The CET Always Take a Joke For Me.

I'm a student in university, my life is very ordinary. Lefting the dormitory to study and coming back to sleep. My hobbies are very variety. I always sing songs with my telephone when there is only me in the dormitory. It's my advantage to have a sharp look. I can imitate some singers very much. But it's useless to English. I can read the English sentences with an English style, but it's difficult for me to remember the words. They know me well, but I can't speak there name.

People around me often say that I have the talent for language, why can't I speak English well after more than 10 years of English learning. There are 3 months before the CET-6. I make up my mind to write an essay in daily life to improve my English.

I wish that I can get your help.


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