #3174.
  • Added support for Objective-C light weight generics
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3166.
  • Added nullability attributes to response object in success block
  • Implemented by Nathan Racklyeft in #3154.
  • Migrated to Fastlane for CI and Deployment
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3148.
  • Added support for tvOS
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3128.
  • New image downloading architecture
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3122.
  • Added Carthage Support
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3121.
  • Added a method to create a unique reachability manager
  • Implemented by Mo Bitar in #3111.
  • Added a initial delay to the network indicator per the Apple HIG
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3094.


  • Improved testing reliability for continuous integration
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3124.
  • Example project now consumes AFNetworking as a library.
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3068.
  • Migrated to using instancetype where applicable
  • Implemented by Kyle Fuller in #3064.
  • Tweaks to project to support Framework Project
  • Implemented by Christian Noon in #3062.


  • Split the iOS and OS X AppDelegate classes in the Example Project
  • Implemented by Cédric Luthi in #3193.
  • Changed SSL Pinning Error to be NSURLErrorServerCertificateUntrusted
  • Implemented by Cédric Luthi and Kevin Harwood in #3191.
  • New Progress Reporting API using NSProgress
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3187.
  • Changed pinnedCertificates type in AFSecurityPolicy from NSArray to NSSet
  • Implemented by Cédric Luthi in #3164.


  • Improved task creation performance for iOS 8+
  • Implemented by nikitahils, Nikita G and Kevin Harwood in #3208.
  • Fixed certificate validation for servers providing incomplete chains
  • Implemented by André Pacheco Neves in #3159.
  • Fixed bug in AFMultipartBodyStream that may cause the input stream to read more bytes than required.
  • Implemented by bang in #3153.
  • Fixed race condition crash from Resume/Suspend task notifications
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3152.
  • Fixed AFImageDownloader stalling after numerous failures
  • Implemented by Rick Silva in #3150.
  • Fixed warnings generated in UIWebView category
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3126.


  • Removed AFBase64EncodedStringFromString static function
  • Implemented by Cédric Luthi in #3188.
  • Removed code supporting conditional compilation for unsupported development configurations.
  • Implemented by Cédric Luthi in #3177.
  • Removed deprecated methods, properties, and notifications from AFN 2.x
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3168.
  • Removed support for NSURLConnection
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3120.
  • Removed UIAlertView category support since it is now deprecated
  • Implemented by Kevin Harwood in #3034.

2.6.3 (11/11/2015)

Released on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.


  • Fixed clang analyzer warning suppression that prevented building under some project configurations
  • Fixed by [Kevin Harwood](https://github.com/Kevin Harwood) in #3142.
  • Restored Xcode 6 compatibility
  • Fixed by jcayzac in #3139.

2.6.2 (11/06/2015)

Released on Friday, November 06, 2015. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.

Important Upgrade Note for Swift

  • #3130 fixes a swift interop error that does have a breaking API change if you are using Swift. This was identified after 2.6.2 was released. It changes the method from throws to an error pointer, since that method does return an object and also handles an error pointer, which does not play nicely with the Swift/Objective-C error conversion. See #2810 for additional notes. This affects AFURLRequestionSerializer and AFURLResponseSerializer.




  • Fixed swift interop issue that prevented returning a nil NSURL for a download task
  • Fixed by [Kevin Harwood](https://github.com/Kevin Harwood) in #3133.
  • Suppressed false positive memory leak warning in Reachability Manager
  • Fixed by [Kevin Harwood](https://github.com/Kevin Harwood) in #3131.
  • Fixed swift interop issue with throws and Request/Response serialization.
  • Fixed by [Kevin Harwood](https://github.com/Kevin Harwood) in #3130.
  • Fixed race condition in reachability callback delivery
  • Fixed by MichaelHackett in #3117.
  • Fixed URLs that were redirecting in the README
  • Fixed by frankenbot in #3109.
  • Fixed Project Warnings
  • Fixed by [Kevin Harwood](https://github.com/Kevin Harwood) in #3102.
  • Fixed README link to WWDC session
  • Fixed by wrtsprt in #3099.
  • Switched from OS_OBJECT_HAVE_OBJC_SUPPORT to OS_OBJECT_USE_OBJC for watchOS 2 support.
  • Fixed by kylef in #3065.
  • Added missing __nullable attributes to failure blocks in AFHTTPRequestOperationManager and AFHTTPSessionManager
  • Fixed by hoppenichu in #3057.
  • Fixed memory leak in NSURLSession handling
  • Fixed by olegnaumenko in #2794.

2.6.1 (10-13-2015)

Released on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.

Future Compatibility Note

Note that AFNetworking 3.0 will soon be released, and will drop support for all NSURLConnection based API's (AFHTTPRequestOperationManager, AFHTTPRequestOperation, and AFURLConnectionOperation. If you have not already migrated to NSURLSession based API's, please do so soon. For more information, please see the 3.0 migration guide.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented empty x-www-form-urlencoded bodies.
  • Fixed bug that prevented AFNetworking from being installed for watchOS via Cocoapods.
  • Added missing nullable attributes to AFURLRequestSerialization and AFURLSessionManager.
  • Migrated to OS_OBJECT_USE_OBJC.
  • Added missing nullable tags to UIKit extensions.
  • Fixed potential infinite recursion loop if multiple versions of AFNetworking are loaded in a target.
  • Updated Travis CI test script
  • Migrated to FOUNDATION_EXPORT from extern.
  • Fixed issue where AFURLConnectionOperation could get stuck in an infinite loop.
  • Fixed regression where URL request serialization would crash on iOS 8 for long URLs.

2.6.0 (08-19-2015)

Released on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.

Important Upgrade Notes

Please note the following API/project changes have been made:

  • iOS 6 and OS X 10.8 support has been dropped from the project to facilitate support for watchOS 2. The final release supporting iOS 6 and OS X 10.8 is 2.5.4.
  • Full Certificate Chain Validation has been removed from AFSecurityPolicy. As discussed in #2744, there was no documented security advantage to pinning against an entire certificate chain. If you were using full certificate chain, please determine and select the most ideal certificate in your chain to pin against.
  • The request url will now be returned by the UIImageView category if the image is returned from cache. In previous releases, both the request and the response were nil. Going forward, only the response will be nil.
  • Support for App Extension Targets is now baked in using NS_EXTENSION_UNAVAILABLE_IOS. You no longer need to define AF_APP_EXTENSIONS in order to include code in a extension target.
  • This release now supports watchOS 2.0, which relys on target conditionals that are only present in Xcode 7 and iOS 9/watchOS 2.0/OS X 10.10. If you install the library using CocoaPods, AFNetworking will define these target conditionals for on older platforms, allowing your code to compile. If you do not use Cocoapods, you will need to add the following code your to PCH file.
  #define TARGET_OS_WATCH 0
  • This release migrates query parameter serialization to model AlamoFire and adhere to RFC standards. Note that / and ? are no longer encoded by default.

Note that support for NSURLConnection based API's will be removed in a future update. If you have not already done so, it is recommended that you transition to the NSURLSession APIs in the very near future.



Documentation Improvements

  • Clarified best practices for Reachability per Apple recommendations.
  • Added startMonitoring call to the Reachability section of the README
  • Fixed documentation error around how baseURL is used for reachability monitoring.
  • Numerous spelling corrections in the documentation.

2.5.4 (2015-05-14)

Released on 2015-05-14. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.


  • Updated the CI test script to run iOS tests on all versions of iOS that are installed on the build machine.


  • Fixed an issue where AFNSURLSessionTaskDidResumeNotification and AFNSURLSessionTaskDidSuspendNotification were not being properly called due to implementation differences in NSURLSessionTask in iOS 7 and iOS 8, which also affects the AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager.
  • Fixed an issue where the OS X test linker would throw a warning during tests.
  • Fixed an issue where tests would randomly fail due to mocked objects not being cleaned up.

2.5.3 (2015-04-20)

  • Add security policy tests for default policy

  • Add network reachability tests

  • Change validatesDomainName property to default to YES under all * security policies

  • Fix NSURLSession subspec compatibility with iOS 6 / OS X 10.8

  • Fix leak of data task used in NSURLSession swizzling

  • Fix leak for observers from addObserver:...:withBlock:

  • Fix issue with network reachability observation on domain name

2.5.2 (2015-03-26)

NOTE This release contains a security vulnerabilty. All users should upgrade to a 2.5.3 or greater. Please reference this statement if you have any further questions about this release.

  • Add guards for unsupported features in iOS 8 App Extensions

  • Add missing delegate callbacks to UIWebView category

  • Add test and implementation of strict default certificate validation

  • Add #define for NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER for unsupported versions of Xcode

  • Fix AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager for iOS 7

  • Fix AFURLRequestSerialization property observation

  • Fix testUploadTasksProgressBecomesPartOfCurrentProgress

  • Fix warnings from Xcode 6.3 Beta

  • Fix AFImageWithDataAtScale handling of animated images

  • Remove AFNetworkReachabilityAssociation enumeration

  • Update to conditional use assign semantics for GCD properties based on OS_OBJECT_HAVE_OBJC_SUPPORT for better Swift support

2.5.1 (2015-02-09)

NOTE This release contains a security vulnerabilty. All users should upgrade to a 2.5.3 or greater. Please reference this statement if you have any further questions about this release.

  • Add NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER macros. (Samir Guerdah)

  • Fix and clarify documentation for stringEncoding property. (Mattt

  • Fix for NSProgress bug where two child NSProgress instances are added to a
    parent NSProgress. (Edward Povazan)

  • Fix incorrect file names in headers. (Steven Fisher)

  • Fix KVO issue when running testing target caused by lack of
    automaticallyNotifiesObserversForKey: implementation. (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix use of variable arguments for UIAlertView category. (Kenta Tokumoto)

  • Fix genstrings warning for NSLocalizedString usage in
    UIAlertView+AFNetworking. (Adar Porat)

  • Fix NSURLSessionManager task observation for network activity indicator
    manager. (Phil Tang)

  • Fix UIButton category method caching of background image (Fernanda G.

  • Fix UIButton category method failure handling. (Maxim Zabelin)

  • Update multipart upload method requirements to ensure request.HTTPBody
    is non-nil. (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update to use builtin __Require macros from AssertMacros.h. (Cédric

  • Update parameters parameter to accept id for custom serialization
    block. (@mooosu)

2.5.0 (2014-11-17)

  • Add documentation for expected background session manager usage (Aaron

  • Add missing documentation for AFJSONRequestSerializer and
    AFPropertyListSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add tests for requesting HTTPS endpoints (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add init method declarations of AFURLResponseSerialization classes for
    Swift compatibility (Allen Rohner)

  • Change default User-Agent to use the version number instead of the build
    number (Tim Watson)

  • Change validatesDomainName to readonly property (Mattt Thompson, Brian

  • Fix checks when observing AFHTTPRequestSerializerObservedKeyPaths (Jacek

  • Fix crash caused by attempting to set nil NSURLResponse -URL as key for
    userInfo dictionary (Elvis Nuñez)

  • Fix crash for multipart streaming requests in XPC services (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix minor aspects of response serializer documentation (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix potential race condition for AFURLConnectionOperation -description

  • Fix widespread crash related to key-value observing of NSURLSessionTask -state (Phil Tang)

  • Fix UIButton category associated object keys (Kristian Bauer, Mattt

  • Remove charset parameter from Content-Type HTTP header field values for
    AFJSONRequestSerializer and AFPropertyListSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update CocoaDocs color scheme (@Orta)

  • Update Podfile to explicitly define sources (Kyle Fuller)

  • Update to relay downloadFileURL to the delegate if the manager picks a
    fileURL (Brian King)

  • Update AFSSLPinningModeNone to not validate domain name (Brian King)

  • Update UIButton category to cache images in sharedImageCache (John

  • Update UIRefreshControl category to set control state to current state
    of request (Elvis Nuñez)

2.4.1 (2014-09-04)

  • Fix compiler warning generated on 32-bit architectures (John C. Daub)

  • Fix potential crash caused by failed validation with nil responseData
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix to suppress compiler warnings for out-of-range enumerated type
    value assignment (Mattt Thompson)

2.4.0 (2014-09-03)

  • Add CocoaDocs color scheme (Orta)

  • Add image cache to UIButton category (Kristian Bauer, Mattt Thompson)

  • Add test for success block on 204 response (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add tests for encodable and re-encodable query string parameters (Mattt

  • Add AFHTTPRequestSerializer -valueForHTTPHeaderField: (Kyle Fuller)

  • Add AFNetworkingOperationFailingURLResponseDataErrorKey key to user info
    of serialization error (Yannick Heinrich)

  • Add imageResponseSerializer property to UIButton category (Kristian
    Bauer, Mattt Thompson)

  • Add removesKeysWithNullValues setting to serialization and copying (Jon

  • Change request and response serialization tests to be factored out into
    separate files (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change signature of success parameters in UIButton category methods to
    match those in UIImageView (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change to remove charset parameter from
    application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change AFImageCache to conform to NSObject protocol ( Marcelo Fabri)

  • Change AFMaximumNumberOfToRecreateBackgroundSessionUploadTask to
    AFMaximumNumberOfAttemptsToRecreateBackgroundSessionUploadTask (Mattt

  • Fix documentation error for NSSecureCoding (Robert Ryan)

  • Fix documentation for URLSessionDidFinishEventsForBackgroundURLSession
    delegate method (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix expired ADN certificate in example project (Carson McDonald)

  • Fix for interoperability within Swift project (Stephan Krusche)

  • Fix for potential deadlock due to KVO subscriptions within a lock
    (Alexander Skvortsov)

  • Fix iOS 7 bug where session tasks can have duplicate identifiers if
    created from different threads (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix iOS 8 bug by adding explicit synthesis for delegate of
    AFMultipartBodyStream (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix issue caused by passing nil as body of multipart form part (Mattt

  • Fix issue caused by passing nil as destination in download task method
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix issue with AFHTTPRequestSerializer returning a request and silently
    handling an error from a queryStringSerialization block (Kyle Fuller, Mattt

  • Fix potential issues by ensuring invalidateSessionCancelingTasks only
    executes on main thread (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix potential memory leak caused by deferred opening of output stream
    (James Tomson)

  • Fix properties on session managers such that default values will not trump
    values set in the session configuration (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix README to include explicit call to start reachability manager (Mattt

  • Fix request serialization error handling in AFHTTPSessionManager
    convenience methods (Kyle Fuller, Lars Anderson, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix stray localization macro (Devin McKaskle)

  • Fix to ensure connection operation -copyWithZone: calls super
    implementation (Chris Streeter)

  • Fix UIButton category to only cancel request for specified state
    (@xuzhe, Mattt Thompson)

2.3.1 (2014-06-13)

  • Fix issue with unsynthesized streamStatus & streamError properties
    on AFMultipartBodyStream (Mattt Thompson)

2.3.0 (2014-06-11)

  • Add check for AF_APP_EXTENSIONS macro to conditionally compile
    background method that makes API call unavailable to App Extensions in iOS 8
    / OS X 10.10

  • Add further explanation for network reachability in documentation (Steven

  • Add notification for initial change from
    AFNetworkReachabilityStatusUnknown to any other state (Jason Pepas,
    Sebastian S.A., Mattt Thompson)

  • Add tests for AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager (Dave Weston, Mattt

  • Add tests for AFURLSessionManager task progress (Ullrich Schäfer)

  • Add attemptsToRecreateUploadTasksForBackgroundSessions property, which
    attempts Apple's recommendation of retrying a failed upload task if initial
    creation did not succeed (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add completionQueue and completionGroup properties to
    AFHTTPRequestOperationManager (Robert Ryan)

  • Change deprecating AFErrorDomain in favor of
    AFRequestSerializerErrorDomain & AFResponseSerializerErrorDomain (Mattt

  • Change serialization tests to be split over two different files (Mattt

  • Change to make NSURLSession subspec not depend on NSURLConnection subspec
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change to make Serialization subspec not depend on NSURLConnection subspec
    (Nolan Waite, Mattt Thompson)

  • Change completionHandler of
    application:handleEventsForBackgroundURLSession:completion: to be run on
    main thread (Padraig Kennedy)

  • Change UIImageView category to accept any object conforming to
    AFURLResponseSerialization, rather than just AFImageResponseSerializer
    (Romans Karpelcevs)

  • Fix calculation and behavior of NSProgress (Padraig Kennedy, Ullrich

  • Fix deprecation warning for backgroundSessionConfiguration: in iOS 8 /
    OS X 10.10 (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix implementation of copyWithZone: in serializer subclasses (Chris

  • Fix issue in Xcode 6 caused by implicit synthesis of overridden NSStream
    properties (Clay Bridges, Johan Attali)

  • Fix KVO handling for NSURLSessionTask on iOS 8 / OS X 10.10 (Mattt

  • Fix KVO leak for NSURLSessionTask (@Zyphrax)

  • Fix potential crash caused by attempting to use non-existent error of
    failing requests due to URLs exceeding a certain length (Boris Bügling)

  • Fix to check existence of uploadProgress block inside a referencing
    dispatch_async to avoid potential race condition (Kyungkoo Kang)

  • Fix UIImageView category race conditions (Sunny)

  • Remove unnecessary default operation response serializer setters (Mattt

2.2.4 (2014-05-13)

  • Add NSSecureCoding support to all AFNetworking classes (Kyle Fuller, Mattt

  • Change behavior of request operation NSOutputStream property to only nil
    out if responseData is non-nil, meaning that no custom object was set
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix data tasks to not attempt to track progress, and rare related crash
    (Padraig Kennedy)

  • Fix issue with -downloadTaskDidFinishDownloading: not being called
    (Andrej Mihajlov)

  • Fix KVO leak on invalidated session tasks (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix missing import of `UIRefreshControl+AFNetworking" (@BB9z)

  • Fix potential compilation errors on Mac OS X, caused by import order of
    <AssertionMacros.h>, which signaled an incorrect deprecation warning (Mattt

  • Fix race condition in UIImageView+AFNetworking when making several image
    requests in quick succession (Alexander Crettenand)

  • Update documentation for -downloadTaskWithRequest: to warn about blocks
    being disassociated on app termination and backgrounding (Robert Ryan)

2.2.3 (2014-04-18)

  • Fix AFErrorOrUnderlyingErrorHasCodeInDomain function declaration for
    AFXMLDocumentResponseSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix error domain check in AFErrorOrUnderlyingErrorHasCodeInDomain
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix UIImageView category to only nil out request operation properties
    belonging to completed request (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix removesKeysWithNullValues to respect
    NSJSONReadingMutableContainers option (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change removesKeysWithNullValues property to recursively remove null
    values from dictionaries nested in arrays (@jldagon)

  • Change to not override Content-Type header field values set by
    HTTPRequestHeaders property (Aaron Brager, Mattt Thompson)

2.2.2 (2014-04-15)

  • Add removesKeysWithNullValues property to AFJSONResponsSerializer to
    automatically remove NSNull values in dictionaries serialized from JSON
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add unit test for checking content type (Diego Torres)

  • Add boundary property to AFHTTPBodyPart -copyWithZone:

  • Change to accept id parameter type in HTTP manager convenience methods
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change to deprecate setAuthorizationHeaderFieldWithToken:, in favor of
    users specifying an Authorization header field value themselves (Mattt

  • Change to use long long type to prevent a difference in stream size
    caps on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures (Yung-Luen Lan, Cédric Luthi)

  • Fix calculation of Content-Length in taskDidSendBodyData (Christos

  • Fix for comparison of image view request operations (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix for SSL certificate validation to check status codes at runtime (Dave

  • Fix to add missing call to delegate in

  • Fix to call taskDidComplete if delegate is missing (Jeff Ward)

  • Fix to implement respondsToSelector: for NSURLSession delegate
    methods to conditionally respond to conditionally respond to optional
    selectors if and only if a custom block has been set (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix to prevent illegal state values from being assigned for
    AFURLConnectionOperation (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix to re-establish AFNetworkingURLSessionTaskDelegate objects after
    restoring from a background configuration (Jeff Ward)

  • Fix to reduce memory footprint by nil-ing out request operation
    outputStream after closing, as well as image view request operation after
    setting image (Teun van Run, Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove unnecessary call in class constructor (Bernhard Loibl)

  • Remove unnecessary check for respondsToSelector: for UIScreen scale
    in User-Agent string (Samuel Goodwin)

  • Update App.net certificate and API base URL (Cédric Luthi)

  • Update examples in README (@petard, @orta, Mattt Thompson)

  • Update Travis CI icon to use SVG format (Maximilian Tagher)

2.2.1 (2014-03-14)

  • Fix -Wsign-conversion warning in AFURLConnectionOperation (Jesse Collis)

  • Fix -Wshorten-64-to-32 warning (Jesse Collis)

  • Remove unnecessary #imports in UIImageView & UIWebView categories
    (Jesse Collis)

  • Fix call to CFStringTransform() by checking return value before setting
    as User-Agent (Kevin Cassidy Jr)

  • Update AFJSONResponseSerializer adding @autorelease to relieve memory
    pressure (Mattt Thompson, Michal Pietras)

  • Update AFJSONRequestSerializer to accept id (Daren Desjardins)

  • Fix small documentation bug (@jkoepcke)

  • Fix behavior of SSL pinning. In case of validatesDomainName == YES, it
    now explicitly uses SecPolicyCreateSSL, which also validates the domain
    name. Otherwise, SecPolicyCreateBasicX509 is used.
    AFSSLPinningModeCertificate now uses SecTrustSetAnchorCertificates, which
    allows explicit specification of all trusted certificates. For
    AFSSLPinningModePublicKey, the number of trusted public keys determines if
    the server should be trusted. (Oliver Letterer, Eric Allam)

2.2.0 (2014-02-25)

  • Add default initializer to make AFHTTPRequestOperationManager
    consistent with AFHTTPSessionManager (Marcelo Fabri)

  • Add documentation about UIWebView category and implementing
    UIWebViewDelegate (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add missing NSCoding and NSCopying implementations for
    AFJSONRequestSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add note about use of -startMonitoring in
    AFNetworkReachabilityManager (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add setter for needsNewBodyStream block (Carmen Cerino)

  • Add support for specifying a response serializer on a per-instance of
    AFURLSessionManagerTaskDelegate (Blake Watters)

  • Add AFHTTPRequestSerializer -requestWithMultipartFormRequest:writingStreamContentsToFile:completionHandler : as a workaround for a bug in NSURLSession that removes the Content-Length
    header from streamed requests (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add NSURLRequest factory properties on AFHTTPRequestSerializer (Mattt

  • Add UIRefreshControl+AFNetworking (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change example project to enable certificate pinning (JP Simard)

  • Change to allow self-signed certificates (Frederic Jacobs)

  • Change to make reachabilityManager property readwrite (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change to sort NSSet members during query string parameter
    serialization (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change to use case sensitive compare when sorting keys in query string
    serialization (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change to use xcpretty instead of xctool for automated testing (Kyle
    Fuller, Marin Usalj, Carson McDonald)

  • Change to use @selector values as keys for associated objects (Mattt

  • Change setImageWithURL:placeholder:, et al. to only set placeholder
    image if not nil (Alejandro Martinez)

  • Fix auto property synthesis warnings (Oliver Letterer)

  • Fix domain name validation for SSL certificates (Oliver Letterer)

  • Fix issue with session task delegate KVO observation (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix placement of baseURL method declaration (Oliver Letterer)

  • Fix podspec linting error (Ari Braginsky)

  • Fix potential concurrency issues by adding lock around setting
    isFinished state in AFURLConnectionOperation (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix potential vulnerability caused by hard-coded multipart form data
    boundary (Mathias Bynens, Tom Van Goethem, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix protocol name in #pragma mark declaration (@sevntine)

  • Fix regression causing inflated images to have incorrect orientation
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix to AFURLSessionManager NSCoding implementation, to accommodate
    NSURLSessionConfiguration no longer conforming to NSCoding.

  • Fix Travis CI integration (Kyle Fuller, Marin Usalj, Carson McDonald)

  • Fix various static analyzer warnings (Philippe Casgrain, Jim Young,
    Steven Fisher, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix with download progress calculation of completion units (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix Xcode 5.1 compiler warnings (Nick Banks)

  • Fix AFHTTPRequestOperationManager to default
    shouldUseCredentialStorage to YES, as documented (Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove Unused format property in AFJSONRequestSerializer (Mattt

  • Remove unused acceptablePathExtensions class method in
    AFJSONRequestSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update #ifdef declarations in UIKit categories to be simpler (Mattt

  • Update podspec to includ social_media_url (Kyle Fuller)

  • Update types for 64 bit architecture (Bruno Tortato Furtado, Mattt

2.1.0 (2014-01-16)

  • Add CONTRIBUTING (Kyle Fuller)

  • Add domain name verification for SSL certificates (Oliver Letterer)

  • Add leaf certificate checking (Alex Leverington, Carson McDonald, Mattt

  • Add test case for stream failure handling (Kyle Fuller)

  • Add underlying error properties to response serializers to forward errors
    to subsequent validation steps (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add AFImageCache protocol, to allow for custom image caches to be
    specified for UIImageView (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add error out parameter for request serializer, deprecating existing
    request constructor methods (Adam Becevello)

  • Change request serializer protocol to take id type for parameters (Mattt

  • Change to add validation of download task responses (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change to force upload progress, by using original request Content-Length
    (Mateusz Malczak)

  • Change to use NSDictionary object literals for NSError userInfo
    construction (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix #pragma declaration to be NSURLConnectionDataDelegate, rather than
    NSURLConnectionDelegate (David Paschich)

  • Fix a bug when appending a file part to multipart request from a URL
    (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix analyzer warning about weak receiver being set to nil, capture strong
    reference (Stewart Gleadow)

  • Fix appending file part to multipart request to use suggested file name,
    rather than temporary one (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix availability macros for network activity indicator (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix crash in iOS 6.1 caused by KVO on isCancelled property of
    AFURLConnectionOperation (Sam Page)

  • Fix dead store issues in AFSecurityPolicy (Andrew Hershberger)

  • Fix incorrect documentation for -HTTPRequestOperationWithRequest:...
    (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix issue in reachability callbacks, where reachability managers created
    for a particular domain would initially report no reachability (Mattt

  • Fix logic for handling data task turning into download task (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix property list response serializer to handle 204 response (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix README multipart example (Johan Forssell)

  • Fix to add check for non-nil delegate in
    URLSession:didCompleteWithError: (Kaom Te)

  • Fix to dramatically improve creation of images in
    AFInflatedImageFromResponseWithDataAtScale, including handling of CMYK, 16
    / 32 bpc images, and colorspace alpha settings (Robert Ryan)

  • Fix Travis CI integration and unit testing (Kyle Fuller, Carson McDonald)

  • Fix typo in comments (@palringo)

  • Fix UIWebView category to use supplied success callback (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix various static analyzer warnings (Kyle Fuller, Jesse Collis, Mattt

  • Fix +batchOfRequestOperations:... completion block to execute in
    dispatch_async (Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove synchronous SCNetworkReachabilityGetFlags call when initializing
    managers, which had the potential to block in certain network conditions
    (Yury Korolev, Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove unnecessary check for completionHandler in HTTP manager (Mattt

  • Remove unused conditional clauses (Luka Bratos)

  • Update documentation for AFCompoundResponseSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update httpbin certificates (Carson McDonald)

  • Update notification constant names to be consistent with NSURLSession
    terminology (Mattt Thompson)

2.0.3 (2013-11-18)

  • Fix a bug where AFURLConnectionOperation -pause did not correctly reset
    the state of AFURLConnectionOperation, causing the Network Thread to enter
    an infinite loop (Erik Chen)

  • Fix a bug where AFURLConnectionOperation -cancel does not set the
    appropriate error on the NSOperation (Erik Chen)

  • Fix to post AFNetworkingTaskDidFinishNotification only on main queue
    (Jakub Hladik)

  • Fix issue where the query string serialization block was not used (Kevin

  • Fix project file and repository directory items (Andrew Newdigate)

  • Fix NSURLSession subspec (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix to session task delegate KVO by moving observer removal to
    -didCompleteWithError: (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add AFNetworking 1.x behavior for image construction in inflation to
    ensure correct orientation (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add NSParameterAssert for internal task constructors in order to catch
    invalid constructions early (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update replacing NSParameterAssert with early nil return if session
    was unable to create a task (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update AFHTTPRequestOperationManager and AFHTTPSessionManager to use
    relative self class to create class constructor instances (Bogdan

  • Update to break out of loop if output stream does not have space to write
    bytes (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update documentation and README with various fixes (Max Goedjen, Mattt

  • Remove unnecessary willChangeValueForKey and didChangeValueForKey method
    calls (Mindaugas Vaičiūnas)

  • Remove deletion of all task delegates in
    URLSessionDidFinishEventsForBackgroundURLSession: (Jeremy Mailen)

  • Remove empty, unused else branch (Luka Bratos)

2.0.2 (2013-10-29)

  • Add UIWebView -loadRequest:MIMEType:textEncodingName:progress:success:failure: (Mattt

  • Fix iOS 6 compatibility in AFHTTPSessionManager &
    UIProgressView+AFNetworking (Olivier Halligon, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix issue writing partial data to output stream (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix behavior for nil response in request operations (Marcelo Fabri)

  • Fix implementation of
    batchOfRequestOperations:progressBlock:completionBlock: for nil when passed
    empty operations parameter (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update AFHTTPSessionManager to allow -init and initWithConfig: to
    work (Ben Scheirman)

  • Update AFRequestOperation to default to AFHTTPResponseSerializer (Jiri

  • Update AFHTTPResponseSerializer to remove check for nonzero responseData
    length (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update NSCoding methods to use NSStringFromSelector(@selector()) pattern
    instead of NSString literals (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update multipart form stream to set Content-Length after setting request
    stream (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update documentation with outdated references to AFHTTPSerializer (Bruno

  • Update documentation and README with various fixes (Jon Chambers, Mattt

  • Update files to remove executable privilege (Kyle Fuller)

2.0.1 (2013-10-10)

  • Fix iOS 6 compatibility (Matt Baker, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix example applications (Sam Soffes, Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix usage of NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains in README (Leo Lou)

  • Fix names of exposed private methods downloadProgress and
    uploadProgress (Hermes Pique)

  • Fix initial upload/download task progress updates (Vlas Voloshin)

  • Fix podspec to include AFNetworking.h #import (@haikusw)

  • Fix request serializers to not override existing header field values with
    defaults (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix unused format string placeholder (Thorsten Lockert)

  • Fix AFHTTPRequestOperation -initWithCoder: to call super (Josh Avant)

  • Fix UIProgressView selector name (Allen Tu)

  • Fix UIButton response serializer (Sam Grossberg)

  • Fix setPinnedCertificates: and pinned public keys (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix timing of batched operation completion block (Denys Telezhkin)

  • Fix GCC_WARN_ABOUT_MISSING_NEWLINE compiler warning (Chuck Shnider)

  • Fix a format string missing argument issue in tests (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix location of certificate chain bundle location (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix memory leaks in AFSecurityPolicyTests (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix potential concurrency issues in AFURLSessionManager by adding locks
    around access to mutiple delegates dictionary (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix unused variable compiler warnings by wrapping OSStatus and
    NSCAssert with NS_BLOCK_ASSERTIONS macro (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix compound serializer error handling (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix string encoding for responseString (Juan Enrique)

  • Fix UIImageView -setBackgroundImageWithRequest: (Taichiro Yoshida)

  • Fix regressions nested multipart parameters (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add responseObject property to AFHTTPRequestOperation (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add support for automatic network reachability monitoring for request
    operation and session managers (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update documentation and README with various corrections and fixes
    (@haikusw, Chris Hellmuth, Dave Caunt, Mattt Thompson)

  • Update default User-Agent such that only ASCII character set is used
    (Maximillian Dornseif)

  • Update SSL pinning mode to have default pinned certificates by default
    (Kevin Harwood)

  • Update AFSecurityPolicy to use default authentication handling unless a
    credential exists for the server trust (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update Prefix.pch (Steven Fisher)

  • Update minimum iOS test target to iOS 6

  • Remove unused protection space block type (Kyle Fuller)

  • Remove unnecessary Podfile.lock (Kyle Fuller)

2.0.0 (2013-09-27)

  • Initial 2.0.0 Release


AFNetworking 1.0 Change Log


1.3.4 (2014-04-15)

  • Fix AFHTTPMultipartBodyStream to randomly generate form boundary, to
    prevent attack based on a known value (Mathias Bynens, Tom Van Goethem, Mattt

  • Fix potential non-terminating loop in connection:didReceiveData: (Mattt

  • Fix SSL certificate validation to provide a human readable Warning when
    SSL Pinning fails (Maximillian Dornseif)

  • Fix SSL certificate validation to assert that no impossible pinning
    configuration exists (Maximillian Dornseif)

  • Fix to check CFStringTransform() call for success before using result
    (Kevin Cassidy Jr)

  • Fix to prevent unused assertion results with macros (Indragie Karunaratne)

  • Fix to call call SecTrustEvaluate before calling
    SecTrustGetCertificateCount in SSL certificate validation (Josh Chung)

  • Fix to add explicit cast to NSUInteger in format string (Alexander

  • Remove unused variable kAFStreamToStreamBufferSize (Alexander Kempgen)

1.3.3 (2013-09-25)

  • Add stream error handling to AFMultipartBodyStream (Nicolas Bachschmidt,
    Mattt Thompson)

  • Add stream error handling to AFURLConnectionOperation -connection:didReceiveData: (Ian Duggan, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix parameter query string encoding of square brackets according to RFC
    3986 (Kra Larivain)

  • Fix AFHTTPBodyPart determination of end of input stream data (Brian Croom)

  • Fix unit test timeouts (Carson McDonald)

  • Fix truncated User-Agent header field when app contained non-ASCII
    characters (Diego Torres)

  • Fix outdated link in documentation (Jonas Schmid)

  • Fix AFHTTPRequestOperation HTTPError property to be thread-safe
    (Oliver Letterer, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix API compatibility with iOS 5 (Blake Watters, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix potential race condition in AFURLConnectionOperation -cancelConnection (@mm-jkolb, Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove implementation of connection:needNewBodyStream: delegate method
    in AFURLConnectionOperation, which fixes stream errors on authentication
    challenges (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix calculation of network reachability from flags (Tracy Pesin, Mattt

  • Update AFHTTPClient documentation to clarify scope of parameterEncoding
    property (Thomas Catterall)

  • Update UIImageView category to allow for nested calls to
    setImageWithURLRequest: (Philippe Converset)

  • Change UIImageView category to accept invalid SSL certificates when

  • Change to replace #pragma clang with cast (Cédric Luthi)

1.3.2 (2013-08-08)

  • Add return status checks when building list of pinned public keys (Sylvain

  • Add return status checks when handling connection authentication challenges
    (Sylvain Guillope)

  • Add tests around AFHTTPClient initWithBaseURL: (Kyle Fuller)

  • Change to remove all _AFNETWORKING_PIN_SSL_CERTIFICATES_ conditional
    compilation (Dustin Barker)

  • Change to allow fallback to generic image loading when PNG/JPEG data
    provider methods fail (Darryl H. Thomas)

  • Change to only set placeholder image if not nil (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change to use response.MIMEType rather than (potentially nonexistent)
    Content-Type headers to determine image data provider (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix image request test endpoint (Carson McDonald)

  • Fix compiler warning caused by size_t value defaulted to NULL (Darryl H.

  • Fix mutable headers property in AFHTTPClient -copyWithZone: (Oliver

  • Fix documentation and asset references in README (Romain Pouclet, Peter

  • Fix bug in examples always using AFSSLPinningModeNone (Dustin Barker)

  • Fix execution of tests under Travis (Blake Watters)

  • Fix static analyzer warnings about CFRelease calls to NULL pointer (Mattt

  • Change to return early in AFGetMediaTypeAndSubtypeWithString if string is
    nil (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change to opimize network thread creation (Mattt Thompson)

1.3.1 (2013-06-18)

  • Add automaticallyInflatesResponseImage property to
    AFImageRequestOperation, which when enabled, offers significant performance
    improvements for drawing images loaded through UIImageView+AFNetworking by
    inflating compressed image data in the background (Mattt Thompson, Peter

  • Add NSParameterAssert check for nil urlRequest parameter in
    AFURLConnectionOperation initializer (Kyle Fuller)

  • Fix reachability to detect the case where a connection is required but can
    be automatically established (Joshua Vickery)

  • Fix to Test target Podfile (Kyle Fuller)

1.3.0 (2013-06-01)

  • Change in AFURLConnectionOperation NSURLConnection authentication
    delegate methods and associated block setters. If
    -setWillSendRequestForAuthenticationChallengeBlock: will be available, and
    -connection:willSendRequestForAuthenticationChallenge: will be implemented.
    Otherwise, -setAuthenticationAgainstProtectionSpaceBlock: &
    -setAuthenticationChallengeBlock: will be available, and
    -connection:canAuthenticateAgainstProtectionSpace: &
    -connection:didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge: will be implemented instead
    (Oliver Letterer)

  • Change in AFNetworking podspec to include Security framework (Kevin Harwood,
    Oliver Letterer, Sam Soffes)

  • Change in AFHTTPClient to @throw exception when non-designated intializer is
    used (Kyle Fuller)

  • Change in behavior of connection:didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge: to not
    use URL-encoded credentials, which should already have been applied (@xjdrew)

  • Change to set AFJSONRequestOperation error when unable to decode response
    string (Chris Pickslay, Geoff Nix)

  • Change AFURLConnectionOperation to lazily initialize outputStream property

  • Change instances of (CFStringRef)NSRunLoopCommonModes to

  • Change #warning to #pragma message for dynamic framework linking warnings

  • Add unit testing and continuous integration system (Blake Watters, Oliver
    Letterer, Kevin Harwood, Cédric Luthi, Adam Fraser, Carson McDonald, Mattt

  • Fix multipart input stream implementation (Blake Watters, OliverLetterer,
    Aleksey Kononov, @mattyohe, @mythodeia, @JD-)

  • Fix implementation of authentication delegate methods (Oliver Letterer,
    Kevin Harwood)

  • Fix implementation of AFSSLPinningModePublicKey on Mac OS X (Oliver Letterer)

  • Fix error caused by loading file:// requests with AFHTTPRequestOperation
    subclasses (Dave Anderson, Oliver Letterer)

  • Fix threading-related crash in AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager (Dave Keck)

  • Fix to suppress GNU expression and enum assignment warnings from Clang
    (Henrik Hartz)

  • Fix leak caused by CFStringConvertEncodingToIANACharSetName in AFHTTPClient
    -requestWithMethod:path:parameters: (Daniel Demiss)

  • Fix missing __bridge casts in AFHTTPClient (@apouche, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix Objective-C++ compatibility (Audun Holm Ellertsen)

  • Fix to not escape tildes (@joein3d)

  • Fix warnings caused by unsynthesized properties (Jeff Hunter)

  • Fix to network reachability calls to provide correct status on
    initialization (@djmadcat, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix to suppress warnings about implicit signedness conversion (Matt Rubin)

  • Fix AFJSONRequestOperation -responseJSON failing cases (Andrew Vyazovoy,
    Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix use of object subscripting to avoid incompatibility with iOS < 6 and OS
    X < 10.8 (Paul Melnikow)

  • Various fixes to reverted multipart stream provider implementation (Yaron
    Inger, Alex Burgel)

1.2.1 (2013-04-18)

  • Add allowsInvalidSSLCertificate property to AFURLConnectionOperation and
    (Kevin Harwood)

  • Add SSL pinning mode to example project (Kevin Harwood)

  • Add name to AFNetworking network thread (Peter Steinberger)

  • Change pinned certificates to trust all derived certificates (Oliver

  • Fix documentation about SSL pinning (Kevin Harwood, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix certain enumerated loops to use fast enumeration, resulting in better
    performance (Oliver Letterer)

  • Fix macro to work correctly under Mac OS X 10.7 and iOS 4 SDK (Paul Melnikow)

  • Fix documentation, removing unsupported @discussion tags (Michele Titolo)

  • Fix SecTrustCreateWithCertificates expecting an array as first argument
    (Oliver Letterer)

  • Fix to use errSecSuccess instead of noErr for Security frameworks
    OSStatus (Oliver Letterer)

  • Fix AFImageRequestOperation to use [self alloc] instead of explicit
    class, which allows for subclassing (James Clarke)

  • Fix for numberOfFinishedOperations calculations (Rune Madsen)

  • Fix calculation of data length in -connection:didReceiveData:
    (Jean-Francois Morin)

  • Fix to encode JSON only with UTF-8, following recommendation of
    NSJSONSerialiation (Sebastian Utz)

1.2.0 (2013-03-24)

  • Add SSLPinningMode property to AFHTTPClient (Oliver Letterer, Kevin
    Harwood, Adam Becevello, Dustin Barker, Mattt Thompson)

  • Add single quote ("'"), comma (","), and asterix ("*") to escaped URL
    encoding characters (Eric Florenzano, Marc Nijdam, Garrett Murray)

  • Add credential property to AFURLConnectionOperation (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add -setDefaultCredential: to AFHTTPClient

  • Add shouldUseCredentialStorage property to AFURLConnectionOperation
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add support for repeated key value pairs in AFHTTPClient URL query string
    (Nick Dawson)

  • Add AFMultipartFormData - appendPartWithFileURL:name:fileName:mimeType:error (Daniel Rodríguez Troitiño)

  • Add AFMultipartFormData - appendPartWithInputStream:name:fileName:mimeType: (@joein3d)

  • Change SSL pinning to be runtime property on AFURLConnectionOperation
    rather than defined by macro (Oliver Letterer)

  • Change AFMultipartBodyStream to AFMultipartBodyStreamProvider, vending
    one side of a bound CFStream pair rather than subclassing NSInputStream (Mike

  • Change default Accept-Language header in AFHTTPClient (@therigu, Mattt

  • Change AFHTTPClient operation cancellation to be based on request URL path
    rather than absolute URL string (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change request operation subclass processing queues to use

  • Change UIImageView+AFNetworking to resolve asymmetry in cached image case
    between success block provided and not provided (@Eveets, Mattt Thompson)

  • Change UIImageView+AFNetworking to compare NSURLRequest instead of
    NSURL to determine if previous request was equivalent (Cédric Luthi)

  • Change UIImageView+AFNetworking to only set image if non-nil (Sean

  • Change indentation settings to four spaces at the project level (Cédric

  • Change AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager to only update if requests have a
    non-nil URL (Cédric Luthi)

  • Change UIImageView+AFNetworking to not do setHTTPShouldHandleCookies
    (Konstantinos Vaggelakos)

  • Fix request stream exhaustion error on authentication challenges (Alex

  • Fix implementation to use NSURL methods instead of CFURL functions where
    applicable (Cédric Luthi)

  • Fix race condition in UIImageView+AFNetworking (Peyman)

  • Fix responseJSON, responseString, and responseStringEncoding to be
    threadsafe (Jon Parise, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix AFContentTypeForPathExtension to ensure non-NULL content return
    value (Zach Waugh)

  • Fix documentation for appendPartWithFileURL:name:error:
    (Daniel Rodríguez Troitiño)

  • Fix request operation subclass processing queues to initialize with
    dispatch_once (Sasmito Adibowo)

  • Fix posting of AFNetworkingOperationDidStartNotification and
    AFNetworkingOperationDidFinishNotification to avoid crashes when logging in
    response to notifications (Blake Watters)

  • Fix ordering of registered operation consultation in AFHTTPClient (Joel

  • Fix warning: multiple methods named 'postNotificationName:object:' found
    [-Wstrict-selector-match] (Oliver Jones)

  • Fix warning: multiple methods named 'objectForKey:' found
    [-Wstrict-selector-match] (Oliver Jones)

  • Fix warning: weak receiver may be unpredictably set to nil
    [-Wreceiver-is-weak] (Oliver Jones)

  • Fix missing #pragma clang diagnostic pop (Steven Fisher)

1.1.0 (2012-12-27)

  • Add optional SSL certificate pinning with #define _AFNETWORKING_PIN_SSL_CERTIFICATES_ (Dustin Barker)

  • Add responseStringEncoding property to AFURLConnectionOperation (Mattt

  • Add userInfo property to AFURLConnectionOperation (Mattt Thompson,
    Steven Fisher)

  • Change behavior to cause a failure when an operation is cancelled (Daniel

  • Change return type of class constructors to instancetype (@guykogus)

  • Change notifications to always being posted on an asynchronously-dispatched
    block run on the main queue (Evadne Wu, Mattt Thompson)

  • Change from NSLocalizedString to NSLocalizedStringFromTable with
    AFNetworking.strings table for localized strings (Cédric Luthi)

  • Change -appendPartWithHeaders:body: to add assertion handler for existence
    of body data parameter (Jonathan Beilin)

  • Change AFHTTPRequestOperation -responseString to follow guidelines from
    RFC 2616 regarding the use of string encoding when none is specified in the
    response (Jorge Bernal)

  • Change AFHTTPClient parameter serialization dictionary keys with
    caseInsensitiveCompare: to ensure
    deterministic ordering of query string parameters, which may otherwise
    cause ambiguous representations of nested parameters (James Coleman,
    Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix -Wstrict-selector-match warnings raised by Xcode 4.6DP3 (Jesse Collis,
    Cédric Luthi)

  • Fix NSJSONSerialization crash with Unicode character escapes in JSON
    response (Mathijs Kadijk)

  • Fix issue with early return in -startMonitoringNetworkReachability if
    network reachability object could not be created (i.e. invalid hostnames)
    (Basil Shkara)

  • Fix retain cycles in AFImageRequestOperation.m and AFHTTPClient.m caused by
    strong references within blocks (Nick Forge)

  • Fix issue caused by Rails behavior of returning a single space in head :ok
    responses, which is interpreted as invalid (Sebastian Ludwig)

  • Fix issue in streaming multipart upload, where final encapsulation boundary
    would not be appended if it was larger than the available buffer, causing a
    potential timeout (Tomohisa Takaoka, David Kasper)

  • Fix memory leak of network reachability callback block (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix -initWithCoder: for AFURLConnectionOperation and AFHTTPClient to
    cast scalar types (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix bug in -enqueueBatchOfHTTPRequestOperations:... to by using
    addOperations:waitUntilFinished: instead of adding each operation
    individually. (Mattt Thompson)

  • Change #warning messages of checks for CoreServices and
    MobileCoreServices to message according to the build target platform (Mattt

  • Change AFQueryStringFromParametersWithEncoding to create keys string
    representations using the description method as specified in documentation
    (Cédric Luthi)

  • Fix __unused keywords for better Xcode indexing (Christian Rasmussen)

  • Fix warning: unused parameter 'x' [-Werror,-Wunused-parameter] (Oliver Jones)

  • Fix warning: property is assumed atomic by default
    [-Werror,-Wimplicit-atomic-properties] (Oliver Jones)

  • Fix warning: weak receiver may be unpredictably null in ARC mode
    [-Werror,-Wreceiver-is-weak] (Oliver Jones)

  • Fix warning: multiple methods named 'selector' found
    [-Werror,-Wstrict-selector-match] (Oliver Jones)

  • Fix warning: 'macro' is not defined, evaluates to 0 (Oliver Jones)

  • Fix warning: atomic by default property 'X' has a user (Oliver Jones)defined
    getter (property should be marked 'atomic' if this is intended) [-Werror,
    -Wcustom-atomic-properties] (Oliver Jones)

  • Fix warning: 'response' was marked unused but was used
    [-Werror,-Wused-but-marked-unused] (Oliver Jones)

  • Fix warning: enumeration value 'AFFinalBoundaryPhase' not explicitly handled
    in switch [-Werror,-Wswitch-enum] (Oliver Jones)

1.0.1 / 2012-11-01

  • Fix error in multipart upload streaming, where byte range at boundaries
    was not correctly calculated (Stan Chang Khin Boon)

  • If a success block is specified to UIImageView -setImageWithURLRequest: placeholderImage:success:failure:, it is now the responsibility of the
    block to set the image of the image view (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add JSONReadingOptions property to AFJSONRequestOperation (Jeremy
    Foo, Mattt Thompson)

  • Using __weak self / __strong self pattern to break retain cycles in
    background task and network reachability blocks (Jerry Beers, Dan Weeks)

  • Fix parameter encoding to leave period (.) unescaped (Diego Torres)

  • Fixing last file component in multipart form part creation (Sylver

  • Remove executable permission on AFHTTPClient source files (Andrew

  • Fix warning (error with -Werror) on implicit 64 to 32 conversion (Dan

  • Add GitHub's .gitignore file (Nate Stedman)

  • Updates to README (@ckmcc)

1.0 / 2012-10-15

  • AFNetworking now requires iOS 5 / Mac OSX 10.7 or higher (Mattt Thompson)

  • AFNetworking now uses Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) (Mattt Thompson)

  • AFNetworking raises compiler warnings for missing features when
    SystemConfiguration or CoreServices / MobileCoreServices frameworks are not
    included in the project and imported in the precompiled headers (Mattt

  • AFNetworking now raises compiler error when not compiled with ARC (Steven

  • Add NSCoding and NSCopying protocol conformance to
    AFURLConnectionOperation and AFHTTPClient (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add substantial improvements HTTP multipart streaming support, having
    files streamed directly from disk and read sequentially from a custom input
    stream (Max Lansing, Stan Chang Khin Boon, Mattt Thompson)

  • Add AFMultipartFormData -throttleBandwidthWithPacketSize:delay: as
    workaround to issues when uploading over 3G (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add request and response to userInfo of errors returned from failing
    AFHTTPRequestOperation (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add userInfo dictionary with current status in reachability changes
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add Accept header for image requests in UIImageView category (Bratley

  • Add explicit declaration of NSURLConnection delegate methods so that
    they can be overridden in subclasses (Mattt Thompson, Evan Grim)

  • Add parameter validation to match conditions specified in documentation
    (Jason Brennan, Mattt Thompson)

  • Add import to UIKit to avoid build errors from UIDevice references in
    User-Agent default header (Blake Watters)

  • Remove AFJSONUtilities in favor of NSJSONSerialization (Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove extern declaration of AFURLEncodedStringFromStringWithEncoding
    function (CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes should be used instead)
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove setHTTPShouldHandleCookies:NO from AFHTTPClient (@phamsonha,
    Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove dispatch_retain / dispatch_release with ARC in iOS 6 (Benoit

  • Fix threading issue with AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager (Eric Patey)

  • Fix issue where AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager count could become
    negative (@ap4y)

  • Fix properties to explicitly set options to suppress warnings (Wen-Hao
    Lue, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix compiler warning caused by mismatched types in upload / download
    progress blocks (Gareth du Plooy, tomas.a)

  • Fix weak / strong variable relationships in completionBlock (Peter

  • Fix string formatting syntax warnings caused by type mismatch (David
    Keegan, Steven Fisher, George Cox)

  • Fix minor potential security vulnerability by explicitly using string
    format in NSError localizedDescription value in userInfo (Steven Fisher)

  • Fix AFURLConnectionOperation -pause by adding state checks to prevent
    likely memory issues when resuming (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix warning caused by miscast of type when

  • Fix incomplete implementation warning in example code (Steven Fisher)

  • Fix warning caused by using == comparator on floats (Steven Fisher)

  • Fix iOS 4 bug where file URLs return NSURLResponse rather than
    NSHTTPURLResponse objects (Leo Lobato)

  • Fix calculation of finished operations in batch operation progress
    callback (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix documentation typos (Steven Fisher, Matthias Wessendorf,

  • Fix hasAcceptableStatusCode to return true after a network failure (Tony

  • Fix warning about missing prototype for private static method (Stephan

  • Fix issue where nil content type resulted in unacceptable content type
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix bug related to setup and scheduling of output stream (Stephen Tramer)

  • Fix AFContentTypesFromHTTPHeader to correctly handle comma-delimited
    content types (Peyman, Mattt Thompson, @jsm174)

  • Fix crash caused by _networkReachability not being set to NULL after
    releasing (Blake Watters)

  • Fix Podspec to correctly import required headers and use ARC (Eloy Durán,
    Blake Watters)

  • Fix query string parameter escaping to leave square brackets unescaped
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix query string parameter encoding of NSNull values (Daniel Rinser)

  • Fix error caused by referencing __IPHONE_OS_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED without
    importing Availability.h (Blake Watters)

  • Update example to use App.net API, as Twitter shut off its unauthorized
    access to the public timeline (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update AFURLConnectionOperation to replace NSAutoReleasePool with
    @autoreleasepool (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update AFHTTPClient operation queue to specify
    NSOperationQueueDefaultMaxConcurrentOperationCount rather than
    previously-defined constant (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update AFHTTPClient -initWithBaseURL to automatically append trailing
    slash, so as to fix common issue where default path is not respected without
    trailing slash (Steven Fisher)

  • Update default AFHTTPClient User-Agent header strings (Mattt Thompson,
    Steven Fisher)

  • Update icons for iOS example application (Mattt Thompson)

  • Update numberOfCompletedOperations variable in progress block to be
    renamed to numberOfFinishedOperations (Mattt Thompson)

0.10.0 / 2012-06-26

  • Add Twitter Mac Example application (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add note in README about how to set -fno-objc-arc flag for multiple files
    at once (Pål Brattberg)

  • Add note in README about 64-bit architecture requirement (@rmuginov, Mattt

  • Add note in AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager about not having to manually
    manage animation state (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add missing block parameter name for imageProcessingBlock (Francois

  • Add NextiveJson to list of supported JSON libraries (Mattt Thompson)

  • Restore iOS 4.0 compatibility with addAcceptableStatusCodes: and
    addAcceptableContentTypes: (Zachary Waldowski)

  • Update AFHTTPClient to use HTTP pipelining for GET and HEAD requests by
    default (Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove @private ivar declaration in headers (Peter Steinberger, Mattt

  • Fix potential premature deallocation of _skippedCharacterSet (Tom Wanielista,
    Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix potential issue in setOutputStream by closing any existing
    outputStream (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix filename in AFHTTPClient header (Steven Fisher)

  • Fix documentation for UIImageView+AFNetworking (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix HTTP multipart form format, which caused issues with Tornado web server
    (Matt Chen)

  • Fix AFHTTPClient to not append empty data into multipart form data (Jon

  • Fix URL encoding normalization to not conditionally escape percent-encoded
    strings (João Prado Maia, Kendall Helmstetter Gelner, @cysp, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix AFHTTPClient documentation reference of
    HTTPRequestOperationWithRequest:success:failure (Shane Vitarana)

  • Add AFURLRequestOperation -setRedirectResponseBlock: (Kevin Harwood)

  • Fix AFURLConnectionOperation compilation error by conditionally importing
    UIKit framework (Steven Fisher)

  • Fix issue where image processing block is not called correctly with success
    block in AFImageRequestOperation (Sergey Gavrilyuk)

  • Fix leaked dispatch group in batch operations (@andyegorov, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix support for non-LLVM compilers in AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager
    (Abraham Vegh, Bill Williams, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix AFHTTPClient to not add unnecessary data when constructing multipart form
    request with nil parameters (Taeho Kim)

1.0RC1 / 2012-04-25

  • Add AFHTTPRequestOperation +addAcceptableStatusCodes / +addAcceptableContentTypes to dynamically add acceptable status codes and
    content types on the class level (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add support for compound and complex Accept headers that include multiple
    content types and / or specify a particular character encoding (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add AFURLConnectionOperation -setShouldExecuteAsBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler: to have operations
    finish once an app becomes inactive (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add support for pausing / resuming request operations (Peter Steinberger,
    Mattt Thompson)

  • Improve network reachability functionality in AFHTTPClient, including a
    distinction between WWan and WiFi reachability (Kevin Harwood, Mattt Thompson)

0.9.2 / 2012-04-25

  • Add thread safety to AFNetworkActivityIndicator (Peter Steinberger, Mattt

  • Document requirement of available JSON libraries for decoding responses in
    AFJSONRequestOperation and parameter encoding in AFHTTPClient (Mattt

  • Fix AFHTTPClient parameter encoding (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix AFJSONEncode and AFJSONDecode to use SBJsonWriter and
    SBJsonParser instead of NSObject+SBJson (Oliver Eikemeier)

  • Fix bug where AFJSONDecode does not return errors (Alex Michaud)

  • Fix compiler warning for undeclared
    AFQueryStringComponentFromKeyAndValueWithEncoding function (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix cache policy for URL requests (Peter Steinberger)

  • Fix race condition bug in UIImageView+AFNetworking caused by incorrectly
    nil-ing request operations (John Wu)

  • Fix reload button in Twitter example (Peter Steinberger)

  • Improve batched operation by deferring execution of batch completion block
    until all component request completion blocks have finished (Patrick Hernandez,
    Kevin Harwood, Mattt Thompson)

  • Improve performance of image request decoding by dispatching to background
    queue (Mattt Thompson)

  • Revert AFImageCache to cache image objects rather than NSPurgeableData
    (Tony Million, Peter Steinberger, Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove unnecessary KVO willChangeValueForKey: / didChangeValueForKey:
    calls (Peter Steinberger)

  • Remove unnecessary @private ivar declarations in headers (Peter Steinberger,
    Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove @try-@catch block wrapping network thread entry point (Charles T. Ahn)

0.9.1 / 2012-03-19

  • Create Twitter example application (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add support for nested array and dictionary parameters for query string and
    form-encoded requests (Mathieu Hausherr, Josh Chung, Mattt Thompson)

  • Add AFURLConnectionOperation -setCacheResponseBlock:, which allows the
    behavior of the NSURLConnectionDelegate method
    -connection:willCacheResponse: to be overridden without subclassing (Mattt

    NSURLConnection authentication delegate methods (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add properties for custom success / failure callback queues (Peter

  • Add notifications for network reachability changes to AFHTTPClient (Mattt

  • Add AFHTTPClient -patchPath: convenience method (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add support for NextiveJson (Adrian Kosmaczewski)

  • Improve network reachability checks (C. Bess)

  • Improve NSIndexSet formatting in error strings (Jon Parise)

  • Document crashing behavior in iOS 4 loading a file:// URL (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix crash caused by AFHTTPClient -cancelAllHTTPOperationsWithMethod: not
    checking operation to be instance of AFHTTPRequestOperation (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix crash caused by passing nil URL in requests (Sam Soffes)

  • Fix errors caused by connection property not being nil'd out after an
    operation finishes (Kevin Harwood, @zdzisiekpu)

  • Fix crash caused by passing NULL error pointer when setting NSInvocation
    in AFJSONEncode and AFJSONDecode (Tyler Stromberg)

  • Fix batch operation completion block returning on background thread (Patrick

  • Fix documentation for UIImageView+AFNetworking (Dominic Dagradi)

  • Fix race condition caused by AFURLConnectionOperation being cancelled on
    main thread, rather than network thread (Erik Olsson)

  • Fix AFURLEncodedStringFromStringWithEncoding to correctly handle cases
    where % is used as a literal rather than as part of a percent escape code
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix missing comma in +defaultAcceptableContentTypes for
    AFImageRequestOperation (Michael Schneider)

0.9.0 / 2012-01-23

  • Add thread-safe behavior to AFURLConnectionOperation (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add batching of operations for AFHTTPClient (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add authentication challenge callback block to override default
    implementation of connection:didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge: in
    AFURLConnectionOperation (Mattt Thompson)

    short-circuits the standard preference ordering used in AFJSONEncode and
    AFJSONDecode to use NSJSONSerialization when available, falling back on
    third-party-libraries. (Mattt Thompson, Shane Vitarana)

  • Add custom description for AFURLConnectionOperation and AFHTTPClient
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • Add text/javascript to default acceptable content types for
    AFJSONRequestOperation (Jake Boxer)

  • Add imageScale property to change resolution of images constructed from
    cached data (Štěpán Petrů)

  • Add note about third party JSON libraries in README (David Keegan)

  • AFQueryStringFromParametersWithEncoding formats NSArray values in the
    form key[]=value1&key[]=value2 instead of key=(value1,value2) (Dan Thorpe)

  • AFImageRequestOperation -responseImage on OS X uses NSBitmapImageRep to
    determine the correct pixel dimensions of the image (David Keegan)

  • AFURLConnectionOperation connection has memory management policy assign
    to avoid retain cycles caused by NSURLConnection retaining its delegate
    (Mattt Thompson)

  • AFURLConnectionOperation calls super implementation for -isReady,
    following the guidelines for NSOperation subclasses (Mattt Thompson)

  • UIImageView -setImageWithURL: and related methods call success callback
    after setting image (Cameron Boehmer)

  • Cancel request if an authentication challenge has no suitable credentials in
    AFURLConnectionOperation -connection:didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge:
    (Jorge Bernal)

  • Remove exception from
    multipartFormRequestWithMethod:path:parameters:constructing BodyWithBlock:
    raised when certain HTTP methods are used. (Mattt Thompson)

  • Remove AFImageCache from public API, moving it into private implementation
    of UIImageView+AFNetworking (Mattt Thompson)

  • Mac example application makes better use of AppKit technologies and
    conventions (Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix issue with multipart form boundaries in AFHTTPClient -multipartFormRequestWithMethod:path:parameters:constructing BodyWithBlock:
    (Ray Morgan, Mattt Thompson, Sam Soffes)

  • Fix "File Upload with Progress Callback" code snippet in README (Larry

  • Fix to SBJSON invocations in AFJSONEncode and AFJSONDecode (Matthias
    Tretter, James Frye)

  • Fix documentation for AFHTTPClient requestWithMethod:path:parameters:
    (Michael Parker)

  • Fix Content-Disposition headers used for multipart form construction
    (Michael Parker)

  • Add network reachability status change callback property to AFHTTPClient.
    (Mattt Thompson, Kevin Harwood)

  • Fix exception handling in AFJSONEncode and AFJSONDecode (David Keegan)

  • Fix NSData initialization with string in AFBase64EncodedStringFromString
    (Adam Ernst, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix error check in appendPartWithFileURL:name:error: (Warren Moore,
    Baldoph, Mattt Thompson)

  • Fix compiler warnings for certain configurations (Charlie Williams)

  • Fix bug caused by passing zero-length responseData to response object
    initializers (Mattt Thompson, Serge Paquet)